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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by spartawars, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. spartawars

    spartawars Someday Author

    Hi people, i know this is a thread used 1000 times but let this one make the one who will try to make some things different like we all hope.. I am in dso maybe for 5 + years now, i have seen much things come and go but pvp changes after the release of the new maps and new features have make the game in first interesting.. but with time (i mean couple days after) we all saw big unbalanced changes in arena.. Arena before that was not perfect i can say that right now, but compare to today arena was only a dream we can all dream about .. 1 shot- 1 kill was not in the pvp, it was balanced so that u can make points with your skill only and with help of course of your eqipment..EDIT but 1 shot-1kill was not introduced to the game in that time.. It was realy fun, u could fight some time before u go dead.. So it was a question about your time invested in the game in farm ( or buying stuff), it was realy a good fight , best skill won or maybe only good luck but today is only shoot random and if i hit someone good, he's dead.. Thats not pvp in any game but it became in this one.. So pls help the dso comunity and every dso player to change that and make dso game like it was in his best time, u will not regreat it..Post all things u think are bad for pvp in drakensag here in this thread


    We have fought about using red, purple essence in pvp and have won, game changed.. We have fought about skill interuption that u dont have any more in pvp and we have won, game changed..Make this one count and change the game again to better like we all want it

    Be part of the DSO history and comment whatever u trouble in PvP

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  2. anesa85

    anesa85 Forum Greenhorn

    Yes i agread with you,sistem suck,pvp unbalance,pve i so bad. Fix the game.

    Masked vulgarity is still treated as vulgarity.


    Dso wi are disppointed :( you are ruined hole game,am wonder for who you makes that new game.its sucs how you give for free armored beare from 1v1 :eek: that is insane pvp mount 600 victori and now what?you give for free on guess map competision.people gona quit the pvp so sad.


    Vulgarity?mmmmm lol ok ok :p Now that i have your attention i apologize for masked vulgarity hahahaha,but you really have to change some things in the game,you have so many disgruntled players, who complain everi time and they are for some reason ignored,why?
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  3. spartawars

    spartawars Someday Author

    U are on the point Anesa85.. something is very wrong with the game mechanics in pvp

    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    i think most of us would like to see some effort in trying to make pvp somewhat balanced , i know it will never be perfect and that always will be some one complaining about other class but it would be a great start in right direction, it puzzles me why havent dev team take any steps in fixing or re desin pvp system , i guess implementing over 100 nev mount that nobody asked for is more important , will this pvp system ever be fixed i seriously doubt but still one can hope...
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  5. anesa85

    anesa85 Forum Greenhorn

    I onestly hope that devs team gona help us,bicause i gona louse mi finger tiping xD
    oooooooo dso your old players counting on you we nead balance in pvp and litle improve in pve pls.
  6. If you want something changed in the game, you need to do the following:
    1) Isolate which aspect(s) of the game you are currently unhappy with. Seems obvious, right? But right here is where most trip up. You need to be specific. Take the opening post. It mentions the removal of coloured ess from PvP matches. That is/was a specific concern. Ditto HP pots in PvP matches. But "Balancing" is not. And the rant about the Armoured Bear is well off-topic. The "first to hit, wins" issue is more specific, but it could have multiple contributing causes (item stats, set bonuses, # of allowed offensive gems, stats of offensive gems, offensive skills, offensive bonuses from Wisdom/Fame, effect of glyphing, etc, or poor defensive stats/skills of players). Also, is this an issue at every XP level and is it an issue for every match type? Evidence?
    2) Clearly state why you are unhappy with the identified aspects of the game
    3) State suggested alternatives
    4) State as clearly as possible why your alternative(s) would be an improvement and what the impact would be.

    Emotive opinions have to be set aside. And the topic has to be stuck to. Do it, and there is a very good chance of positive change.
  7. girliex

    girliex Forum Apprentice

    for me the best solution to go like naked in arena were we have on base damage as per our tier lvl plus the option to wear whether shield or plus critical hit rate. removed all +++ benefits from wisdom, gems, etc. its pure fight with no additional enchantment. This is to prove player skills in arena.

    - Advantage
    1. Proving player skill in arena

    - Disadvantages
    1. BP lose some of the income for the players want to take advantage in arena.
    2. Twink/payer player not happy this method.
    3. Most player want to take advantage to fight if they have change to against player ...

    P.S. PVP & PVE are two different world, and also this kind of game not purely free to play. You need extra time or money to make ahead from the others.
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  8. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    Yes I agree with this and I've seen it working on other games too. In my opinion one of the possible ways to balance PvP is to not let it be direct connected with the PvE part of the game. There must be some limitations according to Wisdom Tree, Base Damage, even Gems. Now this can be tricky due to the fact most people spend hours of farming only to make good PvP build and I also support this. Since everyone is free to make whatever build they want to register a battle in arena we will continue experience the "first to hit-wins". However this works the same:
    -Player with full dmg mode doesn't have good defense so the chances surviving any hits are kinda low.

    ...and it goes the opposite way as well.

    Maybe you should consider creating a 5th arena stadium with new logic and strategy. A combination between 6v6 and 3v3 where we can have our equipment "locked" and being able to unlock it step by step. In this way everyone will start equally and skills will show who will move faster in this battlefield. No one will regret the hours they farmed for sets since they will still be able to play with whatever items they want, the only difference will be that in this way everyone will be safe from the beginning. It will be an arena for skilled players based on good timing choice and there will be more control.

    Another one of my thoughts is to change completely the skill power in arena, just like the way the seconds of Stuns work on PvP opposed to PvE.
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  9. oledien43

    oledien43 Forum Greenhorn

    I have to disagree here.

