Q7 set for Dwarf / They won't show you that.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Valhöll, Aug 14, 2020.

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    There is a mini guide in the video, with very large letters. I don't know in which part of the forum you should publish mini guides on game mechanics, but if I duplicate someone, my post should be removed.
    You probably know that mouse buttons in the game have special priority. But many people don't know that these keys can be used to perform special mechanics. There are several of them in all classes. In the video, the optimal mechanics Q7 set for the dwarf.This makes the cycles shorter, I'm talking about the installation of gun turrets (and the further cycle). I shoot at maximum attack speed, and this speed is now very easy to get. But if you don't have it, at 3,150, you'll be comfortable, too.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tank to avoid jumping all over the map. But I demonstrated that principle in the arena, and partly in the boss. I think that's quite enough for an example. And by the way, if you know this mechanics, you don't have to tell me anything, because it's done for people who don't know, and he might need it. If I made a duplicate, you can just delete it.

    Translation difficulties, I'll try to paraphrase. Mouse buttons can loop skills. Set any skill to the left or right mouse button and it will repeat itself, but if you set this skill to the keyboard key, it will not be available. And I often see players who assign a "heavy hot" to the space bar and press it until it just breaks away from the keyboard. That's the mechanics of mouse buttons, and I hope that was helpful.

    What's very important is that the same system is used in war. The ranger and the magician should also think about where their spam skills are. It'll make your life easier.

    I know a lot of dragon wars, they're like dwarfs who set their important skill to "smash" into space and lose about 60% of their damage.
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