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  1. Sm0Oth

    Sm0Oth Forum Apprentice

    How to unlock Q maps ?
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    When your toon hits level 50, you should get a special invitation from NPC Ammon to come to the Splintered City of Cardhun (the initial hub of the Parallel World). You might also receive a special scroll that takes you there from any location, or just find a travel stone and look for the island / archipelago in the middle of the map. Locate the NPC, take his quests, start killing.

    Be forewarned, however, that the lowest difficulty level is Infernal, and it's actually souped-up, tougher than Infernal in scaling dungeons in the Natural World, so you're likely to die within seconds of entering Q1 without making a dent on a single mob. Die, repeatedly. Get a group of stronger players to carry you.
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    When you reach level 50, wave to Annonon and then go to the Quazy Desert and continue leveling up till you get done there (54/55) and then follow the quests thru Splintered City to the Suberbs and continue leveling up till you get to 100 and then start farming the Anderworld and the Old World till you have decent equipment of level 125+ and THEN find a group that can help you do the PW quests on Infernal.

    P.S. The sooner you find a guild after you reach level 50+ the better off you will be.

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