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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DeadRanger, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. DeadRanger

    DeadRanger Forum Greenhorn

    I've been playing this game for 7 years I've tried different classes but my main character is Ranger (level 49) .Thanks to all the new "wonderful" changes (patch 209) my Ranger has been amounted to nothing .I can do some more damage than before but that is it ...health non-existent, any resistance non existant, i mean for crying out loud I'm in lor'tac and basically if 3 zombies attack they kill me .The worst part of it is that they are literally buffing every other class one way or another and forcing the game to go more towards guild-play and PvP ,basically a glorified league of legends which is not what i signed up for . Now im struggling to get through grinding sessions and leveling with my teammate and even if i start a new account that is years worth of equipment, gems, andermants,gold, multiple companions and mounts i can't transfer. So do you agree that they basically stabbed ranger as a character and do you have any advice as to how to get better results because i really want to finish this game and rise up to lvl.55.
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  2. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    7 years and your main char is 49 lvl ?!
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  3. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    Thats some hardcore twink. even if its your 10th character in 7years you know how to play and wich gear to go to survive. i call nosense cry flame.. but with new 209 relase i havent started new char and i dont know how it is to play from scratch.

    but im very more than sure that devs have tested it aswell..
  4. ChristopherPapakaliatis

    ChristopherPapakaliatis Forum Apprentice

    For me, ranger died some patches ago when his animations got changed. If you can survive the animations you can survive everything.
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  5. DeadRanger

    DeadRanger Forum Greenhorn

    all four characters i have are around 45-50th level ...one of which i started to level up my teammate from scratch so he can reach my main level account so yeah hence the stagnation plus i dont have time to grind 24/7 and ive deleted 3 characters before this with about 36-42 level


    The animations I managed to survive im in a team with another ranger so it was doable , i basically wasted half of what i have which was a lot to boost up whatever i could but as of right now Ranger can't take any damage .Ik it's not a character for tanking specifically but even between the two of us how are we suppose to survive a dungeon or boss fights when a tiny group of evil leachbacks can split my hp level in half...add a mummy and im dead XD
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  6. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello DeadRanger and welcome to EN DSO Forums - we hope you'll have smashing time here. Also, I have merged your posts for you and in future please use Edit option to add content to your existing post instead of writing consecutive posts which is against this Forum's rules.You can find out more about some of them in this thread. Great to have you here - wishing you nothing but the best and have a nice day;

    kind regards.
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  7. Dullahan

    Dullahan Forum Apprentice

    I understand you @DeadRanger ,

    In this update I saw that I increased my basic damage + or - 1k but before I could go in painful and clean the normal monsters and leaders, it took a while but I could kill everyone and in that alone.

    But after the upgrade I could not even kill the first monsters, the leading monsters now only need to hit 2 hits and kill me.
    For my luck it was the event of Dragan and some players who killed for me Dragan and Spider in the Infernal 2, and I was fortunate enough to drop good items and with that I was missing only 3 pieces to close the event for me (Capa, Boots , Ring)
    With that I increased my status to almost triple of before, and now I can go in Sorrowful HOWEVER takes a lot to kill a leader monster he still only needs 2 hit to kill me.

    But imagine if it was not this event? Basically the Ranger Class is weak, for solo players, or only with some friends of the same level.
    As I've already suggested a class feedback topic, the Ranger class should increase its damage by target range, but what I see is many ranger picking Aljavam with Shield and using Melee skills to kill the targets on which they heal and do good damage.

    So I was able to increase my critical damage (If I did not give up before) I'll do the same thing, I already have a shell with a shield and now it's missing a good one-handed bow, so I can turn tank.
  8. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    imagine you have wisdom points allocated to hp armor and resistance. imagine you have maxed wisdom points. everybody plays with max daamge and speed wisdompoints. 0 on armor and hp. farm normal content map if pw is too hard. pw is great as it is
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  9. DeadRanger

    DeadRanger Forum Greenhorn

    I see what you mean considering the changes i have noticed a boost in speed and damage but both me and my mate have tried multiple l item switches rearranged wisdom and group point and even with the bit of protection we got it's really not near enough. It's gotten to be too weak of a class that is dependant on having multiple players especially maybe a drakonknight or similar for tanking . It does help that some bosses and minions are now able to be stunned but i mean we ran into one chaos spawner hardly survived the impact let alone the minions, which is something we could do without too much of a hassle before the patch i really don't know what more we could do especially how we would fight the main boss of this level when we need to kite like crazy for ordinary minions .

