Q7 set War

Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by akostorrao, Jan 7, 2021.

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  1. akostorrao

    akostorrao Forum Apprentice

    Hi guys, well my post is simple.

    Plaing war since they took q7 set is so bboooorrriiiinnngggggggggggggggg.

    What you wars say about it?
  2. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    uninstalling the game worked for me and for many other players too, you should try it out aswell .. you can actually do it for free
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  3. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    So while you were given the most realistic answer, and probably the one most players will ultimately agree with, I can tell you my thoughts.

    Legendary is the way to go. Many of the unique sets have only 3 enchantments while legendaries have 4. Depending on your base stats and quality of your gems, this could be a huge factor. Of course, BP designed it this way, and they knowingly put the platinum base values on green and blue items which of course, have fewer enchantments, so they could bring balance to their epic nerf-fest. Better still, crafting for rarity doesn't seem to guarantee inheritance of any base values (from the limited testing / failing I have done) so you have a bit of an emotional roller coaster; excitement seeing platinum stats on a green, anguish seeing 0% stats on a legendary. Add to that fact that you could be lvl 100 and farm an antire map in, say, fatal (cause it is the best you can do) and have EVERY SINGLE DROP end up as a lvl 11, trash for use and no smelt or sale value and you are really in for a treat.

    As always, well done BP. Thanks :)
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  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Actually, you can craft 4 lines of enchantment onto every single Unique and Set Item that I've tried thus far. You just have to start by collecting your enchantments onto a junk legendary first, using the "Single Enchantment" transfer feature. Then you transfer from the legendary item onto the 3 lined Unique/Set Item using the "All Enchantments" transfer. :D So yes, the workbench description of All Enchantment transfer is misleading.

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  5. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Neat! I am gonna try this out tomorrow. Thank you for the reply.

    I can confirm this works as stated. I tested successfully on 2 pieces of equipment. Thanks again.
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  6. audiodynamics

    audiodynamics Forum Greenhorn

    I'm gonna blow your mind with a fresh new DK build.

    First - liquidate all old gear for the gold. use the cute dog (brown one) at whatever level you got it at, pref. gold, and sell all your old worthless time. all of it, minus whatever gear does NOT have the "non-craftable" red wording at the bottom.

    The old 60s 70 uniques that were core'd and tier'd are pritty much worthless for anything other than gold, so sell all those as well.

    SECOND - get yourself some hundotrinks. 100-130 rune and jewel trinkets, for all your old school revamped runes. the max for the runes is 3-5 per rune type, liquidate the remaining into dust, and upgrade all 5 of each type to max. It's helpful, if you have an overshot of wisdom runes laying around. they are big dust. socket up your hundotrinks, and move onto phase 3

    Phase 3 - if you haven't already, bump up dem gemas to royals. they supplemented opals and trapezoids for high level gems, yet if you have not, bump up as many royals of your choice and discretion as you can. I did mostly armor, hp, crit, and resist. got a few of the att royals, and a few of the movement royals as well. att speed royal and runner royals are expensive, so if you got them, you don't need many, just enough for an att speed on the adorn or the weapon, or the shield, and runner royals on the boots. Liquidate the remaining for dust to bump up the gemas to royal. most of the att speed was supplemented with plats and skills early on, so I advise only keeping 1 att speed royal. onto action 4.

    Action 4 - organize your invent, and reverse back to first, second, and 3rd phases to see if you missed anything. save your pets, there's a new method for crescerites, so open up an invent for them. keep your bosses pass all on one-two invent pages, as you will need them when ppl rank up later on, and the farming gets heavy again. For now, save all your realm passes, as much as possible. save all your ess, and all the supplemented ander they gave as compensations for lost time, save that as well. save all the resources they gave as compensation for the losses in the new CE, minus the glyphs. you'll need like abuggilion glyphs.

    Round 5 - FARM PLATS NOW. highest you can, glyph em all plat with plat and gold base. my advice, start on fatal with the hundobangers in a farm, and load up quick.

    RANK 6 - RANK. Now, after all that, you can focus on leveling. rank up to 100 as soon as you can. save the level up chests for when you reach 100, because there are accelerated ranking chest coupled with them, so you wanna be able to open them all at once to max your gain from level 100.