    Firstly, if everyone was "naked" of equipment, wisdom, and gems, it would create a scenario of rock-paper-scissors, where one class beats another but loses to the 3rd, etc. There would be no strategy involved, every class would have one specific way to play vs every other class and just do that, which would get very repetitive, very quickly.

    And secondly, it kills the diversity, flexibility, and counter-strating in this game. There's all these new sets and equipment and set bonuses that we can play around, sacrifing offense for defense, or defense for offense, or focusing on utility/mobility, or going for an overall balanced build. For example DK's, would be neither 2handers nor tanks, essentialy useless.

    What would the point of this be? In my opinion, in no universe is this happenning, of the "best solution".
  10. girliex

    girliex Forum Apprentice

    ..the meaning of being naked seems like u played the drakensang back year 2011-2012 were most of the player have same magnitude of gems/power..3v3 before are very popular in teagan sever but now you can only fight for 1v1 and small chance of winning specially if your new in arena.. the great disadvantage having an opponent who is twink + using mentor bonus. so if u looking for a good fight you might find this kind of method but again the number disagree with this is the BP. we think for good in arena...but BP think for good to have more income and keep the game alive...so consider this factor that is why this topic is a long time issue and cannot be fix because of some instances to be consider..
  11. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I am sorry, but I disagree with everything here.

    Is the game currently a one-hit kill or get killed in one-hit?
    Absolutely not.
    If you are a player who have entered the arena with the strongest weapon that You could find but nothing else, yes then it is a one hit race.
    Of course, it is now easy to find a strong weapon, but not so easy to find good defensive equipment. So, obviously people think damage is everything there is to it.
    They don't realize how wrong they are!
    If you have played few matches, you may notice now or soon, that there are some Dwarves and DKs that are impossible to kill.
    If they can be killed in one hit, why while getting pounded by 5 players for several minutes by the other team, carrying the flag, yet they are still alive?
    Because, they unlike most players have equipped themselves with defensive equipment.
    Now, think what if you equip yourself with a balanced setup or a more defensive setup?
    Things will look certainly different in arena.
    Know this -> PvE setup does not work in PvP. You need to build differently.
  12. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    IDK, my PvE setup kills pretty much everything.
  13. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    There you go. Then you have nothing to complain :)
  14. spartawars

    spartawars Someday Author

    If someone who play DSo for a while now thinks that pvp in this game is good and nothing to complain, then u missing something or the ubalanced fights go in your favor at the momment. I know that u dont wana complain bcs u make faster honors then before, maybe.. But let take a look from a another perspektive and how it affects the game in general and kills the fun of pvp in total.
    I have only pointed out 1shot-1 kill to start this thread.. there are many more things that dont work like they should.. some classes interlaping with almost the same atributes, only diferent class name etc.. Just post what u think is bad for pvp right now, not to stick on that 1 what i have said in the first place.. just trying to make the pvp fun like before.. I have started dso bcs of the pvp and now i dont have any reasson to log in anymore.. all maps countless time farmed, all events the same thing.. and if the pvp is dead, the game is dead too..
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  15. anesa85

    anesa85 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi dso is me again ;)
    Perhaps now pvp is fun just to new players,ho dont know what he was before.But to us ho play five years has become nightmare.Once we are know what rank dominated in arena :) Now that honor belongs to the low rank peyers, but theat is not main problem.Today wi have mage tank,dwarf tank,tank dmg and renger ho can by all what does not make sence.My opinione is that each class mast by what is estimated from the start and already described in the wiki.

    you know all that honor ca not use in pve.

    I have an idea how to solve it :) ;) :) ;)

    1.Make that we cant use winsdom in pvp
    2.players will depend only from equipment and honor.

    This will raise the pvp to a new lvl and would be more similar to the one we had before.

    people will play pvp as before
    Dso it will have more profits
    new players will have to make effort in pvp and pve more payers dso
    And old veterans will be back in the game because we love pvp again more payers
    Everione benefits :)
  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    This post is somewhat incomprehensible and the statement on more profits sounds like underpants gnome theory.
  17. knifesss

    knifesss Forum Apprentice

    I do not like PVP but I made an account for my 5 year old boy and he loves it. 5 years old you got to love them because they do have the ability to drive a person insane.

    He plays PVP lv 29 SM and he wins, not a lot but enough times. Most of the times he was playing with a green gun. :cool: Enough already.
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    well we can ranting here forever and still get nothing done, major issue for me is class unbalanced, but to change that i think dev team would be needed to re desing the whole structure of the game wich is a massive undertaking and would affect with big money well as big player pool lose, the most fair soulotion i think it is make pvp class restrictable sw only vs sw , dks only vs dk and etc, than no one can complain about how op other class is or other soulotion would be implementing pvp gear and separate pvp and pve
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  19. spartawars

    spartawars Someday Author

    People of the DSO comunity, act now or die later...This is your chance to change the game if u want.. if u feel confortable in your mama's home and chair and that computer that she bought now, dont complain later on facebook how your EDIT was kicked by some random guy in the game.. thats what is comming and i can tell you right now, it will not get better.. your EDIT will be so oftten kicked trhue the pvp that u cant even count, bcs u can't count abow 100.. Complain now, support this post.. like, comment and we will make this game better for us, not for them.. if u just click this and read and not even leave your mark here, you will be blamed for every bug thats comming and every unfair 1v1 pvp that made this game Great in his best time.. Let the buggers win, let the payers win.. I asure you , it doesnt matter how much payer you are, at the end all beer's will go on your account :) CHEERS
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