Pushing/Boosting in Dragan event

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fugnuts, Jun 25, 2017.

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  1. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Hey guys,

    I see that during this event many players offer to help low ranks with Dragan/Widow kills as long as the low ranks have red pearls to summon the 2 bosses.A lot of top players did and still do this and will probably do it until the event ends.

    According to the new GTC rules this is not allowed.Now my question is, are u going to take actions against those who deliberately break this rule and provide xp block/kills for the bosses or is it ok to break this rule?
  2. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    It would be better if you include the section of GTC which prohibit this behavior.

    I think you would like to ask the question to Bigpoint support.
    While here is community. You would get community opinion on this.
  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master


    At this link it is stated by the admins that its not allowed.

    And as u requested an extras from the GTC where its stated that this is clearely prohibited.

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  4. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I don't know Fugnuts. It's the event mechanics. This may happen also in Full Moon.

    Low ranks: Hei.. can you help me kill Dragan/Spider? I have red pearls.
    High ranks: Sure!

    High ranks: Anybody need help to kill Dragan/Spider?
    Low ranks: Yes! Me! Please help me..
    High ranks: Do you have Red pearls?
    Low ranks: Yes sure!

    So above examples are about stronger player helping weaker one.
    And the weaker one also helping the stronger one as to provide the resource needed to play.

    How about below example:

    Damage dealer: Hei can you tank Dragan/Spider?
    Tank: Yes.
    Damage dealer: Let's group.
    Tank: But I don't have Red pearls..
    Damage dealer: It's ok, we can use mine.
    Tank: Sure!
    (Vise versa.. with Tank in need of Damage dealer)

    I don't see above rule being broken in any way from above examples..
    It's just mutual benefit from players that are stronger in certain way.
    One player stronger in power. The other stronger in resources.

    I don't think higher ranks get a lot of Draken core by doing so.
    They may have significantly more Draken core by doing regular group farming.
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    An example of "An account [used] dishonestly [to] gain advantages" would be if you made a new account, and had it run along behind you while you farmed in the castle and then used those pearls to open Dragan for your main toon.

    Like Gun pointed out, in most normal cases, both players benefit from the arrangements and while I may not like the fact that twinks don't get XP in the process, it is easy to see why people do this.
  6. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    this is a good exploit for twinks, i saw in game players of level 16 and 18 with both dragan sets and spider mount, if u played without xp block u would go from lv 15 to 20 in no time and it would take many pearls to gather all set which is clearly done with xp block, in pvp u wont stand a chance against players with dragan set if u have a normal character around 15-30 lv
  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Hmm..It states clearely in the 1.2.7 rule that it applies for accounts that belong to different users (same users too).Kinda like what twinks are doing and some top players too in order to farm some extra cores.If i was to make 2 accounts and boost my 2nd one or if i would beg for assist from top players , just so i would get xp block and uniques/glyphs + other stuff it is still called gaining unfair advantages.In the link ive posted earlier the admins clearely state that this is not allowed.And altough we have this rule here, it seems that no one cares about it.

    Wheres the fairness in this? Some play fair, some dont and no one does a thing.Not cool.

    Exactly.So why no one cares about this? Why dont they make the PW/events/uniques drop available only for lvl 55?
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is neither pushing nor boosting.
    in other words boosting is match fixing.

    Pushing is when you play in multiple windows with your toons ... in order to gain something ... In twink's case they gain loot without getting XP.
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  9. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    " An Account cannot be used to dishonestly gain advantages through the Account of another User through the transfer of Game items or currency or by deliberately losing a battle (“boosting”)."

    Tell me how that works exactly.It says "through the account of another user" ...user = other player or you.So either way you are not allowed to help your other chars/accounts or others gain stuff that they cant get on their own as per this rule.Im not the one who made it.Am i missing something?

    If its allowed to "bend" this rule though and help twinks for instance, then one of the admins should contact the legal department of BP and ask them to edit this and make it refer to accounts belonging to the same player and not on accounts belonging to different players.As it is stated right now, whats happening ingame is not allowed .

    Pretty much everyone who was in a party and helped noobaas get uniques/stuff can be banned because of this shady rule.
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  10. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    1 player with 2 accounts doing so, definitely against the rule.
    In one mmo I've played there is system check on this. If a player do this, a window with a warning appear, informing the player that he/she already break the game rule, continuing the behavior putting the player it self on perma ban, including IP ban.
    Even there are Game Masters patrolling in maps looking for typical players. Those GM's also checking suspected players time to time by sending message, waiting for a constant reply. If no reply GM's will disconnect the account.
    Necessary or not. This kind of action is part of being care about their product & doing every possible way to provide fairness among players.

