R132 Has a new beginning!!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bearer-of-Death, Aug 9, 2014.

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  1. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi guys n' gals!!!

    The R132 will bring a hole new beginning, 4 new maps.
    The flying fortress will be replaced, Darbmoor and Grimmagstone will also disappear, it will not be replaced.

    The game now will start at Grimford and will lead directly to Swerdfield Pastures.
    The graphics of Darbmoor, Kingshill and Swerdfield Pastures have been redesigned.

    I like the new work, it looks 10 times better than the entire game itself.
    But why did the dev team did all this work for???
    The CM said that the dev team didn't had time to work on more content or to improve the game mechanics nor to implement new ideas and that the dev team would work 24/7 on bugs...so where did the dev team find the time to do all this??? New scenarios, mobs, quests, etc....!!!

    Well anyway, go check it out for yourself at the TS.
    I took around 50 pics, but i won't post them here...too many.
    Maybe later...I will post 2 or 3 pics, if i'm in the mood:p

    Ok!!! for now i will add only add 1 pic...
    Its the new character menu selection.

    Here is a link of my wiki page, tomorrow i will add the rest.
    Also a link for the TS, if you like to try it out.

    Here are a few more pics...
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  2. Firefly

    Firefly Active Author

    so no more "your-own-private-low-legendary-place"... only place that was around level 6 was Swerdfield Pastures. so that means that we need to farm our low legendaries there... must be very funny to try to play low level/new toon there when theres 10-20 45lv players grinding items(= killing everything that moves instantly) :rolleyes: must be really funny o_O
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I know the answer ... why. :)
    You will no longer see level 1 field marshals. :D
    I have 3 characters on my account, level 17, level 40 and level 2.
    I have collected dailies for level 17 and level 40. When I tried to collect for level 2 ... surprise ... he is no longer in Kingshill. He was on the start of the new beginning. :D
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  4. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    New start is actually pretty cool. But yes, you have to quest out of it so happy there will be no more lvl 1 high ranked twinks. Just wondering now when this goes live if a live server player with a lvl 1, 2 3 wil be sent to new start with their toon just like on test server. Be some angry xp avoiders then lol. Nice job though DSO, adding the new monsters and bosses there is a nice touch, as is the camo mobs in the one quest area. Nice job on those, stand next to a tree and suddenly it attacks you lol. Need more of those in game in different areas.
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  5. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    The new start was so cool! Sadly, it was better than the rest of the game :(. All the new animations, new NPCs, new monsters, new zones and new story pieces - and of course, the awesome new boss. I don't want to spoil anything - go and check it out!

    Also, the new login screen and starter tips were nice :).

    I hope they will make a new expansion, ending the Nefertari saga with a cool way like this.
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  6. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    i checked it and it's really cool.
    but the position bug was not fixed...
    you still move while mobs are hitting you :(

    and my personal favorite : kingshill is still undergoing repairs from the attack it suffered a while back. no changes except the lights which are dull now.

    i liked it better when it was lighter in slifmoor and kingshill, but who cares it's still nice to see something new.

    i sure hope to see those new mobs in high lvl maps too :D
  7. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    The lighting is better now in my opinion. Next they should make a day/night cycle :p
  8. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I like this new kind of 'tutorial', new players get in the game easily ($$), also these new quests are also kind of nice :D
    Only 1 thing, is this normal? :p


    I do like it, tho :)
    Hoping for changes like this on high lvl as well!
  9. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    This tutorial doesn't fix low level PVP issue. I would level to level 6 anyways to use my first rings. Really? I think the new tutorial is cool, but did you guys really delete Grimmagstone as a dungeon? Do you really want me to spreadshot everything outside Kingshill so no newbies will level? I still want my level 2 belt for crit value and stuff. I lose my dungeon for low level items, and you guys better be prepared to lose your jobs. And yes, trust me, high levels will make sure low levels won't have anything to kill.

