PVP Unbalanced ?

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by Cratar, Dec 27, 2017.

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  1. Cratar

    Cratar Someday Author

    Hello , I was playing the game months ago , took break once the lvl 55 expansion happened and yet i am back (until i tried pvp for 2 days).

    At the moment i am lvl 50 , in pvp i enter with lvl 55's ... Ofcourse i know that they will be stronger than me But My question is ... stronger than me by how mush ?

    my hp can reach 12k .. and lvl 55 hit me with 65k damage .. like seriously ? 5 levels does all that ?
    Also when i see lvl 55 vs lvl 55 , both kill each others ONE hit ... is that pvp right now in dso ?? spam shoots like blind and if it hit someone , hes dead ?

    I just wanted to make sure if what i saw is the real case in dso now or no before i take my decession in wether i play dso again or no.
    But In my eyes . Pvp is a joke Right now , zero skill , zero fun.
  2. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    With 12k HP I guess you are still using pre R185 items.
    FYI, you can reach 15K HP(on DK) without gems with new items.
    With Wisdom talent & gems on lvl 55 it is easy to reach 30K HP.

    The opponent that hit you 65k most likely already well developed pre R.185. Thus having some crafted at least 3/4 legendaries items.
    It is not hard to get T3 uniques from PW bosses. Thus able to transfer craft the legendary to the unique and improve stats significantly relatively quick.

    As we know pre R185 the gap stats wise between fresh 50 and well developed one it's already noticeable. Even a fight between 2 well developed players could be ended up with 1 hit also.

    After R185, the gap stats wise between fresh 50-55 with the well developed one become extremely wide. Thus making more difficult to catch up.

    The real case even worst. It is possible to 1 hit kill with basic attack.
  3. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Not really like blind, you can use the minimap that tells you where the opponent is so you can aim out of screen which is >insert some funny words here<

    I hardly belive it has ever been really better or worse than this.
    They passed from the chain cc meta to the 1-shot meta to the mix both those >funny words< meta.
    This isn't meant to be an eSport and will never be.

    The real shame is that you are forced to do some PvP because they included em in the daily missions
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  4. Cratar

    Cratar Someday Author

    the game pve is rly good and fun , dungeons , etc .. But when it comes to pvp .. i am rly dissapointed .. and am not playing mmo game to avoid pvp :/
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    The biggest problem is that they have ignored all valuable feedback that has crossed their desk when it comes to PvP. There are many things that they can implement to improve it greatly.

    First, skills have different stun times/slow time/bleed times/etc. based on if it is PvP or PvE, so what is to stop them from modifying damage similarly?

    Second, applying a damage mitigation curve that discourages ultra high damage glass cannon builds. This could behave like a soft cap on damage and the more damage a person gets, the higher the damage mitigation gets. Then, it becomes more valuable to build a well rounded PvP toon as opposed to a Min/Max meta build.

    Third, cap some things that are currently uncapped. Right now, I'm not aware of any run speed cap. That means that some players, with legacy gear crafts and enough speed runes could achieve 60%-80% run speed before knowledge points and over 100% speed with them. On the other hand, a newer players can't get much past about 90%, even with perfect gear. Why not apply either a hard cap to this or a soft cap like the damage mitigation curve recommended above.

    Finally, an HP mitigation curve similar to the damage curve could act as a soft cap to the ultra HP builds so that the changes to damage don't end up making it a game of who can live longest.

    Doing some of these would go a long way towards balancing the PvP in this game. The root of the problem is the same as just about every other game... Power Creep in the PvE portion of the game, but instead of addressing/balancing the two parts of the game as they go along they just kept driving with blinders on and arrived to the point where we are today.
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  6. warrax111

    warrax111 Forum Greenhorn

    Dudes, I'm out, I cannot stand this anymore. I've deleted all my chars, and ending with game.
    After a week, I logged in, and everybody is oneshooting me with low pvp ranks obviously noobs... they have some blue crystal equip and blue shining weapon, and from one noob dwarf even some dark dragon knight spawn (in arena), next to me... with no pvp rank, he was oneshooting my 2-month old pvp mage at level 15... I ask what is it... he just said... event... I don't care how event this is, but you obviously bashing this game hard... to the dust.
    I just want to tell you, that my heart is broken, what you did, and what you are still doing to the game, and particulary pvp... I'm so disapointed.