    2 players with different account, whether the other one is a twink or not.. is in gray area. The only think that makes it black & white it's a prove.

    As for both I'm not sure how Bigpoint to check this kind behavior. Unless another player do a protest & provide proves.
  11. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    so you wonna to say what we all should play solo or get banned?
    kinda unlogic....
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  12. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    No, not solo.Just not to exploit the xp block thing to get uniques/cores.And i dont want this, i wasnt the one that made those rules.Or you cant play unless someone is xp blocking you?
  13. Kohn_Hamper

    Kohn_Hamper Junior Expert

    So basically if someone needs help, such as a level 49, Im not allowed to help them if Im level 55?
    When do you draw the line on the level difference, you'd be happy to let a level 55 and level 49 get banned because the level 55 was a nice guy and wanted to help new players in the game?
  14. BigHink

    BigHink Regular

    have never heard of anyone getting banned etc for helping twinks be twinks in a XP blocking scenario. Would love to see the day when everyone gets XP regardless of who is with them but twinks are major payers who help keep game going. So you can hate twinks and wish something was done to stop them but it is really in most of our best interests for them to keep allowing this and just don't bother doing PvP in lower levels except for daily quests.
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  15. Tontontonton

    Tontontonton Forum Greenhorn

    How about those abusing leaderboards ? I saw many players top 3 was online everyday lol never sleep. i think someone used thier account so can take advantage on leaderboard. hope BP check thier IP adressed. srew them until i saw them never sleep lol
  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    I doubt they would ban just for that.If you are a top player or any type of player and help a noobaa with some maps, at the end of the day he will still be a noobaa, but if u as a player take a noobaa and farm him 100 mill glyphs, gear him with all them uniques, help him get thousands of cores (like some do during this event), then i doubt it cant be considered pushing.Its pretty much the same as you having 2 accounts and you get your weaker one geared up and ready for battle.As ive said its stated that "An Account cannot be used to dishonestly gain advantages through the Account of another User"...Its not saying that the account/s has to belong to the same user.

    As it is right now, BP can ban any twink ingame just because of that lol.The reason why they came up with this rule is so new players will have to spend more $ on gems, premium and other stuff when they cant advance any further in the game, and not have some higher ranks run them through the game and help them farm millions of glyphs, uniques and other stuff.

    Either way, until that rule is removed/changed, any twink ingame along with those that help them daily with farming are breaking the rules.
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  17. Kohn_Hamper

    Kohn_Hamper Junior Expert

    All those cores that they cant use?
  18. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    They cant now but when they will lvl they will have an advantage because of this.Anyways i have contacted the support and they said that pushing its not allowed between accounts owned by different players nor accounts owned by the same player.So i was right all along.You guys can inquire about it if you dont bellieve me.

    I can provide a SS with the reply from support here but im not sure if im allowed to do that so ill refrain from doing so unless an admin confirms me that it is ok to post the reply from support here.
  19. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    1.no you shouldn't post personal conversations with the support.
    2. if they said that they have been developing a game called SOLITAIRE and not DSO..which explains some of the changes lately..
    So we aren't supposed to play with people who are not in xp range.. now i've read all the nonsense BP has to deliver.
    then remove the 5 lvls cap when it comes to xp and let the small ones grow as soon as they step out of urban areas
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't know who could give you that kind of reply ... because it is nonsense and incorrect.
    Let me explain :

    1. GTC or General Terms and Conditions:
    The title explains it all ... those are General terms and conditions ... meaning applicable to all BP games. It doesn't say DSO's Terms and Conditions. The statements there have been purposely made that way so they can be valid for all BP's games not just one game. If not written in that form they would have to make separate T&C for each game.
    you see it doesn't mention any game.

    2. The answer it self (if you are interpreting it correctly) is contradicting to itself
    Pushing ... is a broad term determined by the game features.
    In DSO "pushing" can exist only and only if the involved accounts are from a same person. Therefore any form of playing between different players ... can't be considered as "pushing" ...but normal playing.
    Why so? Here is why ... the GTC states:
    "The prohibition on pushing applies to the Accounts of different Users. An Account cannot be used to dishonestly gain advantages through the Account of another User through the transfer of Game items or currency"

    There are no transfer features in DSO ... like trading.
    Therefore ... one can't abuse something that is not even present in the game.

    When multiple accounts ... with different players(persons) being involved in the game... in DSO that is called farming/playing in group.

    So yes it is all legal ... you can play with your friends as much as you can ... no matter of the level difference.
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