    P.S. so what happens to grimm PW? Disappear? Better bring back that dungeon.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2014
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  10. bahhumbug

    bahhumbug Forum Apprentice

    Grimmagstone PW is still there. Open world map. It shows the greyed out area next to Grimford with the notice lvl 40 required.
    And as far as higher level players absolutely needing to farm for low level items, waaah. You won't get your level 2 belt anymore so get over it. Swerfield is lvl 5 now to the deer boss being lvl 9. Threatening to ruin a newer players game because you're just going to be a EDIT about having to have some stupid low level item which you'll never upgrade to level 50 btw because you will never farm the 23 mil glyphs it needs, just shows how mean some of the player base is and will be.
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not open map it is a dungeon accessible only through Watery Grave.
    No, it just shows that it is the only challenge left for experienced players.
  12. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Tried it, liked it. The last Boss was awesome. Made a ranger so I could safely stand back but that Boss was durable. Had to use the couple of pots I had to survive and kill it which is a completely different change from the current new game entry and those easy mobs and bosses.
    Scenery in Grimford, Swerfield and KH was rather bleached out, faded but it could have been my graphics settings. Was it me or did anyone else notice the CoT drop rate especially in Swerfield seemed to be increased? Also got better gear drops, more blues than I ever did on live server at new toon creation but maybe that's just random and I got lucky. Basically got enough CoT's and blue gear to make my new TS toon all magic equipped with CoT's left over by the time I got it into KH and to those quests.
    Do like the fact they broke the quests up and took a few from KH npc's and put them in Grimford.
    And since you can't run through new entry and just go into Grimford is nice. Needing to do quests to get there made it actually seem like the game is changing to where you have to play it if you want to get anywhere.
    New monster types and the new bosses were nice to see. Nothing extravagant but still nice. Having the SW and Ranger follow you in Grimmagstone before Grimford entry was cool as they helped kill mobs and kind of helped on last Boss, noticed they didn't really do any damage to it. So they deserved to die for not pulling their weight I guess.
    All in all, I think the dev team showed some new creativity and let's hope that future additions will be just as creative.
  13. bahhumbug

    bahhumbug Forum Apprentice

    Go "challenge" yourself then if it makes you feel good. Don't forget to turn PvP on so you can kill the level 5's there too who have PvP activated as so many of you "experienced" players do. And do let us know in another 6 mos or longer when you finally get the 23 mil glyphs together won't you?
    Oh, and I did not say the greyed out Grimmagstone was an open area. I assumed people would know it was PW but then maybe assuming such things was wrong. Maybe I should have typed, "open THE world map...." but maybe that would have been just as confusing.
  14. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    New start was awesome, but the NPC speach bubbles were just so lame and useless. But yeah, they can be switched off.

    It seems they have also increased the graphics. Everything looks much better now in Kingshill, and that's not only because the new lighting. And the new character creation... it's so much better than before.

    Edit: There was a nebula error in Kingshill :mad:
    Edit2: There is a little photo from the new and old login screen:
    Those faces still look dumb, but it's cooler now.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2014
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't need to, i have all I need. :)
    I never run anywhere with pvp turned on. And those items were farmed in dungeon without any player there ... but me.
    My playing is my business ... ... and you can play your own way. :)
  16. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Well sucks for new players. I won't get my belt, and they won't get their exp. I'll just have to do with a level 7 one or something. Level 5 or 6 mobs still has a chance to drop level 2 items. The mobs in grimm now are level 6. When I can't get good stats with crappy high level legendaries thats the only thing I can farm. What, is it my fault draken decides to give high level items such crap low side stats? With this update, I hope they make higher level legendary's "low end values" much higher. This will improve the game itself as people won't need to farm "low level" items and thus can get better items at their own level. Not my fault when I can't find any crit value at 45 over 250. Never even saw it once! I saw plenty low level items I opened that gave up to 310+ crit value on a stat. Even got items that have 32 dmg at 45 on low level items. Too bad the other stats are crap. I guess I just don't have the luck but betting on low level for me is much better than absolutely junk high level items. Oh well, they better do something about grimmagstone or think about giving higher level items higher "low side values".
  17. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    All these are pretty nice and tutorial is something tha was missing for new players and it was about time to upgrade the graffics but what about R 131??? I mean live is 130 and ts 132 is there something new at it????
  18. Hasta_la_vista_babe

