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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, Apr 30, 2020.

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    FAALHAAS Advanced

    So this is a question for BigPoint;

    DtU event is around the corner and since the last event i managed to farm a little over 3k frags. (many hours of farming...)

    Considering i've always needed around 4.5k minimum to complete the event, means I wont be able to finish it this time. And prolly better to skip it entirely, cus otherwise next events bring me same problem.

    So; Are you going to lower the amounts of frags needed for entrance? Or are you going to make the gap between the horders and new/casual players even bigger?

    If everything stays the same; Your theory of making the gap smaller (which offcourse took you zero braincells to think this through) will take a longggg time before the horders deplete their stack of frags.
    Meanwhile they can keep doing the events and gather rewards/resources and the casual/new players will be picking their noses while leaving the game.
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there, Realm Fragments farming has become really difficult. What we can do from our side is to send your feedback and ask for somebody to look into this issue again... so:

    "Are you going to lower the amounts of frags needed for entrance? Or are you going to make the gap between the horders and new/casual players even bigger?"

    I cannot promise any positive outcome of it but I will include this in my report and... fingers crossed:)

    kind regards;

  3. -koMah!

    -koMah! Forum Apprentice

    The problem is that you make a new moon and, obviously with the new infernal ones, it took many laps to be able to drop items. So many sphere fragments.
    Personally I made about twenty laps (200 realm fragments) just to not waste too many and in any case I was unable to drop everything I needed.
    After 4 days there will be a full moon event and in 4 days to make 200 fragments, today you have to farm 16 hours.
    Then of course there will be DtU and you won't have the necessary fragments to finish it.
    Maybe to cover your mouth a little they will give you 50/100 fragments with a bonus code for an expense of 4000
  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Advanced

    From what I heard, EDIT said that they are working on a map that will give you a lot of fragments (Thabo map) .
    So be prepared to farm on another map mindlessly for a long period of time
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  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    Here is some real feedback you can pass to [EDIT]Jesse:

    His little Twitch chart of Realm Fragments was/is a load of crap. I have not reached a RF count of even 1000 since last October. Currently I'm at a winter high of almost 700. Most of the time I rarely see over 500.

    We USE realm frags for a lot more than just EVENTS. We use them for FARMING PW BOSSES via direct passes in order to farm for the equipment we are looking to find.

    (I"m at almost a year trying to get Sigrismar's Eternal Grasp with USABLE base values, of which I've only gotten 2 (TWO) drops with very bad base values on both and both refined immediately to glyphs!)

    I need 10 times the Frags I'm getting in the "so-called" "looters fortune" (which I've dubbed "Players Misfortune") and 20x the amount I'm getting outside the "Players Misfortune".

    We use Realm Frags for direct runs to PW bosses to do daily quests. If I didn't have a stack of Circus passes, I wouldn't have a chance in DSO of doing the DtU coming up.

    Send that feedback Shine !!!
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  6. -koMah!

    -koMah! Forum Apprentice

    Personally with PW Bosses e Normal bosses i dont' wont to use RFs, it's boring but i just run all map to enter boss.
    They can't understand. There is no reason to fix the gap between new and old players regarding RF.
    Old players can have 30k RFs and the average RFs in dso is 3K.

    Exactly what players dont' want!!!
    In this way they will give to old players, with a lot of RF, the chance to grow up more (because they don't need it)
    and to new players to don't grow up because they will spend time in a map to farm RFs.
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  7. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Expert

    The problem of sphere fragments?

    It's a ridiculous thing! I can understand if they want to sell them a lot per liter of blood!

    The problem with new players is not so much the variety with the old one, but the absence of falling at low levels of platinum!

    The rest only works as a frame for a faded painting!

    If you don't allow new players to find platinum values, they will never be able to get close to the old ones! Gems are not that important, you can increase the rest of the items with the farm! The events you attend even if you don't finish something, you do it!

    FAALHAAS Advanced

    Well you(we) can always try right :)

    I really hope BigPoint does somethign about it, cus their theory of ''making the gap smaller'' really doesnt hold up. Its quite the opposite.
  9. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Seems like yall forgot how we were getting 2k anders / hour and it dropped to 200 / hour during summer and nobody cared.
    Before that we had blue ess drops cut down significantly as well.
    Now you got it for RFs, with "official explanation" (which is complete EDIT, dont get me wrong) and everybody lose their EDIT

    Brace yourself cause more "improvements" are on the way! :D
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  10. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice


    I was just reading this thread and stumbled upon your ''coment'' and I think that some of the things you are saying are completely wrong.

    First of all NEW players dont need PLATINUM lines, they are completely useless for someone that has been 55 for like 1-3 months I'd say. A new player should be focusing on getting the unique items he needs and crafting them little by little with gold/almost gold enchantments. I personally can play comfortably inf3 dungeons and I only have 4 platinum lines on my entire gear, 2x dmg on my helmet (which was a really lucky craft), 1x crit dmg on my ring (also not necessarily intended to be there) and 1x crit on this item on my adornment (also not intended). What I am trying to say is that you dont just rush 4x plat with a new player, you should start slow and keep making small improvements. You will be able to farm high-level dungeons where plats ''fall more often'' by the time you ACTUALLY NEED THEM.

