Discussion in 'General Archive' started by trakilaki, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm with Trakilaki on this one. You have no clue what you are talking about.

    You start by complaining that the clovers only give you one rune. Fist of all, no event gives you the runes you can get from clovers, so this give you your choice of one of those runes. This is especially important for players who don't gamble much. There has never been an event with so many clovers available so relatively easily obtainable. Think of the Christmas event... Three heavy grind mini events that take over 25 combined hours of farming and you only got three clovers.
    Second, you are counted the rune from the box at the end as one rune, but it is a Supreme Rune of Vitality, which is also not available from events. Instead, it is only obtained from Draken and a single one of these runes is composed of three Mighty Runes of Vitality, each of which is composed of three of three Runes of Vitality, each of which is composed of three Lesser Runes of Vitality. Total, that is equal to 27 first tier runes... is that your definition of "half the runes of a normal event"? Oh, and how much are all those Lesser Runes worth? 54,000 Draken! When was the last time an event gave you a reward that was worth 54k draken?

    Then there are the gems that you seem to have ignored. These gems are not just "for players that has full finished builds with all items transferred." If anything, these gems will help newer player significantly more than older players because older players probably have mostly Sacred and Royal gems. But lets look at the ander value of these gems. Even if the radient and all five flawless gems are defensive gems, they are still worth 163,220 andermant (assuming the player is LVL 50+). If even one of those is an offensive gem, that is an extra 45k andermant of value.

    Then, what is the value of a mount or a pet? Now that we have the collector's book, getting more pets and mounts means more stat bonuses and free items. Again, you may have the pet, but this benefits newer players.

    Then, as Trakilaki pointed out there are lock picks, essence, a nice sum of draken, and 240k melt (assuming that you don't want any of the Alliance set). All this is on top of what you farm in terms of ander, gold, glyphs, and crafting foder in the process. The maps are very generous with all of those. The only things this event is missing is materi frags and PW uniques, but that is no different than any other big event from BP, so counting this against the event doesn't even make sense. Instead of clogging up the progress bar with junk that only help you progress in the event (map entries, consumable tokens for maps/summons, short buffs that don't make a significant difference, etc) towards the rewards that really matter (runes, uniques, pets, mounts), this event only has the good stuff on the bar and gives you tons of freedom in where and how you farm.

    The only real down side to the event is that it will require you to play for extended periods of time in order to build the progress buff to the point where it makes farming fast. Doing one hour here or there will not work. It will take at least a couple of 4+ hour sessions if you plan on getting all the rewards.
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  2. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Duke

    Yes the only reward I need is that rune. Gems are random...I don't need 5 flawless cyanite. Unique are useless...

    You know if boss' bless of 10% badge for 16 minutes can stack up to 100% (10 times) or 100 times (1000%)?

    Assuming that we can kill a boss every 2minutes with a bless of 1000% badges (there want about 3,5 hours to max bless) and with a drop in Fatal of 115 badges (x45 badges in Painful, x80 in Excruciating and x50 in Fatal) and if I'm not wrong

    Bagdes Sessions Hours
    1 hour 8.445 118 118
    2 hours 27.239 37 73
    3 hours 56.375 18 53
    4 hours 93.690 11 43
    5 hours 131.640 8 38
    6 hours 169.590 6 35

    So the only way is to play continusly 4 hours for 11 times (probably 11 days)
    or 3hours for 18 times (2 session at day for 9 days)

    I think it's a long long long time.

    And for 14 days we can't get a single core, materi fragments and leaderboard point (15days are 1/4 of leaderboard time)
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    In terms of rewards the event is one of the best,very useful for newbies
    The number of clovers is 11, higher than in any event, with that you can buy a speed rune
    The last event to give clovers was dragan,the fourth minievent, which in fact was very grindy and long
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  4. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Duke

    I think that newbies can't kill a fatal boss (Bearach or Arachan) in 2 minutes avoiding monster on the way.
    If nothing changes only pg with high damages can finish event.
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  5. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    First of all i dont let myself foolish by some marketing strategy. Maybe some of us are explorers and they like to waist time in all new maps but i.m level 55 i need to get unique tier 5 and craft items with golden lines on them, so my goal is to get better gear, i cant use unique r2 from chest and i dont have what to buff with that supreme rune if i dont have crafted yellow base items to put that, i can make 240 gliphes in short time i dont need to waist 2 weeks for that.
    I have Fenec, and you cant change the world with 3k ess and 100 lockpick i think is much better for me to get 2 unique items that i need, craft legendary for them and transfer on them.

