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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Gran, Feb 26, 2018.

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  1. Gran

    Gran Forum Greenhorn

    Hi can anyone help me with ranger build?
    I dont see any thread for updated ranger build. Thanks.
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  2. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

  3. hahahalGaming

    hahahalGaming Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, im new to the forum so I am hoping I am posting it correct on this thread!

    I'm almost lvl 55 and I have no clue how to go further... Char:
    The thing is: there is currently a sale going on for the Darkness Set! Should I buy it when I reach lvl 55? Or ignore it and farm for other equipment (I have seen some guys over here with different sets, which one should I choose)?

    I am very open to feedback on how to improve my character, thanks!
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  4. Erebus

    Erebus User

    Hello @hahahalGaming, and welcome to the EN forums, both your images are not showing, and the links are not working, whenever you're trying to use the "Image" tool, you need to get the full address of the image in the IMG tool, you can obtain it by right clicking on the chosen image and choosing the option "open image in a new tab", then you can copy-paste it from the address bar in your browser, you'll notice it's the correct one because it ends with the file's extension, like ".jpg" or ".png", also, we have a more detailed Guide on how to post screenshots, please try it out and don't hesitate to ask if you're still confused at some point, best regards. ;)
  5. hahahalGaming

    hahahalGaming Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you @Erebus I knew I did something wrong... but I think I got the hang of it now! Kind regards.

    For the people still wanting to help me, this is my char:
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  6. You may want to crop and re-upload that image. It has your Window's user name and it looks like the sort of name that might actually be your real name. We don't allow personal information on the forums, so I had to delete it in the meantime.
  7. hahahalGaming

    hahahalGaming Forum Greenhorn

    Hi @YouWinOrYouDie, I didn't see that, thanks! I am still a noob here so I appreciate you deleting it!

    Last but not least here is my true char:
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  8. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    Hello everyone,

    It's the first time im writing on this ''new'' forum since the greek one was deleted and i would like to ask for some help.
    I have been playing as a ranger for a very long time with many breaks between big releases and now I am a bit confused. I have been playing arround 2 months since i started again [my laptop's CPU got burned...i think it was the third time that happened so i couldnt play(i now have a PC)] and i dont know what to build on my ranger. Of course i know i have to get the Q7 set but what else? Here is a picture of my current items so that you can help me. http://prntscr.com/jvyqdu
    Should i keep my dragan set? The Lehein set or that premium thing (idk what's it called in English) ? What torso and pauldrons should i get? What enhanchments should i put on them? I have so many questions and I really need your help.

    Thanks for your time, have a nice day!
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  9. EvoShockSK

    EvoShockSK Forum Greenhorn

    I would love to get some tips or even a guide on how to get stronger as i cant get any filling stats. Im running Q7 set with some other stuff. I will post picture of my char as im in school atm. But i would love to get some help.
  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I'm no pro, but from my experience

    You get armor from items that have base armor stats, i.e. helmet, pauldrons, torso, gloves, and boots. Torso is the most important, because you can have runes of fortitude attached to it. Because this rune gives %increased armor value on this item, it's a good idea to put the most powerful cyanites in it, and of course when hoping for a good torso drop, it's great to have a gold armor base value on it.
    It's also a good idea to craft one or two %increased armor value on this item lines into it, depending if you want to be 100% damage crafted or not. I have currently 3x increased damage + 1x increased armor on this item in my torso.

    Resistance is achieved through the belt, because runes of resilience can only be attached to the belt (and the cape, but people are usually using other special gems in it). Again, depending on how much of a glass cannon you want to be, craft some damage lines in the belt and some resistance lines, too. I don't have any resist lines in the belt, though, but I have 110% in runes... If you have these runes or/and if you have %resistance on this item in the belt, put all your most powerful diamonds in the belt.

    Get critical hit rate from your weapon adornment and %increased critical hit rate in your helmet + bonuses for sets or unique values in some unique items. Put all your onyxes into your adornment. Craft some %increased critical hit rate into your helmet. I have a combo of 2x crit and 2x damage enchantments on my helm. Use rings that have critical hit rate base values.

    Get critical damage from enchantments on your amulet and rings. With full 4x gold enchantments, you can get some 4x18x3 % (=216%) crit damage, which is the total of 316% out of 400% which is max. Get the rest from runes of devastation or set unique values and bonuses.

    Get damage on your weapon. The best option is to have 4x %increased damage on this item enchantment in it, or 2nd best 3x %increased damage on this item + 1x %increased damage. All your rubies in the weapon.
    Don't bother with %increased damage on this item enchantments on your gloves and boots. In case you're not using very good rings for HP, have boots with the best base HP line, put runes of vitality in it, and craft movement speed enchants in it, together with an hp line maybe.
    In gloves go for attack speed enchants. %incrased damage on this item in gloves and boots doesn't make much difference.
    Put %increased damage in your torso, belt, and helmet. Go for exclusively damage enchants in these items, or mix it with armor, resist, and critical hit rate.

    Eliminate blocks. 2h build virtually cannot block. So block lines in amulets, rings, and pauldrons are a melting material.

