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  1. TITAN1246

    TITAN1246 Forum Greenhorn

    hello, since the new maj I no longer understand anything, I would need help to know how to be better in pvp, what to play and where find it, I would also like to know why everything of my stuff are ineligible for crafts and how to make them eligible , thank you (i'm lvl 46)
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Your old equipment is permanently ineligible for crafting, a decision BP made clear in multiple statements weeks before the release of CE. The decision was based on the fact that some old unique items had unusual enchantment lines that didn't conform to the new platform. If you had been able to Pristine core craft your equipment prior for r245, they'd be craftable now.

    At level 46, it would be highly unlikely that you'd have been ready to do that kind of crafting, so even knowing this information in advance wouldn't have done you much good.

    Bottom line, BP's decision means you'll need to find replacements for your old equipment as you progress to level 55 and beyond. You'll also need to make friends who'll help you survive Parallel World Infernal mode in order to get materi fragments before you can access any of the new content (which begins after you've completed all main quests through level 55, and have several thousand materi fragments on hand to buy your way into the Suburbs of Cardhun).

    (FYI, my main toon which could run Fatal difficulty in PW and even somewhat cautiously Infernal I against the weaker PW bosses, cannot kill a single "regular" mob in the new PW Infernal mode.)
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Hmm... Materi Fragments are dropping all over the place. By the time you get to around 55 and are done with the desert, you should have enough to get to the Suberb of Cardhun and not need to do any of the PW Infernal maps.
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    The question I am asking myself, what does this all have to do with PvP?

    You get better by practice, and by farming (or twinking).
  5. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Where and on what difficulty level?

    Running with a secondary toon, I just killed 50 to 175 mobs each in Catacombs (painful), Crypt of Kings (painful), Rootrock Cavern (excruciating), and the Great Desert (excruciating), including 7 Champions (no Sentinels, however). Total just over 500 mobs. I started this run with 728 materi (farmed when this toon dabbled in PW Q1 before I started focusing on my primary only) and ended the run with exactly the same 728 materi frags.

    Materi frags only drop in PW and in new maps, including the Suburbs of Cardhun ... but you have to unlock each map, including the Suburbs, with 1,000 or more materi frags pre new map.

    Prove my assertion wrong: New players / toons will hit a brick wall after Qaizah, can't progress into CE maps nor PW maps unless they are carried by other players.

    OP's post started with PVP but asked about other topics as well, including where to farm / how to upgrade his equipment. I spoke to the latter, not the former.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Believe it or not ... it is all related to PvP.
    Twinking is back and that means PvE and farming are related to PvP.
    If anyone of the old twinks still don't know how to block XP ... I can make guides on blocking XP :)
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They introduced a mockery of the level 40 gameplay, as if pandering to nostalgic feelings is going to save the game from its doom.

    Have you noticed that one of the lingering memories map is the old grimmagstone?

    And of course they brought twinking back in full force, instead of stamping it out.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Many of them are reused old or present maps ... there was one (can't remember the name) that is just a copy of Catacombs and the Crypt.
  9. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    It will have to wait till the weekend. I've run to the old world bosses for dailies (middle column, 3rd) and for building level 40 Plat line holding items (means Normal level). I'm certain I've gotten Materi Frags that way. I will look Fri/Sat and post pictures... or a surrender. I'm sure I can screen shot some. :)

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