Q7 bow gold stats - best way to obtain

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mystic_archer29, Apr 14, 2019.

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  1. mystic_archer29

    mystic_archer29 Forum Apprentice

    Whats the best way to obtain q7 weapon with gold base stats ? (the regular dmg, not enhancements). I see four ways:

    1) buy tier1 with materii, upgrade
    2) buy tier7 with materii
    3) farm tier1 (teleports possible)
    4) farm tier7 (teleports possible)

    a) which one of these is the best?
    b) if we go the purchase way, which is better, buying tier7 for 72,000 or multiple tier1 for 24,000

    I bought one tier7 with 5% base stat :( also 6 tier1s' with best base stat of 74% which i dont think i will upgrade.

  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    All of the above. It's totally random so good luck :)

    Although when buying with MF I would personally go with something higher than T1 just to save on auggies.
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Depends, how many Materia Cores do you have? If you don't have 2250 or more (preferably much more), then trying to get one at T1 and craft/augment it up is a bad idea. It is one thing to buy Augment Cores, but you would still need to farm for the insane amount of Materia cores to get it up to T8.

    Second, how many materi frags do you have? If you don't have a large supply, going in and buying a weapon will frustrate you. The odds are low, and it is easier to stomach several pulls at a time. I'd recommend saving enough frags to buy 3-5 of whatever tier weapon you plan to buy. I'd recommend buying T5-T7 to save materia cores and augment cores. Be sure to save some materi to buy augment cores when you get a gold line. On advantage of buying a higher tier weapon is that if it has a high base line (but still not gold), at least the weapon is usable.
    I used three different Herald's weapons before I finally got the one I have today. The first one was the "best" of four that I bought and it was probably right about the 50% mark (by today's quality stat). I transferred my gold enchantments over and used it. It was a big improvement and allowed me to farm much quicker. I then bought another few weapons and got one that was just barely not a gold line (~85%?) and used it for a while after I soul core crafted my enchantments over to it. Then, I finally got lucky when I bought another several weapons and got a 99% quality base damage. All told, I probably bought about 12-15 weapons before I got the really good gold line. I had a couple gold lines after the second weapon, but they weren't amazing enough to justify the core costs.

    Final piece of advice:
    Farming via teleport is wildly inefficient. I've done many, many runs over the last three seasons of the leaderboards and I've not gotten a single Herald weapon drop... let alone with good base damage. Buying the item is your most reliable method, and the only universal answer I can give you is "Farm lots of Materi."
  4. gbit

    gbit Forum Ambassador

    options 3) and 4) : no, the drop rate is too low, as everybody knows...
    you can buy the weapon so let's see options 1) and 2)
    weapon T1: 24000 MF + 495000 MF for cores to augment to T7
    weapon T7: 72000 MF
    if you compare the MF needed in the two cases you obtain this:

    so if you think that in 10 run you can found a weapon T7 with gold stats, go for it; if not buy a weapon T1 till you find gold stats and then augment till T7.
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