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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by apocalypse_vr, Mar 5, 2020.

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  1. apocalypse_vr

    apocalypse_vr Forum Greenhorn

    Hi fellow rangers.I'm a returning player couple of months in, made a lot of progress towards my toon ,game seemse kinda more enjoyable now and since i havent played pvp since 5-6 years and nowdays everything seems somewhat fair-er...
    So my question is about what enchantment should i be looking for in order to get max block max dmg,etc

    i've seen people runing dragan defence set for pvp so my question is about what should a perfect shoulder look like 4xarmor value or increased block.

    Same goes for the shield and quiver.

    As for main hand i've seen people runing either vargulf bow or qwenfara curently im runing cube bow ,so my question about main hand is what should be crafted on increased dmg for the item or simply increased dmg since gems dont count.

    Can i have the pros oppinion about using ring of life(%hp regen not sure if the right name)with increased hp on the item

    and how on earth are were suposed to have any reasonable crit chance and crit dmg without gems in pvp

    i know i'm going all over the place but there are alot of things i want to know about the pvp aspect of the game
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nothing but base stats is working in arena. Enchantments , gems, runes, bonuses ... etc are not working.
    There is only one item that is "must use" in the arena ... that is the Golden Helios Amulet.
    Any other unique item is acceptable as long as it has decent stats.
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  3. apocalypse_vr

    apocalypse_vr Forum Greenhorn

    Does unique values count and how come is the Helios amulet so important ?

    Also does the same rules apply for the open world pvp (enabled pvp)and dont know if still exist but there was once upon a time a free for all arena in kingshill
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  4. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    unique value doesn't count as others, it's important only because it has higher base stats than other items.
    in the open pvp there isn't any rule and everything is allowed: wisdom, unique bonuses, sets, pets, essences, potions, tonics, medicines and whatever you want, as pve.
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