Pre-release purchase?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by 9ndrei, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur


    I really need some opinions on this matter. I returned 1,5mo ago to the game and I asked around about what to buy (been away for 1,5y).

    What I got, as a base, was the Bloodrune to start and Q7 set afterwards. Wanted to do things right the first time, I farmed the paralel worlds and now I have (will soon have) 200K for both the gloves and the Q7 staff.

    Now, after the release was announced, people started telling me NOT to buy them and to wait for the new release.

    What should I do? I'm pretty unlucky in DSO, so I don't think I'll get platinum lines after the release. Chances for that are small. And someone told me I'll be able to buy it at T7 and up it to T8? Is that a thing? I'll be able to do that from T6 though.

    You must know (or remember) how hard it is to get your first 200k of materi, and I don't want to screw it up. So, please, someone enlighten me.. should I or shouln't I buy the set?

  2. Paavelson

    Paavelson Junior Expert

    oh ho hoo hooo hold your strapon my friend. dont juggle in too deep with those ideas.
    i have seen many many posts like those and past those couple months i have just read drakensang forums only. and noted before releases many players ask those exact or close question on topic prior new releases and promises wich are outdated, karatraki have even noted them countless of times and, my random sense picking up trail that devs actualy have listen to them and appling some of them, i assume some...

    my suggsestion is for you and for all. just farm fbi map for wisdom until new release is coming out.
    this idea was on me too, to buy before new release, but got dissapointed anyway. smart way is and will be to buy q7 set in anymode.
    get weapon -2 +2 on maximum base value on any mode and tier it up. based on comments and devs comments level cap wont come anytime soon. so it doesnt matter what you have. 1h build is no go. because its for noobs or for 1h tank setup, you cant play with it on high end difficulty even if you use red essence. well you can but wheres the fun if you have 2 hours a day to play and spend half hour on that map. no hard feelings karatraki but you have noted q7 set issue many times.but devs made this game to be played with q7 set. if you dont have it then dont even try to get in group

    so, devs you have seen countless of times about q7 set topic and characters are built up for cretain one setup. and after some wild goose wich is behind your bottom all the time. theres no diversity. but you state there is. at this point i ask you. have you ever started from scratch to top without any help ? try that on current live server and you understand the game. playerbase are built around that damn q7 set. theres no actual other set to play with. sorry there is. but sorry not intrested. i want to have fun not trauma from this game.

    i have built lightning setup because i hoped to have fun on painful or fatal modes on desert map.
    thats bond of the Alliance set. found at
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    but instead of that drakensang nerfed healing potions drops after killing mobs, and this set went to bin

    q7 set and full damage royal gems and attack speed runes is what this game all about.

    anyway if you dont reach decent attack speed(wich gets constantly nerfed(so called ballanced) then there is no fun in this game at all. nobody wants slow paced game. its not chess you know.
  3. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Commissioner

    I was under the impression that plat lines are confined to the enchantments of exo items. Was I wrong?

    That said, whether to buy now or later is up to you. I'm pretty certain the MF prices of uniques will increase with the update, especially since it will also be +1 tier from now. Thing is, Augment Cores will also be available for MF, so that makes augment crafting more of a reality for most players. Therefore, if you're not patient and want to get the Q7 set now, you aren't actually at that much of a disadvantage.

    Edit: Another thing to consider is that uniques seem to come with a 5th slot unlocked. So if you're tight on anders, maybe hang on to your MF.

    Personally, I'd probably just get it as soon as I can. The devs in this game are good at making vague promises, but not at meeting deadlines and getting updates done. If you get a really good T6, just augment craft it. If it turns out to be trash, you can still pristine craft it and soul craft it later if you need to onto a better weapon.
  4. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur

    Voice of reason. :) I'm personally leaning towards buying it. Who knows when the update will get here or even if it's going to be as advertised. I might take another year or two off DSO if I get too frustrated with BP, thus never getting to enjoy the finger blistering, nerve wrecking, mind numbing grind I did. (Mind you, I couldn't even kill one group of mobs when came back.)

    That being said, I wouldn't mind other opinions.
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Buy it now ... it will be more expensive later.
    There are two types of buying items: the noob way and the right way
    The noobs are spending trillion of resources into buying highest tier items so they can get decent stats.
    The right way to do it is to buy it on low Tier and upgrade it later on. It would be even much cheaper with the next R ... since you can buy the Augment core for materi frags OR you can farm them from drop.

    No one in a right mind would use that set (alliance set) Mr.Loverson :p
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    Bought my Q4 mace on tier 4
    The reason I did that is because I noticed everyone who buys on t6 get crappy values
    mine now is t6 with 719-1018 base and I dropped a gold base t1, waiting for resources to make that one t7 someday
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  7. potre

    potre Forum Greenhorn

    In the announcement for the new R said that they are planing to increase the base damage for 2H weapons (Two-Handed Weapons
    We are also planning on increasing the base damage of all two-handed weapons within the game. Our goal is to make two-handed weapons be the weapons of choice for any player wanting to create a damage-focused character build.)
    , if this is true is better to wait for new release. i want to buy a new weapon too and wait for this reason. Is not this true?
  8. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Also must consider when R213.4 will be on. No one knows but i guess it will Not be soon.

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