    Hasta_la_vista_babe Forum Apprentice

    Instead of angry complaining about game play going down previously due to bad management and poor support team, we should have thinking in some positive ways. There plenty beautiful things can happen like, there a beautiful day when game getting better, good, perfect... levels.

    1/ A lof of benefit for new players like promotion code, 1200 andermant so that one can feel a little rich, that can buy a simple unique in shop instead of window shopping.

    2/ Give back the victory feeling for boss/mini boss challengers since they're dare to face boss and the loot look rewarded instead of white or green drop, a mini boss, a boss (with a scary name and bossy) should have basic drop like: essence, andermant, crystal. And hopefully each boss kill AT LEAST give one one these drop.

    The game programmers seem a lil greedy for took off boss drop. You took of 50% of this game nature.

    You know how bad is drop rate now? There one time you said something like increasing Legendary Items drop to what what %? Boss like Gorga drop not a single one in 100 kills, how good is that? I try to experience my self make a mage to lv40 doing normal quests and some light farm and guess what? Legendary items nowhere to be found drop.

    3/ Stop worry about high-end chars who take advantage of farm, those heavy farmers they're know their job and they're deserve to reward for their hard works, am I wrong?

    4/ Give back game community and friendship spirit. We save every step you walk, you took away our friendship and communication, make us more loosing, guild more loosing, players more depend on going solo than team. Less talk, help connecting...

    5/ And much to be continue...
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2014
  19. Wyrwiflaka

    Wyrwiflaka Exceptional Talent

    Well, new tutorial. Where are barrels etc. to destroy?
    When I see what are doing ppl from bp, but rather what are not doing, i can see all amateurs webmasters who know something about internet and html and made start page of theirs services but deeper, we have only 5th working links and lot of page under construction and with error 404.
    Here, patch 132 is the same for me. Nothing really good for game and false promises for new gamers about stuff in game later after tutorial.
    Tutorial new, rest of game old, broken, lags, no loots, boring, without hints about stuff for new moons and blackborg, without good maps and mobs for lvl 45.
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  20. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey @Bearer-of-Death - its nice that you like the new visual style of Drakensang Online and the new beginning.

    I like the new work, it looks 10 times better than the entire game itself.
    But why did the dev team did all this work for???
    The CM said that the dev team didn't had time to work on more content or to improve the game mechanics nor to implement new ideas and that the dev team would work 24/7 on bugs...so where did the dev team find the time to do all this??? New scenarios, mobs, quests, etc....!!!

    Please do not spread around false information here. I never said that we do not have the time. We simply prioritize differently. We also never claimed that we do not have time to create new content: as a matter of fact, we are collecting YOUR ideas at the moment to get inspired for level 46-50 ;)

    If you pay attention to the producer dialogue and the several postings in our CM channels, we mentioned that the team is "cleaning" up the game and trying to follow a logical order.

    We started with bots, because they were the biggest pain in the buttox, we have changed the reporting route for bugs and we address them differently now, events will now last longer and have more content. As for the game itself, logically we have to start at the beginning of things and work our way towards the end. This way we can spot gaps in the road towards level 45. If we start in between and then go to the end and from there back to the beginning, that will only make things more confusing.

    Same goes for PVP, one of the following updates will be the first set of core fixes in the PVP matchmaking. We will look at the root of the problem, once the foundation is alright then we can look into new features where the pvp matchmaking is a fundamental part (for example: guild pvp)
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