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Discussion in 'PvE Players Wanted' started by MorderoN123, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. MorderoN123

    MorderoN123 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello i am kinda new player (35lvl ranger) i want to know how to level up fast and what to farm for good items
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello MorderoN123 and welcome to DSO EN Forums:) Good luck with your progress! Personally , I would advance to level 55 first and then perhaps move on to do other things:) Joining a guild/clan always helps.

    kind regards
  3. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    By doing all possible quests in the game while using buffs for XP + using the 20% more XP pet + using the 5% XP gem.
    I would leave the "farm for good items" part for when you're lv 55.
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Buffs are not working with quests. Only premium buff is working with quests.

    I will tell you the fastest possible way to farm XP.
    First you will have to finish the main quests in the first region ... in case you haven't done it yet. This way you will get access to Scaling Normal Dungeons.
    You will need a stronger friend (probably strong level 55).
    Wen you get access to Scaling Normal Dungeons you can farm really fast XP there. You are getting:
    + 200% XP on Painful
    + 300% XP on Excruciating
    + 400% XP on Fatal
    Since you are level 35 you will need to farm Painful for the next 5 levels. When you get to level 40 you will have to switch to Excruciating. When you get to level 50 you will have to switch to Fatal difficulty.

    You will have to get more buffs (more buffs you have the better).
    You can get:
    - up to 5% more XP from full group of 5
    - 5% XP from full Guild of 50
    - 5% XP from Jewel of Insight
    - 25% or 20% more XP from Pets
    - 100% more XP from Scroll of Insight
    - Platinum Premium is providing 10% while Deluxe Premium is providing 20% more XP
    - If you are lucky you can play while Time of Insight event is active for 20 or 25% more XP

    There are some discontinued items like Amulet of Enlightenment (+ 35% XP) and Amulet of Insight (+ 5% XP).

    This way you can get 420% more XP on Painful, 520% more XP on Excruciating and 620% more XP on Fatal difficulty.
    Don't worry ... even if you don't have premium or discontinued items or the event is not active ... you will still get high amount of XP and you will level up extremely fast. :)

    Best map for playing is Loxley Caverns . This map is small, it has decent amount of monsters and it has a BOSS.
    Even on Normal difficulty Arachna is giving more XP than Khalys.
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  5. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    While he's doing quests, he's killing lots of mobs that give XP. That's what I was referring to.

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