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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 25, 2015.

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  1. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    One major concern that has been voiced against this or similar proposals is that it would be TOO EASY to craft items with the desired (even same) 4 enchantments, just by starting bottom-up from green items with ONLY the enchantment you wish for.
    That is why I agree there should always be a random factor for the "additionally gained" enchantment of the new rarity level item. But it would already be good if at least e.g. the first 3 enchantments of a crafted legendary would be chosen randomly from its extraordinary ingredients.

    (This would, hopefully, also give some relevance back to improved and magic items that are currently directly sold or melted without even identifying them, from my experience.)
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  2. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    "Too Easy" is relative term, subject to personal opinion. I crafted all of my first level 45 gear up from greens; I crafted 5 of each, and kept the best. All but 1 were replaced by uniques.
    Crafting does not give quality results. There's no "crafting" to it. As it is, the art department could create a wishing well to replace the crafting station. Less than 1 in a 1000 actually are better!
    It would be better to use a value added concept to crafting of 4 like items. You should get out 1, better than all 4 you put in.
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  3. Vegemite.

    Vegemite. Forum Greenhorn

    Im not sure if this was rhetorical, but yes. Greetings from Australia. :)
  4. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Advanced

    hi Rick

    "Bonus for pieces of equipment belonging to the same set"

    would it be possible to increase the bonus when the entire set is upgraded to a higher level to keep the set competitive?

    not that i can imagine EVER getting my Keens to level 55!!! LMAO :)

    btw the removal of glyphs from items while keeping them is a really good idea...i hated melting my End of Time axe :( LOL
  5. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Rick.

    It's really appreciated, having a direct line of communication with a Dev.

    1.Are you able to advise if there is any difference in the stat roll probabilities

    between items that drop and items that are crafted please?

    2. Is there a reason why I never see my spellweaver holding left/off-hand items, and the left-hand glove isn't shown at the character selection screen? All other equipment is shown. I've also noticed that left gloves aren't visible on my character in game.

    3. This might be too confidential for you to comment. But is a particular unique more likely to drop for a character, over another unique, if it is part of a set already in that character's possession (either equipped, or in the bank)?

    An example would be if I had 1/2 parts of Roshan's Wisdom. Would the 3rd part be more likely to drop, than another unique, next time I roll a unique drop from a lv 40-45 monster?

    If this isn' t in place may I ask you to consider it. I know of players desperately trying to complete sets, but only getting drops of parts they already have.

    I' m basically asking, in a longwinded way if unique drops are totally random, or if a character's current stats/items factor in to what they will receive somehow.

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  6. Yazatlan

    Yazatlan Forum Greenhorn

    ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° Sunday thoughts °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

    0. More data from the game makers, meant 99.99% pieces of information about the game
    are user knowledge share, the only game data about the game provided by the company
    has been late-time features of moon event, sargon stuff & picture of destructor gear

    1. Bug tracker, even in this thread you can notice something: bugs that has been submitted
    many times and in almost any language appear to be fresh news to you, many services exist
    providing industry grade bug tracking system, some are free of charge, may the company rely
    upon such a system in place of forum store & forward ?

    2. Less maths, more fun, in the future shall the game rely a little less upon maths (& timing: how long playing, how fast you kill et) ?
    Expecially on exponential laws, please ?
    In the twitch session it's been said next content expansion will be twice as Myrdosch,
    that is 12 maps in place of 6 but 17.500.000 XP point to grind which is not much by itself
    but no matter how many quest can be supplied, leveling up will just translate into doing certain
    boss over and over. Could this be improved a little bit ?

    3. PvP & crash: could penalty be triggered if parting player reaches at least battle start ?

    4. PvP & match making, be it ELO or Glicko the machine is still far from balanced runs
    also in storm the fortress if you win, you default to blue team for life
    it mixes end-game players with underlying

    5. Web profile (, it once allowed players to see
    how good you are, but in place of being extended, for example with a picture of the currently
    worn gear it has been completely erased, could it be restored ?

