Pirate Gold bug? Hailstone Mountains

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Kingman., Sep 18, 2023.

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  1. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Greenhorn

    I used 4 treasure maps trying to get pirate gold from the stash in Hailstone Mountains, getting absolutely nothing and thinking it must be some kind of rare drop.

    But since then I have dropped 1 coin from every other stash I have opened elsewhere so I have come to believe it is some kind of glitch there
  2. nereli

    nereli Forum Apprentice

    i think treasure maps work in mini event time
  3. Paladin21

    Paladin21 Forum Greenhorn

    Dracanian Anniversary Festival - Larcenous Dark Dwarves
    06.10. 12:00 - 11.10. 23:59


    · The Lost treasure map can drop only from the Dracanian Challenge Arena’s Chest or as a content of the bundle in the shop.
    · The Lost treasure map can only drop from the chest when the Larcenous Dark Dwarves challenge is active.

    The treasure gained as a part of treasure hunting scales with the mode so make sure to go on the highest mode possible for you.
  4. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Greenhorn

    I received 15 treaure maps from the promotional code e-mailed to me I think, or in a bundle i purchased. What i do know is on various maps throughout Drakensang whenever you come close to hidden treasure it shows as gears on the game map and a glowing white square on the ground that requires 1 map to open.
    The first one i found was the Hailstone Mountains one but 4 maps used on it got me absolutely nothing, so i decided to try elsewhere. All the treasure locations i have found elsewhere all give various rewards which always include 1 Pirate Gold
  5. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Forum Great Master

    What a bad use you made of those treasure maps.

    When Larcenous Dark Dwarves challenge is active, use those treasure maps on Bloodsheed difficulty, and it gives you the following:

    • 100 Fragments Infernal Passage.
    • 40 Multitools.
    • 3 Pirate Gold.
    • 25K Shiny dust.
    • 2 Steam Cores.
  6. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Greenhorn

    Well i am extremely sorry i made such an awful decision to actually use them. I have no idea what you are talking about having to use them in the Dark Dwarves event, i have used them in the anniversary event where i got them, just as i have used up the golden hammers on the ship in Grimford.
    Excuse me if the instructions with the event are vague as hell, but when it gives you an item to use during that event and 7 event quests with great prizes needing pirate gold you kinda want to use them.
    As for Bloodshed. Yeah right. Despite the hundreds of pounds spent on the game on various servers since i started playing the game last xmas the best i can obtain is Fatal, IF i buy a ton of Legendary essences and Mighty Spirit Guards so i imagine you are just being sarcastic there
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    As far as I can tell, you did nothing wrong by using your Treasure Maps now instead of waiting for the Larcenous Dark Dwarves mini-event. The loot dropped from the treasures maps doesn't contain any progress for either the main event or the mini-event. The fact that Hailstone Mountains didn't activate a treasure map is either a bug, or you simply didn't find the treasure location(s). MODERATORS should probably report that up to the devs as a possible bug (though another poster above said they found treasure map loot there, so it could be a you problem ;)).


    Somewhat off-topic (but you did bring up your status as a side note):

    Progression in this game, if played mainly solo, is definitely slow. You're probably playing the difficulty level you should be at now. You can start to accelerate once you get reasonably comfortable playing Merciless, because that seems to be the sweet spot for rune farming (primarily in the Temple Sector map).

    To me, this is the game progression:

    1. Get to Level 100, playing at least Painful from the earliest levels
    2. Focus on wisdom growth, with an emphasis on Crit, then damage and HP + HP regen ...
    3. Alternatively, you may also want to emphasize Attack Speed ahead of anything but Crit ... try to get attack speed to at least 5.0 (you'll get some from gear stats and enchantments, and a trickle from slotted gems as well)
    4. Don't worry much about gems until much later; don't spend time or gold or shiny dust on upgrading them for now
    5. Build up glyphs of power for transferring enchantments between gear items ... try to resist transferring constantly as you'll be dropping gear on lots of levels and strengths, but will really need those glyphs later to refine closer to end-game equipment
    6. Consider establishing a junk gear rule for yourself that will give you a steady supply of gold while also building up glyph resources. I personally sold white through blue junk equipment, melted purple and gold + yellow junk for glyphs. But adjust to your comfort level.
    7. As you can, farm runes in Temple Sector (runes do drop even on Painful mode, but less frequently)
    8. As soon as you find them, craft up runes of Wisdom Drop; resist spending rune dust on upgrading any other runes initially
    9. As with assigning Wisdom points, next focus on Crit runes (including Winter Solstice runs which contain Crit plus other values)
    10. Farm the Great Desert on the highest difficulty you can manage efficiently; fast farm, but challenge yourself to go one level higher than your maximum farm speed level (for you, if you're using red essence on Fatal, drop to Excruciating or even Painful on white essence; don't waste blue or higher essence; even green is relatively precious; when Excruciating on white essence becomes easy, run without any essence for awhile, then move to Fatal on white essence)
    11. With the Keys you're farming from the sentinel in Great Desert (or even the sentinel in Temple Sector if you're rune farming), challenge yourself to kill bosses ... good source of more Wisdom (until you're at least 150-170 in Wisdom, you're going to feel some frustration at how challenging the game is) ... consider simply doing a round or two in the Great Desert, then jumping into the boss room that opens right off of the Great Desert map ... you may need to farm bosses at a lower level than you're farming Great Desert
    12. It would be lovely to build up Jewels, but those are primarily tied to major events, and often come from jewel luck-boxes, so targeting just the jewels you know you want will be frustrating ... they also cost TONS of gold to upgrade, so be extra patient
    13. Once you can farm Great Desert and Temple Sector in Merciless mode, go to the Parallel World (you have to beat a challenge room in the Cradle of Death map within the Lor'Tac continent first); trust me, PW Infernal will be a challenge, unfortunately from the first map, as Grimmag is a an especially tough boss ... but you'll pick up a few useful items from various Parallel World maps (for example, get the Rings from Q5), and potentially better runes, gems, higher Wisdom drops, more valuable junk gear, etc.
    If you're planning long-term, don't neglect the monthly moon events, more for the gem / rune enhancement items than anything else. Save those for when you're finally ready to upgrade to the highest imperial gems (I'm years in and nowhere near that level, yet, still working on trapezoids) and legendary runes (this has already saved me tons of dust and gold).

    I've always played solo, but it's really that much more of a struggle. If possible, get into a newbie-friendly guild and go on higher level runs with guildmates to get better drops.

    Good luck, and have fun!
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  8. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for the advice, it will be very helpful i am sure ;)

    I concentrate on my main but do dailies on my alts if only for the resources it gives me and from the earliest time i have saved large stocks of junk jewels on each so i can use 7 a day to turn to dust to get wisdom from the daily challenges (it all adds up)

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