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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by PeriCore, Mar 20, 2019.

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  1. PeriCore

    PeriCore Forum Greenhorn


    I in fact haven't played for almost a year now and I have noticed a significant, and for me very negative change. After re-installing the game because my game files apparently needed it, I have noticed the game being already finished downloading. Which is weird.

    After entering the game I found the explanation to that. Game data apparently now downloads while you play. I cannot entirely confirm it, but considering all the white spots and low-poly models I have been confronted with, this seems to be very much the case. My simple question is: Why?

    I have a very slow Internet connection and I'm more than happy if I can download a 6 Gigabyte game over a night. And seeing this change frustrates me, it doesn't do my Internet any good and honestly lowers my experience.

    I have been around for long enough in this game. And this was never the case. Any secret options?

    Regards ~ PeriCore
  2. Talbor

    Talbor Someday Author

    I just recently started playing again too after a year or so away from the game & I unfortunately found this out too after reformatting my PC to try fixing the game client. During last event the client started keeping my CPU pegged at 100%, so that was my last resor & never thought to backup the folder first. I noticed the download bar was gone and the temp file was approx. 10x smaller & Googled it and found some threads about it...too late though, lol. I love the game, but it's barely playable now.

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