Discussion in 'Test Server' started by dkarl, Apr 25, 2020.

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  1. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Great Master

    This is outdated, but ... R232 was on test server for a short while, since replaced by R233.

    When R232 was active, it showed both a Defeat the Undefeatables event and a Desert of Essences event.

    My level 40 Ranger was too weak to do much in either event, but the DoE event seemed very skipable. You run around a single map killing mobs, only to have a sandstorm spawn with another set of mobs ... only to have another sandstorm and set of mobs spawn. I only got through 3 sandstorms before I decided to stop wasting hp potions (the sandstorms were a major drain on my health). In those four rounds, I got 1 drop of ~300 green essence, and only enough of the special entry item to get me 1/4 of the entry fee for the weakest next map. And not enough to hit even the first teaser amount of Carmot (one of the ingredients needed to upgrade normal essence to elemental essence) on the progress bar.

  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    honestly, that does not bother me. most of these events are for level 55. level 40 has normal game content to play.

    the desert of ess event was just mind numbingly boring, and burns through hp pots if you don't have high enough regen and armor/resist (not sure whether the damage was physical or elemental).

    I will say that it was nice for the devs to run the DtU event twice. that allowed me to get the first rune of relentlessness + first two gem rewards twice on both of my TS characters.

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