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    Hello i was an old player and i now started play again the game after year. I would like to see a big change on pvp for example i would like it to see pvp like old 45 levels.Now pvp is a waste of time every player has life around 30-40k same stats and it take much time to kill someone.There are also some mages or rangers that has more def than tanks. Also there is problem with the crit on my char i have 70% with quiver and still i have crit 1 of 5-7 hits....and the battles should be forever not with timelapse...So my idea is to get pvp back to 45 which means battles will be as the old times 1vs1 3 vs 3 5 vs 5 and 6 vs 6 and everyone can play them whenever he wants not with timelapse.Second i would like to see the difference between pvp ranks my marchal player loses in battles from centurions.. Next you should remove these pvp talents and replace them with the old ones the tree pvp talents for example tanks when their life goes down to refill them with the pvp skill or mages the snow skill and ranger adrenaline...The next thing is about the stats of players. For example it must not take to much time to kill a player so you have to get lower their stats life/block/armor or make the dmg to be more hitting on the players.My player;s dmg on pvp is 2.500 and i cant easy kill someone with life 30.000 i must make many hits and skills... Last in my opinion skills level 50 of all players (agro.ice.broken arrowand tesla) should be panished from pvp duels and could not be used on battles on on pve so there is a balance between characters and pvp would be like old times. I believe everyone would like this opinion so to have a nice and happy pvp time as the previus years. In this way pvp would have a meaning and more players will join it and having fun with it. I hope one day pvp will be as it was the old times. SOrry for my bad english i hope you catch the meaning of what i want to say.

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