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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by anderson92acs, Feb 27, 2022.

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  1. anderson92acs

    anderson92acs Forum Apprentice

    For starters, they should improve the bosses, at the moment I don't see any difficulties to defeat any of them, in a group I take 5 seconds to defeat at bloodshed lvl145.
    separate the glittering powder for stones and the other for jewelry.
    redo the skills of all characters and create a new class that regenerates team health points and increases defense/offensive stats. DK tank + health/armor/resistances, only character in the game with blocking and attracting enemies abilities.
    taking away attract abilities from other characters so that no player is 100% self-sustaining alone.
    Decrease breaks in skills like singularity which has 70% reduced armor/resistances.
    change the game's offensive runes to direct skill bonus, +1% skill. nerf cooldown runes, it's too much 1 second on certain skills.
    update some unique items in the game, there are many good lv100 items but no one uses them and we will never use them because they are lvl100 and not lvl140 or lvl145.
    rebuild maps with more challenges and improved bosses that make us think and move to defeat them, something quite complex.
    create primary/secondary/ultimate abilities for all classes in the game.
    come back with the PVE leaderboard and new achievements.
    changing the sets so that we have more choices in character building, it's ridiculous to use the same item for all builds (2 Balor rings + hero's cloak + Sargon amulet, etc).
    Do you think it's feasible to use powerful spin 170% damage costing 65 fury or smash 275% damage costing 10 fury? there should be a balance between the damage of these skills, as we are almost forced to play in one way.
    elemental masteries should deal the chosen damage on all skills, items should give bonus skills so it's fun to use the element against the right enemies.
    create a dungeon with a weekly or daily challenge of extreme difficulty that is mandatory for a team with 5 members, with great rewards.
    knowledge tree improved, In DK we have second chance which is excellent, and we have setup and we have a 100% useless (inflexible wall +50% block) that activates on every block but has a cooldown after 300 seconds which makes it rubbish, should have less bonus on block +10% with 30 or 60 second cooldown.
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  2. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    You, anderson92acs, and I are wasting our time posting in this forum. I do it because it amuses me. People have been posting in this forum for YEARS and nearly all of their suggestions are ignored. There is a game that has been around about as long as this one that did a major change to the game 2 weeks ago. This was very much like the change to this game about a year ago. In both cases, many people quit playing. The developers say very little about the changes and end up fixing a few of the many bugs. Someone at the top of the company does a calculation. It doesn't matter to them who likes the game. If they make enough money, they will keep the game running. They will always spend as little as possible on the game. I have started and stopped playing this game many times. I did not play in 2021 because of the expansion. I played in December because of the bonus codes. I was curious what would happen if I got a character to level 100. The game is bad no matter what your level is. At level 100 I can barely play the parallel world dungeons in a group. I don't want to play a game that is a full-time job or requires thousands of dollars to get the equipment that is needed to be strong. So I quit playing yet again. Good luck.
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  3. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    Your whole problem is in the very first sentence - you apparently think group play should be difficult. Well, not in this game, here the group play is a cakewalk. If you want highest difficulty, Id recommend you to start a solo character, no friends, no groups, no taxi from fresh lvl100 straight to Q blood items, no cash used. I can guarantee you that you will see a lot of difficulties to even beat a Painful boss on fresh lvl100 character, and you will probably give up long before you could manage to solo a Q blood boss, let alone in 5 seconds. That, my friend, is the real hardcore difficulty :)
  4. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    in my humble opinion, this is rather not a proposal, but a claim to the game.. we, on every archetype, don't like a lot of things. you should suggest a revision of the skils.. but not just, "change the skiles, or it's not interesting to play.." namely, to suggest what to change for, perhaps no one would have unnecessary questions on the proposal.. but, of course, you can't change the game for the sake of one player who has become boring of playing.. and if you propose changes for one archetype, then do not forget about others.. and in general, use the advice above, play a solo, a weak character, maybe then you change your point of view..
  5. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Not sure why you would want harder bosses, when the drops would be the same.. just spending more time for the same end result.
    If anything rework the drops, and an option for even higher difficulties.

    Doing the above suggestion solo or 100 base, while "challenging", is more or less redudant considering the higher probability of wasting MSG / andermant for revival or shields being restacked a bunch of times, for the same end result. half or more of the bosses can be kited around skillessly once you learn movement patterns, others are just a headache solo.

    Regarding skills and unique sets, is something ive posted about twice... they clearly can alter current equipment (see the latest changes to researchers set), so they have the ability to tweak the 20 or 30 sets out there for better. I think all classes could use a minor tweak in less used skills, but i think better equipment skill uniques would be helpful as well.

    As dragonstein posted, this games developement team (3rd/4th team now?) has done a 360 since august. Not only has development practically ceased, they dont even reconize THEIR OWN forums. I appreciate the few replies/ideas off of discord, a few minor changes, but still the game has seen practically nothing new in 9+ months.

    so much for that last year.
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  6. Igrac1111

    Igrac1111 Forum Greenhorn

    hello DSO-team, are you reading this here, I didn't play the game for a while, so now it's on again, and it immediately caught my eye: too little space for skills on the keyboard !!!!!
    Do you do what to ask then?
    There are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9+ keys on the keyboard for information only


    Speaking of publishing, here's another one. what is this you can't buy an HP bottle to fill my whole life but one that fills me 20%. to ask you how that bottle will help me with the boss or somewhere


    Here's one more thing, here's just playing the sargona event. And you have to use dark essences. And you have to switch from one to the other every time.
    Why not make down 3 slot for ess. Which would automatically be used against Boss or mini bosses or champions or monster that you can only kill with that essence.