    Get HP from rings or boots, using enchantments or runes + amethysts. I have runes of vitality in my boots, ignoring movement speed. Movemet speed runes can only be purchased for clovers, so it's something you won't get your hands on very soon. I'd probably craft a combo of 3x speed + 1x hp in the boots. 2x speed is not a significant enough difference from most default enchantments on dragan boots for example. But this depends how effectively you want to use your hp runes + amethysts combo. If you have a hp ring, use them in that.

    These are some basic tips. I'm not an expert, but most of this is a standard people mostly do.
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  11. Lemnolia

    Lemnolia Forum Apprentice

    Thank you sooooooo much!!!
    I've been looking for this since weeks and could not find anything like it.
    All this could look obvious to everyone but not to me, it's a geat help for making choices when you start :)
  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Oh not at all! ^^ I hope it will help you a bit.
    Some different combinations may be better for you, but it depends exactly what kind of unique gear you're using and what enchantments you already have. But for a 2H ranger (or in fact for a 2H any class), it's ok to just go for full damage + full critical damage, provided that you have enough critical hit rate (typically from the weapon adornment).

    To maximize damage, Dragan's Bellicose set is usually a good choice, as each part gives you +6% damage on 2H weapons, and the set bonus for 3 parts of it gives 22% additional damage on weapons.

    I will hopefully share my reworked humble calculator on the forum, that can be used to calculate power of different builds :)
  13. Lemnolia

    Lemnolia Forum Apprentice

    Actually i'm only level 47 and still discovering the game and its mechanics.

    My build for the moment is one hand, long bow (for the concentration bonus). I'm at 4 pieces Duria, 2 Yashak, 1 Atlantis, but at my low level I think all this is not necessary. As far as I understood everything will change at level 50.

    For the craft, when should I start to look for yellow lined greens to try to make great blues etc ? At level 50?
    Also, when you get good yellow lined green rings for example, how important are the 2 other rings to put in the crafting system?

    Is there a place I could keep the conversation with you for future questions ? A Discord? :)
    Did you post such great threads somewhere on the board?
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You shouldn't worry about your build until you get to cap level.
    Just use anything you can get on your way to level 55.
  15. Lemnolia

    Lemnolia Forum Apprentice

    What I worry the most is the crafting materials.
    Should I start looking for great greens or should I wait for being level 50 or more to do so?
    Thanks :)
  16. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    As trakilaki said, you need to get to max level first, which is currently 55. For the time being, use anything that you dropped from monsters. Don't craft anything until level 55. It would be a waste of gold.

    Once you reach level 55, start looking for gold enchantments. At the moment, it's actually quite common to even drop purple and legendary items with multiple gold lines, so I daresay that the usual process of starting from green items is a little bit obsolete these days. You can go that way, but it's not necessary.

    My knowledge of the system in DSO is not vast at all. But as far as I know, the items put into the 3rd and 4th slot at the crafting table are unimportant. You usually place junk items in those slots. It's because when you revert your attempt (which is something you will be doing most of the time until you get the desired result), you only get to keep the items in the 1st and 2nd slot, while the other two are destroyed.

    Combining 4 greens will result in 1 blue with 1 enchantment being transfered randomly from one of the greens, and 1 randomly generated enchantment. This means that you only need one green item with a gold line and you combine that with 3 junk greens.

    Then combining 4 blues to make a purple, you get 2 enchantments from the blues + 1 randomly generated. So put 1 blue with gold line + 1 blue with gold line + 2 junk blues. The result you want is 1 purple with 2 gold lines and 1 any line.

    Then you want to combine 2 purples, each with 2 gold lines + 2 junk purples. A one-gold line purple or even a two-gold purples is a common drop now, so you can use those as your junk items for the 3rd and 4th slot to increase your chances.

    However, you don't have to be a perfectionist and try to always only craft 4x gold legendaries, because since the latest patch, the best enchantments are platinum enchantments. This means that you can simply just craft 3x gold gear and start playing infernal modes where the chance to get platinum enchantments should be much better.

    So in short, get to level 55, then start crafting either from greens or right from dropped purples, which is now much easier to do than before. Aim for 3x gold lines in your gear, which should be more than enough for you to clear infernal 1-3. There's no point trying to get full 4x gold on everything if you will want to get platinum stuff later anyway.

    No, actually I'm quite an outsider here. A guy with stupid ideas. If you have any questions, people like trakilaki or _Baragain_ will give you the most educated answers.
    In any case, keep asking here on the forum. I'll reply if I know the answers :)
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    1. No you shouldn't be collecting items until you get to level 55. Enchantments are level dependent ... when you get to level 55 they will be obsolete. On top of that you wouldn't reach the value for level 55 on enchantments since you wouldn't be able to craft level 55 item with those lower level items.

    2. The crafting has changed with R214 ... greens and blues are not items for crafting anymore. You can still craft that way ... but it would be much easier and cheaper if you do random exo to leg crafting.
    Depending on what you need you should use 3x exo items and one random exo item on the workbench.
    Example: if you need weapon you would use 3x exo weapons and one random exo item. You have 75% chance to get legendary weapon . With a bit of luck you can get 4x killer gold lines on the weapon.
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  18. Lemnolia

    Lemnolia Forum Apprentice

    What do you call an "exo" ?
  19. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    An "exo" is an extraordinary item = purple item :)
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  20. Lemnolia

    Lemnolia Forum Apprentice

    I don't even need to bother putting 2 exo with at least 2 yellow lines?
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