    That gorilla is pink how can i ride that, im not Ann Darrow?
    That supreme rune is my mistake , i didn't see that i thought is 20% only, that is nice and maybe worth the trouble if the grind is not so painfull.
    I think i can do those gems if i farm 15 days with deluxe so is no so big wooos.
    The best thing that can change my opinion will be some augment cores on bosses, now that is something that i need.
    The viscanium event is more rewarding you get more runes from event+minievent and you get amphora keys, also the sewers with allot of pets , this event you get 2 runes and one is splinted in 11 clovers so that it seems more prizes.

    So you need to farm 2xtimes more, for 2xlesx prizes, now that is a deal, for BP :))

    That fenec and that rune can wort for some of us the painfull grind and waist 2 weeks of leaderboard, necessary unique's and cores for crafting but not for me.
    Worth for players that have all gear finished and want the boost from that runes and they need that 11 clovers to buy that gremlin mount.

    Maybe this is the solution for me to give that event a try.

    Yep you got that right, i love PVP is my final goal, killing bosses and mobs on any difficulties cant be a endless joy is just a way to fulfill my goal.
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  6. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    It's not only a real downside, it's just insane.
    And please consider Painful to be the standard difficulty in this event, not Fatal. Most players cannot play Fatal.
    The rewards are cool, but I don't think their coolness can justify the crazy amount of time needed.

    Newbies cannot kill Fatal bosses at all.

    So your ultimate goal in DSO is to have the best possible gear? Fair enough. Though the devs may reply to you that the event is not for you then, and maybe you should farm the PW...
    But frankly once you have those 4 golden lines uniques, what then? You will finally have some fun in pvp, one hit killing some newbies? Come on.

    Idk man, I don't want to argue again, as you have far more knowledge about the game. But the dungeons (Painful) don't seem to earn me anything except some furnace fuel items and with luck, 9 gold from the goblin. I don't see how they are rewarding :/
    But especially, there's nothing to do. You can just farm them mindlessly.
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  7. pititu

    pititu Forum Apprentice

    I tryed some direct bosses (with keys) and i got :

    - Boss mode 2 = 30 badges
    - Boss mode 3 = 40 badges
    - Boss mode 4 = 50 badges

    On wich boss do you get more ?

    It will be extremly hard to finish...
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  8. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I think that the rewards are exceptional and if they remain that way for the live event, the dev's deserve some credit for that.

    I also think that this event will be tough for newer and weaker players, who could have truly benefited the most if the grind would have been just a little less.

    Overall, I think it is a major step in the right direction as far as events go.
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  9. Frostarch

    Frostarch Junior Expert

    Kay just tried soloing some of these new scaling dungeons on painful. Bosses are tough and i have to use ess and potions. This event seems off limits for newbies like me. As long as i can't find group, the buff will disappear. Which means this event is only for those who can solo bosses on painful easily. If you can't solo bosses easily you will run out of ess, potions or ander or your buffs will disappear.

    Sucks, most events can be done on normal slowly, oh well i can just hope the guild has a constant party xD
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Who said everyone should get all the rewards?
    No ... only those dedicated and most persistent players will get them (providing they are not cheating and gangbanging a toon).
    Like everything in life.
    That is not true ... you can do it if you play smart ... no matter if your toon is weak.
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  11. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Totally agree. This is almost a perfect event. I hope that they will consider something like this for a possible pw event and use this model of rewarding the effort in all future events.
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    i know, but newbies need those rewards top players, those who are most likely to finish, don't need them
    And super shoppers and op character don't need them, assuming they have all runes and gems maxed out
    In the end those who would need the event will the ones not to be able to complete it
    at least the rewards are good, the grinding will be cancerous but it'll be worth it
  13. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    1 Million progress-bar event??? :eek: :eek: :eek:
    You make this event for play in one session, 24 hours non-stop play, if not lose buff. You make event for bot-users?

    Trakilaki, you live in game?
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  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Rpgs were always grind fiesta games. Some require more effort, like difficult bosses, whereas some others require more time without much difficulty regarding the mobs etc..... One thing is sure: If you dont want to grind to get strong, then you are not in the right place. This game and many other, require a ton of time.