    because we really didn't think to check these things out or rearrange and max out some points.It's noticeable that they have nerfed this class even more because before this we didn't have problems with basic minions or much of anything else for that matter and i've been playing the character for quite a while so even with maneuvering and switching points it is drastically weaker if you have any advice i'm happy to hear it if not i don't like the condescending tone
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  10. Dullahan

    Dullahan Forum Apprentice

    @DeadRanger and @Paavelsons

    For you to have an idea of how the Hunter situation is:

    Before upgrading, my Hunter:


    After the update, my Hunter with the items of Drakan and Spider.


    And to my surprise, here's my Hunter Tank:


    Finally, my Hunter Tank Stakando the effect of Dragan / Spider (is missing a bow for me doing Tank).


    This DK on my side is my brother, he owns the same outfits I'm using and the same level, he has 41 Wisdom WHILE I'm only 31 and the jewels are equivalent.

    Even with all this, I managed to leave my Hunter more tank than him doing the DK full Tank.

    Single advantage of DK Tank compared to Hunter Tank:

    - It has theft of life;
    - You can give Taunt in the area.

    Otherwise I managed to overcome my brother's DK Tank with my Hunter Tank.

    My Hunter TANK is ready for the Boss hahahaha
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  11. DeadRanger

    DeadRanger Forum Greenhorn

    That is some set up you got there I really envy your items .Honestly up until now haven't played too many events esp wish i could play Dragan but just me and my mate are too weak for the fights and we haven't tried to go into a bigger guild up until now .we were thinking it would be fun for a change. Any way i was wondering if i could trouble you for a pic of your wisdom and group points how you've arranged them maybe with a similar combination we can still get a little life out of our rangers,if you're willing to share :3
  12. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Ranger now on 55lvl with full gear and crafted items is dominant on PvE and PvP so... if you want to play - just play and develop your char. There isn't such a class with such a massive one-shot damage as rangers - explosive arrow.
  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Meeeh bugger it

    7 years and 7 characters
    3 deleted
    1 character per year and your ranger is lvl49
    Tell me is your life like that too?
    You build something then get half way and then mid way after 3 months of grinding nah scratch that let me restart with something different?
    So in this 7 years all your play time has amounted to -> nothing
    Zero zilch
    And now you threaten to quit the game?
    Also you've been playing for 7 years and you would like to someday finish the game?
    This game is about a few things 1 your build
    2 end game and maintaining that said build
    3 endless grinding
    Sorry to tell you but the end is not when you reach level 55
    That is where the game starts
    You see once you reach level 55 you can take all your items to tier 6 and then glyph it to level 60
    Well for all equipped items you need around 300 000 000 glyphs of power
    You also need full royals
    Now let me explain what a royal gem is
    after radiant gems you get flawless and 3 flawless makes 1 sacred and 3 sacreds make 1 royal gem.
    So you have played 30 minutes everyday for 7 years?
    Had to troll this <- really had to...
  14. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    ...but the best part of R209 its not hiding.
    R209 give a new life to group and an hard life to solo players ( OP players remains OP ).

    @DeadRanger do not fill sad, find a good group to play with. it is the best way to enjoy a online game. Once you reach lvl 55 you will enjoy the game in another way. Do not give up!
  15. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    very nice. i posted reply and it got deleted marked as spam.
    really dont care tho
    to answer post author correctly. you are just a another person who havent got hold on crafting. 7 years with many characters .

    as phyryx states. level up 55. with group or wihtout. do quest. as you have reached 55 get gear. theres plenty of threads now wich gear to go for. and i recomend to build 1h if you are so fanatic of pvp.

    with cretain point of wisdom you get ton of defence of attack. and soon enough both.

    for the love of god i hope you are located at grimmag server. contact me : MrLovingson i go right now and help you get dragan gear t5 or t6.

    just accept those changes wich more follow. and mark this thread closed.

    funny to me you have 7 years time to build or decide characters. sorry but this is [EDIT]. i have played with ranger class from start and dont knw any other classes skills etc.
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