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    10 new pets in their new own category, there are no "bonuses for every pet" there though.
    One of them gives 16,5% running speed when maxed out (calculated based on the 3% basic and 4,5% increase).
    Another gives 24% damage when maxed (based on 6% basic and 6% increase).
    There's one with 16% critical hit rate and 20% crit damage (basic 4%, 4% increase and 5%, 5% increase) that apparently is given after collecting all the other ones.
    There is one for every element resistance, for a 5 total. Each gives 24% resistance against one element (fire, poison etc.), 6% basic and 6% increase.
    The other two is a 12% block rate one (3%, 3% increase) and a 23% hp one (5%, 6% increase).

    On top of that, two new egg mounts in the egg mount category, a djinn lamp one and a spider egg one (gross lol).

    New achievements:
    • open 5k eggs (I suppose those are similar to those last year)
    • kill the "giant egg" (a new boss I suppose) 200 times
    • kill "Daran the Spoiler" (the troll probably) 500 Times
    • complete all the above - grants a title

    The Spring Festival is not running yet and it might still be unfinished. Only Dragan and Sewers are running now.
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