    good luck, i'm leaving...
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  7. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    To have a 2 month old character at level 15 you are obviously a twink. What a shame other twinks are better at it than you. Don't think you will be missed.
  8. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    i would thank the ones that did this to you if they weren't twinks themselves ...
    which leads me to the idea of becoming one myself just to step on the other low lvl wannabe pvpers and maybe in frustration reduce their ranks
  9. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    My two cents:

    It is not unbalanced from the technical aspect.
    It seems unbalanced because everyone seems to be focusing on getting their damage as high as possible while ignoring the defensive stats.
    A well balanced character would not be easy to defeat.
    More powerful players can and will win most of the time.

    The difference between a level 50 player versus a level 55 player is huge due to the new calculations that the game introduced with the level 55 update. It is not possible for even an extremely strong level 50 player to defeat even a weak level 55 player. That was not the case between a level 45 and a 50 back in the days.

    If you are level 50 now, just level to 55 and you will realize that it makes a world of a difference.
  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The game difficulty and stat mechanics really ramp up between level 50 and 55. You need to basically start over and level up to 55 as quick as possible.

    Once you level up to 55, jump in the dragan event and get some new gear. Even the no tier or tier I gear could make a massive difference for you.
  11. RegouvoususΘ

    RegouvoususΘ Forum Greenhorn

    Well PvP was always unbalanced because of people who pay or play long time... newbie has small chance to kill experienced player.
  12. Kohn_Hamper

    Kohn_Hamper Junior Expert

    I honestly dont see the problem with this, if people play longer and farm harder than you, why be upset that they are better than you? They put the effort into their characters, why should they not reap the rewards?
  13. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Because it discourages new players from joining. Tegan pvp is a ghost town and Agathon pvp will probably go the same way. There are days where I have to log in again the next day before the dailies reset if I had the kill 40 for my final pvp daily, even at level 55.
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  14. Kohn_Hamper

    Kohn_Hamper Junior Expert

    Just change it to play 8 battlegrounds, doesnt matter if you win or loose, and its quick. And no, its not expensive to do, a 1-2 runs on map 1 of stonekeep will get you that ander to swap it
  15. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    That wasn't my point.
  16. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Just lvl up and it will take time to get stronger. I am finally just filling out to be able to almost do all lvl3 bosses in tank. In pvp don't worry about it. You are going to have forget pvp for daily. That's what I did. I could barely do any parallel when I first reached 55 lol and now I can do most lvl3 bosses. That took me almost 4 moths to accomplish that. If you are not patient in this game forget it okay. Try another game.
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  17. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I think they need to rethink this 3v5 4v5 problems.Also there is no ballance at all, field marshals against centurions, and no real oponent in enemy team all low ranked.A fied marshal can kill a team of knights and centurions like there is none.
    So manye years and this problem is not solved.Shame you BP.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  18. ZenGrinding

    ZenGrinding Forum Greenhorn

    Very simple: Without high numbers of new and paying players, this games becomes less profitable. And if this continues all your farming will be worth nothing in a game left to die by its owners.
  19. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    PVP is disbalanced... Yes i agree. There are 3 things of disbalance.
    1) it is creating pvp teams.
    2)q7 and q8 set's bonus in arena
    3) stanning

    First problem can be solved if bigpoint create ability to make pvp groups by players with some table where one players can make challenge to group of other players. if group will accept it than challenge will start. Any challenge (1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 6v6) This functionality will solve any talks about bad selection.

    Second problem can be also quickly solve - q7 and q8 set bonus stop works on arena.

    Third problem so solve - on 45lv i remember was resist of stanning for 3 sec... so back this skill in game.
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  20. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    The main reason PVP is unbalanced is because matches are based on game level, and not PVP level. This allows less scrupulous players to stay low level until they are Marshall or higher. I won't say what these kinds of players are, but we all know. Make match ups based on PVP level, not game level!