    OKAY - now you can have fun.

    My build is somewhat odd. I've been a DK for many, many, years, so I've learned to get spawners to attack and summon other spawners and fighters for me. and just armor break and crit hit, and with the new masteries, those techniques work great for what I have come to call, "a collateral DK" meaning all my dmg is fire elemental DOT crit with spawners and regen negations on a deflect hit.

    the items differ, but the idea above, stays the same.

    you can use dragan ring, banner fighters, khaly pouldrons, desert scimitar, desert belt, and karaab shield couple in different ways with sargon adorn/1h blessings, and the mortis set for high dmg while using your spawners to block and fighter for you. mortis dmg stacks on your spawners spec'd dmg, so you can get for instance, a new banner fighter to hit 200ks on a crit while tornadoes of fire and dust are swarming around while you stomp the ground, crack open the earth, and unleash a lava pit, smash the ground 8 times, and on the ninth, karaab fists appear and do 500% dmg each to KO on the the collateral dmg you just did, after armor breaking with your macros set on the click functions, and banners set on the 1-5 macros. I suggest in that coincidence, a pet with high HP.

    it works like THAT now, so be prepared for some seriously stupid builds this run on the new CE.

    Also, you're gonna want as much HP, and HP regen as possible, balanced with your dmg for dmg negation of enemy fire.
    I suggest tegan suit on grimm pw, seal of betrayal on nef mundo regular, (lor'tac) and ring of life on bear pw. the higher the lvl of the boss, the more hp the item will regen, along with your regen runes set to blue purp or gold, you can get some sersious 50k regens per second that way, especially if you focus on hp negation dmg for tank.

    THAT'S ALL the jist, of how this new expansion works for a DK build. 2hders are kinda outdated, because 1h uses more skills now. pritty much. if you find a good 2h with sargon, mortis, or dragan combos, let me know, but as of NOW, dragensang new content expansion 2021 flat-lined to the bare necessities, to its roots, so the 1h builds are not nearly as compromised and manipulated, because the foundation of the dk all those years ago, WAS, and now stil IS, a 1h build.

    The group and wisdom talents all reflect the above listings and strategies, so once you get the swing of THAT DK tactic, adjust your grp and wisdom talents accordingly. careful, the adjustments are expensive gold, so use your talent wisely.

    Have fun.
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  7. jakayba

    jakayba Forum Apprentice

    lol, that sounds funny, I'd like to try, just for fun. Unfortunately I miss most oft he Items to do that.
    A Question: How do you make it to have enough anger for using fury of the dragon at merciless or higher?

    To aswer the starters question: I got some very useful advice from a guild-member, since then I changed from 2h to 1h.
    I used to play Q7 as well... changed the weapon since I found the Iron Will Mace. And yes, Fury of the Dragon is mighty, but at merciless or higher, I can't use it because of the debuff on anger.

    Now I use a pretty neat legendary 1H-Mace besides Splendid Durian Shield (yes, lol), Dune-Helmet, Warlord Pauldrons, Norseland-Harness and Dune Bracers as uniques, the rest of my stuff is all legendary. Of course, everything has 4 enchantments, going from at least 98-100%. 4 times speed on the Mace and the pauldrons. Everything what can be skilled on attackspeed and krit, skilled.

    The 4 times 100% damage for a doublehand are stacked in the dwarfs box for now.

    I use now the combination Banner of war/Bloody Wild Swing, Smash, and Rageful Swing as attack, Dragonskin and Spike Shield as protection. Unfortunately there is no more space for the Battlecry, because I have the jump in the skillbar as well. I use the golden Jabbax as pet.

    But: that was a very good advice and when I am in the mood, I experiment a little here and there (like using Rage Attack instead of Swing) and since then I can at least walk the dungeons merciless with white essences and farm runes... but I usually do that on Inf. without essences. Because essences just melt away by playing that way...

    Since there is nothing else for me to do in this game these days, I am absolutely ok with that ^^

    I hope, there will be a day, when it makes sense again to play with two hands. And have something to do...

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