    Its been a while now that the events we have dont live up to our expectations and we get dissapointed. Most of the players are complaining about how time wasting an event is, especially when the rewards are not that great too. So, the 1st part of the problem is the rewards and the 2nd is the time we need to finish the events.

    However, this time they decided to make a big event, whose rewards were never been seen before and i doubt GOOD players,and i repeat GOOD, think that the rewards are not good.
    So, at first glance this event seems amazing,regarding its rewards. I will agree with most of you here that this event is not for everyone and it requires a great amount of time, especially when the days it will last dont seem enough for a good portion of players

    Although, me myself am tired of events that require great amount of time, i am glad that at least i will spend my time grinding for superb rewards.

    The reason im writing this is that i am not only tired of events like these, but mostly i am tired of crybabies that come to the forum to cry all the time for what they dont like, even when the devs are trying to bring something good, not perfect but not bad either.
    If you think the events are designed for all players you live in a world of your own. There are events that will be finished by more committed players, just because they are real gamers or because they have more experience, time etc.
    Also, who told you that you have to finish the event? Progress as much as you can. Noone obliges you to finish it.
    I read some posts that say: "The event requires too much time and no effort, thus making it both boring and time wasting". So, to translate this, you want events that need less time but more effort. But think what would happen if we had events with bosses that newer players could not handle. Then you would cry that the bosses are too hard and not every player can finish them.
    What you have to understand is that with this mentality you will never be happy about anything the devs bring.
    There is not a single game that will make you think its perfect. Something will always displease you.You have to look at what you like and do that. Always looking at the negatives wont help anyone. When an event needs serious rework i will come to the forums and write my complaints too, like i did for the ghost festival and the ridiculus unique drop rate, but crying for every single bad thing you find is really childish and immature.
    This is the game. If you dont like it , dont play it. It will never be perfect and it will never meet your standards.
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  15. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    Insane loong progress, impossible to almost players that can have a life, mortis mount could have been a final reward of progress, seen a difficulty of the event.
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Sorry, you have to focus on the negatives, otherwise they won't listen.
    The problem is that past events were event where there was so much boring grinding, but there was no reward worth the effort
    This event is an exception, but it'll favor only bots and cheaters, so this is another way to tell us that bp is with cheaters and botters( they didn't ban anyone, until they do, they are on the same side as the cheaters), but finally at least a grindy event gives a decent rewards, while in the past there was grind without any reward.
    Everyone should also get opportunity to finish an event, in my opinion
  17. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    After this event you will see many top-botters on Mortis mount, wooooooow congratulations.
    I lose many battles-arena pvp because this botters like mutants, they are very strong.

    And where is fun in this game?
    1000 runs in fbI map, this is fun?
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  18. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I think I already did more than 1k run in Q1M1. In term of numbers not that different to me.

    1k FBI fatal runs = 1k fatal boss kill = 3k Legendaries = 33M GOP.

    Plus some event rewards from progress.

    Sound like fun for me.
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  19. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    You and others here that are talking about bot user have no idea how bots work. A bot does not even need to play the event to farm the rewards this event gives. The bots are so strong because they can get you every single item in the game by just farming. For example, they put the bot On and it starts farming. Among the items that he can give to the bot user can even be runes, which we all know cannot be farmed.Bot user doesnt have to use bots to farm the events, becaust they can already get everything they want by other means.
    And if you think im stupid and dont know what im talking about, i had seen a video of a bot user and what items it can give to the owner/user. It was a video of an old player. The bot had farmed uniques, armor runes, everything you can imagine. So, talking about how bot users will become stronger in arena because of this event is a joke. The only thing they can maybe do is get the mortis mount, which does not add to the combat stas.
    I should also mention that in the last dragan event that the top 5 players with the most spider kills would take the mortis mount, on heredur server not a single one of them was bot user, if that tells you something.

    P.S: i can delete you in arena and im no bot user, just hardcore gamer. Trust me, as pvp is now only a few dont die in 1 or 2 shots, even bot users do
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  20. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    bot can play same map, again, again and again, few hours or days, fbI map is perfect for botters, 24 hours farm in 1 session and event is done! you will see them on mortis mount.

    yes you farm q1 many times, but not 1000 runs per day. In this event you need 1 good session, because buff is stackable
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