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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Mdk3, Jan 13, 2020.

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  1. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Someday Author

    I'm a new player - ranger - I'm playing since a couple of months, but had hard time to get to level 55, as I got stuck many times at low levels for days, with no quests.

    I got now the q7 set, tier1, as recommended by other players and I can only play painful mode. However, I die too fast with 2hand weapon.

    I need some recommendations about a long bow + shield. Is there such a set for beginners ? Something I can kill mobs with, and also have some block.

    I've seen some long bows also have critical hit rate on them. What is the long bow with the best damage + critical + attack speed combination ?

    My character name is Mdk3, on Heredur.

    BTW, also looking for other players or a guild who has new players, to play painful mode in group, to increase the group skills together.

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  2. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Best longbow for you is probably bow of destruction which drops on Myrdosch maps. Shield idk, wouldn't be suprised if pinky with good enchantments tiered up to 60. I have no idea though why you want 1h with shield o_O If you have too little defences you can improve them other way than with shield. I guess makes sense for group play on inf. so collegues don't have to revive you so often but took impression that isn't the case :p
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Best longbow ATM is Sargon's Longbow ... you can buy it from Gnob during limited offer event which will happen soon (according to the game event notification window).
    You can use any shield with good stats if you are using it as a stand alone item . some shields can give you extra stats from bonuses if you are using other items from the same set.
    Play the upcoming DTU event and try to get Dragan's Helmet, Gloves, Boots and Ring (the ring is not "must have").
    Use one attacking and one defensive ring. Mortis' Ring of Death is one of the best attacking rings ... and any other ring with HP.
    Try to get the black spider adornment from the New Moon event.
    You can use any decent torso ... preferable Sigrismarr's or Q1 torso.
    Try to get the cloak from the white spider during New Moon event.
    M'Edusa's amulet is very good for you.
    Q4 belt would be good for you as well.
  4. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Someday Author

    Thanks, I'll have a look at these items.
  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Actually you are ranger so a ring alongside helmet and boots is a must. Gloves are optional.
    Ring i would use cube one and second is optional. Mortis is good but hard to get and it doesn't have hp in base so i wouldn't aim specifically for it. Cube ring gives you 1600 armor in unique properities so it gives defence which you lacking. It scales with glyphs. Adorment alongside is not bad idea either. Additional benefit is they are cheaper in table operations by 25% and on easiest to obtain cores. Though adorment and cloak from New Moon is also definitely a pick. However if you want to use cube ring it's mathematically better to use cloak of hero + cube adorment than new moon set - +4% dmg, +640 and more res, +4,5% travel speed versus +10% critrate which later you really don't need. Issue is getting cloak of hero which after removing from Khaly is a joke.
    Rest i agree.
  6. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    Since the PVE an Event merchants were removed after the boss kill. The game is random drops with random stats. You are at the mercy of the drop rate. Use what ever drops with best stats. Keep playing and hope better bows drop for you. What ever regional bow drops for you just keep farming the cores and resources to upgrade it.

    If you have only played a few months as you say do not buy gear from Gnob. Gnob bows random stats also and it is all tier zero, no guar what you will get. Two month playing you will not have the Draken cores and other resources to upgrade it. Maybe after you have played a long time you would have the resources to up grade Gnob gear. Buy one then if you wish. Save your draken for runes.

    Same with ander buy longbows, save your ander. They are random stats and tier zero. You will find better ones that just drop.

    Hope a good bow drops for you soon.
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  7. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Someday Author

    No idea where to get the cloak of hero from. I don't see it anywhere, at any entry.
    About rings, there is a good selection. What I was looking at the most were the Mortis ring and Tear Holder from Gnob. But I see no one talks about the last one. Isn't a good ring ?
  8. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Cloak of hero is one of the best cloaks but it's unfortunately rng one - you can get it only via rng when crafting cloaks. Was earlier grindable from normal Khalys. Yeah it's also totally fine. +6% dmg is definitely good enough in ring slot. Only issue it is expensive purchase as you have to tier it up from t. 0 to t.8 with draken cores. That's quite a lot of extra draken cores but if you can afford sure, why not.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Honestly, I dont know what to say to you, I am no ranger, I have played dk for nearly 4 years on 2 servers.
    I think I can understand your frustration if you have no guidance.
    And honestly, the trick of this game is the faster you kill and the faster you farm, the faster you progress.
    I understand your longing to survive on a map, which probably means you are a free player, and I can respect that.
    However you will have to learn that crafting is a lot stronger than uniques and crafted unique items is a lot stronger than crafting alone
    first learn which lines to put in which
    You will have to learn which gems go in which items and for what reason
    example only rubies in weapon and weapon crafted with only increased damage on this item <- this increases your absolute damage modifier.
    torso though to get max from it you need to craft it with % damage and as high as humanly possible, then what you do is use cyanide gems in it and attain increased armor on this item runes this changes the absolute modifier on your armor, the absolute modifier of your armor will then be boosted by the % armor you have in wisdom.
    You also have to asses your wisdom and make sure that you fill the attack speed and 1 handed or 2 handed weapon damage first.
    Once youve done a decent assesment of your build and you still feel like its worth going 1h with a early character then do so.
    I must warn you though, that the costs involved in going 1h is much higher merely looking at essences and your kill time at bosses will be considerably longer.
    I am online daily and at good peak times and odd times, if you need help whisper to me in game.
  10. Kel657

    Kel657 Forum Apprentice

    Its not that hard to get Khalys cloack

    My method :

    Prepare 50 cyanites
    Now craft like 20 cloacks will cost you like 1k yarn then then melt thouse cloack and you get back 800 yarns

    Repeat until you have khalys cloack

    Im using cyanite as an example becouse its the less important gem in game
  11. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Someday Author

    Hm.. thanks for the tip. I'll try that when I have the gems, which may take a while. For now I bought the desert cloak which is not so bad, comparing with the level of the other items I have.
    I believe crafting gives a tier 0 cloak. Or does the size of the gems influence the tier ?

    --- MERGED ---

    Which one would be better
    q9 amulet + mortis ring + black spider adornment or amulet, ring and adornment from cubes ?
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