    6. Let 8FFA, Last man standing possible at least weekly

    7. Some more hold-ground challenges, with little but useful prizes

    8. Special items to re-roll luck: meant something you can drop from some boss, which you can
    apply to an item to destroy it and re-assign its bonus

    9. Let unique be unique, unique items from the beginning had fixed stats
    hence while it's good something like dragan event crafties, having unique gear with random specs
    makes no sense

    10. TGC: what's the meaning of a secret society like this ? :eek:
    Free players can't enter, member gets costume and amenities, nothing useful

    11. Test server: moderators gets full fledged chars & supplies but most of them never enter the server to test anything, commoners begging for supplies or just level and gets rejected. While it's reasonable that devs can't spend their time babysitting newcomers, shall an automatic supply system be delivered?
    That takes something as simple as a free XP elixir and prices set to 0

    @Tele, drop strikes like ban hammer :D
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  7. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    hi rick,
    what happened to the gear for spellweavers? pink and legd.
    as it is now,you only get hp and little damage.
    or crit hit and crit damage.with no hp
    theres no Armour.
    i know SW is not melee,but its hard to find a good combo without sacrificing hp and Armour to get high damage and crit hit,crit damage.
    as it is SW dont have much HP,for the last month I've been seeing no hp and damage.
    while Ranger kills in 2 shots ,and so is Dk's. "high in HP and armour and damage".
    just be nice to have 10k Health and Armour like they do.
  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    this is a variant of the DK's shield complaint. There are certain preferred stats on certain pieces of gear, (travel speed on boots, weapon damage% on weapons, block rate and block reduce on shields) and with the expanded list of modifiers each gear can have, all of sudden it's hard to get that acceptable roll on the stats. a 4x speed boot was difficult before, now, nearly impossible.
  9. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    Yup ... played a game some years ago that was very popular ... seemed like every few months they were adding a new server to handle the influx of new players. Then they started guild wars... on each server emerged a mega guild... and after a time those that were in the guilds that always lost to the mega guilds started quitting the game ...logged back on after @ year .... the server was a ghost town. shame too.. was a fun game.

    You asked:
    What's to stop the highest ranked pvp players to team up to create an unbeatable team ??? especially if the rewards are enticing..

    I say ... Nothing, There is nothing to stop them .... as it already happens everyday ... they have known about since the beginning... have done nothing of consequence to balance it out.

    So you keep hoping ... as for me.. I hold out very little.

    thanks, Doc.
  10. xhungryzombiex

    xhungryzombiex Forum Apprentice

    what dks are you playing against i go into pvp as a dk and get 2-3 shoot i have 74% arma 51 % resist 7k health and block rate/amount is above 50% so again what the hell man
  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Now what is your rank and what is their rank? Also, 7K HP is low, 8.5K-9K is standard.

    On topic, I'm very interested about the server move script mentioned. It could make for some very "interesting" PvP if some of the heavy hitters from one server suddenly migrate to another.
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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    My only recommendation to to try to get the block rate and block amounts higher. (mine is 59.4% and 62.1%). Either with glyphs or by finding a decent 2-1 or better shield, or using the vargulf shield as a stopgap. Also, PVP rank matters a lot, as Baragain suggests above. Each level of pvp is +1% damage on other players and +1% less damage taken from other players. Also, getting over PVP level 35 is significant for level 45 characters, because it gets you the stunbreak.

    If you are still having trouble, maybe it's your pvp playstyle, or slightly too much lag.
  13. daktaras1996

    daktaras1996 Forum Apprentice

  14. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi all,

    in my opinion, i think allowing server moves isnot a good idea: Heredur would immediately leech all servers populations within 2 weeks i predict.
    .... but players neglect/forget a technical aspect: the lag should be considered in this topic. For example someone based in SanFrancisco playing on Heredur would get a 200ms ping minimum (probably 300ms average), quite noticeable during intensive gameplay.

    On other hand, merging Agathon with Tegan i think could be still ok in terms of lag ?

    Also, main concern of players in low populated servers i think is mostly not finding enough poeple for PvP, PvE still being ok. So implementing a dedicated PvP server for cross-servers pvp requesting (not a physical server like Balor !) would solve this issue without having to merge ?

    Regarding Balor, to be honest, i don't even understand the benefits of open pvp.
    In terms of inducing the least matching problems, this concept fails hard compared to "closed" pvp matchmaking.
    So how about simply moving all Balor's population to Werian or Grimmag ?
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    Fist of all I wonder why you act like you don't know me. You know me I play for more than a 3 years and I am a regular forum user.
    Now on your statement ...
    I had 20-30K CoT's as a reserve in my locker ... BUT ... like I said I had another stack(full) in my inventory. I was ID-ing items with those CoT's from my inventory ... and I was ID-ing 2-3 items per day (in average) ... and my stack never went to 0. Contrary ... I was transferring the surplus into my locker.
    My farming methods you say? Let me recheck it ...
    This is what I do:
    green items - sell
    blue items - items with more value than 50 silver - sell ... the rest - melt
    extraordinary items - melt
    legendary items - melt
    unique items - melt