    Here's one more thing. It's about crafting.
    Why don't you open all the recipes as soon as I get lv100. Why would, and I say why not


    This one also caught my eye.
    I have been playing for 2 months again. I played q1 Grimmaga infernal and merciles almost every day. And what I got, I got a jewel for smash 2x !!!! Tell me, is that progress? I tore my boots on my heroes, running after the unreachable. I came here to have fun and enjoy. improve it
    good bye


    Here's another one. You made it possible to buy a gem, that's great. You made it possible to buy runes, that's great. "I can't buy jewelry, that's not good." Do you think about us who come and play here and there occasionally. So how do I progress. goodbye
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  7. Mazikeen

    Mazikeen Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hi @Igrac1111,
    please in further posting use the function ''EDIT'' since consecutive posting isn't allowed.

    Kind regards.
  8. Igrac1111

    Igrac1111 Forum Greenhorn

  9. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    What you are basically asking is a new expansion or at least the contents are that.
    They will never do it out of a question of cost and because with every change now they have their hands tied, the players leave.
    Now that finally there is some competition with valid games, I would be curious to know what the servers are like as logins and hours of play, perhaps excluding the Bots.
    What you wrote is common sense, but are you going to argue with the class or classes that replaced the Tank without paying the price and earning all the Pve and Pvp perks? You understand well that we are in a dead end!
    In my opinion the politics from at least half of the lv55 has remained unchanged in the Pve and in the Pvp it has undergone a drastic deterioration and my thought from melee class seems to play the opposite of everything and besides it is not very funny.
    Fortunately, if things go wrong there are alternatives to this bad management but unfortunately they are no longer part of this game!
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  10. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    hi.. the fact that there is little space for skills, this is not the most important problem, still there are not enough points for all the necessary skills.. and if you play for about a month, then you can get used to this annoying fact.. at the very beginning DL, we played with three skills on the panel..
    currently, the game has many quests and achievements that will give you the opportunity to create elixirs on your own.. in the game now it all comes down to a constant grind.. and it's unfortunate...
    and this is a good idea, try to create a separate proposal in a creative corner, tell you how you see it, but I would offer a clip for all kinds of essences.. then the slots in the inventory would be free..
    many recipes can be bought for gold from the NPS.. other recipes, given for achievements, there are recipes that give for passing events..
    congratulations, many players, specially run for such jewels, but to no avail.. you're very lucky... Well, if you develop this stone to orange quality, it will give more bооst..
    almost all jewelry can be mined during certain events.. this is designed for a long gameplay.. you need to understand that no one will let us develop to the maximum in a couple of months..

    I also do not approve of some actions of developers in this direction.. but in the Agreement, it is clearly written that we have accepted all their terms, therefore we play this game
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  11. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    No. For starters, DSO needs to quit listening to you braggers/moles as this is why the game is all screwed up. If the game is too easy the onus is on you to take away equipment or gems etc.
  12. Tronco_Vaaaa

    Tronco_Vaaaa Forum Greenhorn

    Try to play alone because all your friends have left the game and you can't find a group to do bloody (either because they exclude you because you're not op or because they lie to you saying they help you and then they don't do anything because they don't want to or because they have worse statistics than you).
    If going in a group seems easy to you, you know, play a few rounds alone and you will see how easy and fun the game is.
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  13. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Actually BP's next move in my opinion is to increase the damage and life of the bosses.

    Too many users have already finished upgrading gems and more.

    It is a film already seen at lv 55 and since nothing or almost nothing, they have done, to change the game settings, there will be the same problems!

    It is a broader speech and since I had complained I certainly did not want a Nerf another class, but then unfortunately it all ended in a fight between angry users and the thread of the discussion was lost.
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  14. Igrac1111

    Igrac1111 Forum Greenhorn

    it may be best to leave us naked without any equipment or help


    Today is Premium day and it's a nice belt at Emilia's, I can't buy it, I have both Andermant and Gold. that's right


    A lot of things are not right, in my opinion we should do the processing of all skills and equipment. Make special equipment for each skill. "" "" BUT GIVES PLAYABILITY AT ALL LEVELS "" "" then we would have 30-50 epic builds :)


    I read everything you said most of it fits. You know what it's like when you get into a game after a long time and you barely kill a monster. You have to drop your frustration somewhere. good luck people
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  15. anderson92acs

    anderson92acs Forum Apprentice

    ok guys, you don't understand much about drakensang online because maybe you started the game recently but I started in 2011. There's no difficulty for me on any map, I do bloodshed solo with 4 chests of green essence. I really like pve but I think it would be good to "improve", as it would be nice to allocate 10 points to all skills and use a more fluid and diversified game plan as some games have been presenting. Another point is the unbalanced Pvp yes and it's no use complaining, the player without a patent wins with 1 hit a marshal in 1vs1, there should be an abyss between the bonuses for this duel. Some forum participants claim that the game is difficult without lvl100 taxi, it sure is difficult, but there is the campaign and story for new Drakanians to enjoy and not to reach lvl100 in 3 hours.
    Maybe a system of wisdom shared across all the characters on the account, to change the gameplay and not be monotonous.

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