    If you are selling extraordinary and legendary items ... that is your choice ... I need GoP I melt them. Selling all the loot is not my cup of tea.
    So let me summarize ... before and after:
    Before - I could craft items as much as I wanted, I could ID at least 3 items, I could collect GoP and I could collect gold.
    Now - I can't craft even single legendary item because I can't collect that much gold per day. If I am to collect more gold I have to say good by to GoP's. I can ID for free legendary items from drops ... just to find out they are stupid crap like this one:

    You see before removal of CoT's there were plenty of possibilities now there are none.
    In this moment I have 6K gold ... and I would rather keep it instead of trowing it away for crafting crappy items.
    I could ... now you know. ;)
    BTW you mentioned The Jesters. I came here to play Action RPG ... not some chess, texas holdem poker or any other casino games.

    Have a nice day. :p
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  16. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador


    I could see pvp server for agathon and tegan and a pvp server for all of the European severs. How ever to have Heredur and Agathon play each other one will have a lag disadvantage. ; (
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  17. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    I disagree... I live on the west coast and play on Tegan ....But I have an account on Agathon. I didnt stay on Agathon for several reasons... the biggest was the lag. Game play looked more like an old fashioned stop motion film and less like a fluid fast paced game...merging Tegan and agathon is IMHO .. not a good idea.

    Thanks, Doc.
  18. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    It is all about keepnig the players blind.

    Does anyone remember when the CoT was removed? They said it all about rewarding players who felt like getting nothing for the long hours of farmings. Now they get even less.
    More legendary items are dropped thats true, but why is that i couldnt find even one that would be better than i already had from before the that ominose update? Why is that im playing years ago and i still dont have the Predator while hundreds and thousands of newbies running around with it. I started this game not long after the Archer class had released, so i saw quite enough of the changes that was made during the time.
    Its all far from rewarding, its more and more farm in vain.And its just getting worse. Hoping for a better gear and get nothing only trash.
    How come i couldnt find a bow better than the average? An update description says legendaries can have up to 15% of speed increase in one option for a lvl 43+ one handed weapon, why i wasnt able to get EVEN ONE with higher stat than 7%.
    Why I couldnt find a legendary shield with more than 70% of block rate at sum in 3 lines, when the maximal stat is 65% and in each 4 magic option. Its all messed up. But finally i see the end.

    Bringing in the alchemy system will make many to quit. I wont do more long farmings just to obtain some materials and craft some time restricted buffs just to survive 3 hits from a lightning chain.
    On the 50th lvl the 50% magic resistance will be around 2300,WHO on earth will have it? I guess you try to ballance it with the craftable buffs, but NO!! Making that amount of resistance would mean 4-5 months of salary to spend on the game for many players, only for some stones. Or at least would but the biggest percentage of the players are still kids without that kind of income.

    Endless farming for items in vain, and then endless farming for materials in different places which will be area restricted for sure, cause i cant imagine to get every kind of materials from the same monster. NO NO NO
    Am I Right? I guess so... Mages have huge damage already, what will they hit if noone will have the resistance?
    Oh my mistake, buy the materials for andermant!! .....
    This game is about to get stronger and have the chance to play exciting pvp battles, or at least right now it is ment to but its not already.
    I wont spend hours with farming the materials, no way I would. Just to run a pvp battle for 10 minutes then go back to farm more materials to be able to have an another pvp battle. ...

    There will be no more farm to play players, and since the paying players will rule they wont have much to play for either cause the farmers mean the beatable crowd to them. You can keep the paying players but they will stop too cause there will be always the same matches with the same outcome. Without the pvp its meaningless to play for stronger gears for an end game character. Its a dead end. Lets see how it will change.
    Looking forwat seeing that grandiose BIG UPDATE. It will mean the end for many of us.
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  19. Lin

    Lin Forum Apprentice

    Royal Gems cost price is too crazy expensive , only craft one Royal Ruby / Onyx / Sapphire can cost up to 518,400 Andermant .
    Even P2P it also can not afford the huge cost of excessive , F2P more can not be done .
    Whether it can be adjusted to a more appropriate sales price? o_O

    Sorry for bad English , because there is no Forums for my national language . :confused:
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  20. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Sorry to inform you of this but Agathon and Tegan are hosted by the same Data Center they are both in CA. Only the times are changed on the sever crons to accommodate people on the west coast vrs the east coast.
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