    For example, I am currently trying to craft a 4x plat weapon (first 4x plat attempt on anything) and one of those plats I have came from a t3 weapon and like five of my other ones came from t4 weapons. You don't need to farm inf3-4 to get better.

    Secondly, why should newer players be able to reach top/old players more easily? Older players have spend A LOT of time to get where they are right now. Personally it would feel very unfair to me if someone got to my level spending half the time I had to spend to get there and I think that's how everyone would feel as well.

    Thirdly, you said gems are not that important and that's COMPLETELY WRONG.

    I am fully crafted with gold lines, as I said, and if I got a 4x plat weapon I think my damage would get from 50k to arround 55k or something like that.

    You hear people have 85k dmg and even more and there is little room left for improvement on my character in terms of crafting (other than the 4x plat weapon) so what is it that an 85k dmg player has that I don't?

    The answer is gems.
    My weapon has 4x flawless Rubies and 1x sacred Ruby.
    That 85k dmg guy probably has 5x blue royal rubies on his character and maybe even some of those things you get from combining 3 royals together.

    In conclusion, new players dont need plat lines to get better and gems are REALLY important.
    Also, I agree that the realm fragment drop is a f*cking joke at the moment. I did 2 q1 inf1 solo runs yesterday and I got 2 RFs after those runs, which is completely ridiculous. And no I was not just unlucky.
  11. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    This is the most braindead argument that you could come up with - new players should ABSOLUTELY be allowed to reach endgame relatively quick and not have to re-farm years of contet just because you did. This is what "catch up mechanics" are. New players should NEVER be expected to farm as long as you did as you profited from items and w/e when it was CURRENT content.

    What you are saying is the absolutely most elitist stance you couldve take and it should NEVER be the case - that's how you MASSACRE new players inflow and how you end up with a slowly (or rapidly) dying game.

    Do NOT talk if you dont understand game design because you have absolutely NO CLUE.
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  12. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    Yes absolutely, do you know what drakensang's endgame is?
    Level 55 content, (Parallel worlds and infernal mods).

    All the content you have to farm to get to 55 is story mode. You do all quests and boom ALL the endgame content is available to you. Can a brand new 55 ranger farm inf3? Yes if he finds a team to carry him.

    But what does it take for a ranger to build his character well enough to have the ability to stay up to the inf3 challenge?
    Let's take the classic ranger build and the one I'm using.

    You will need:
    Q7 Bow and gloves
    Witch seeker torso, pauldrons and belt.
    Dragan helmet ring and boots.
    Lehein's amulet, ring and arrows. (I am using dragan's amulet and black spider's arrows but they are way harder to get)
    That magma cloack.

    Getting your hands on all that stuff even t1 will take A LOT of time (not even acounting the fact that you will also have to craft them which usually takes even more time). So the question arrouses, do you love the game enough to spend the time you need to, or will you just give up and go?

    If you choose to give up, the only game's ''fault'' is that it's mechanics (shooting, crafting etc) don't suit the user's tastes and that's okay. Not everyone likes the same stuff.

    As I said, I accomplished 50k dmg by gathering the stuff I had to gather and crafting them, nothing more, nothing else.
    Let's say my sister wants to play the game and starts from scratch.
    How much time will it take her to reach my level? Excactly as much as it took for me.

    Is that okay? Yes.

    For example, wouldn't it be unfair if someone reached Messi's (one of the most talented and hard working football player of all time) level by practising half the time per day Messi did? Of course.

    (Well, talent matters too. If you are talented in something you will have to spend less time to get better in it that someone who doesn't. But talent shouldn't be accounted for in this type of situation.)

    What? No!

    What makes great games great?


    If you love the mechanics of Action MMORPG games then you will probably love playing Drakensang.
    What is going to make you stop playing?

    Well, I think that if Drakensang recieved a HUGE update turning it into a shooter game like CS:GO then I would never play it again :D
    That's what would actually rapidly decrease (or maybe increase, you never know) player counts in Drakensang. I know that Drakensang is an RPG and RPGs usually involve a lot of grinding after a certain point. If you don't like grinding then Drakensang is not excactly for you.

    All in all I feel like you are a new-ish player sick of having to try so hard to get your character better in Drakensang because it takes a lot of time and it can even seem impossible at times. Don't turn those feelings in anger, turn them into will to learn, just like everything in life.

    Edit: Typing mistake
  13. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Please stay on topic: REALM FRAGMENTS farming problems/issues/suggestions etc. Let's keep this discussion nice and neat m'key?:)

  14. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    There is a difference between grinding for years to catch up and grinding for 2 months to catch up.
    Blue ess/anders/RFs droprates colossal reduction are just a minor examples of how players time is being stretched more and more over thin piece of content that DSO has to offer (which is just recycling maps over and over again to semi re-purpose them).
    Couldve not been further away from the truth but I have to prove nothing to you.

    You lack perspective. What you write sounds like you never played a single title outside of DSO in this genre (as in MMOs).
    I suggest checking out other titles because you seem to be locked in a DSO bubble and DSO-way is the only way of things you deem acceptable.

    RFs drop is one of the best examples of how to absolutely clueless designers are when it comes to new player experience. They deny any kind of catch up for newbies that deserve it the most. With no catch up mechanics (which is the case currently) you create an one dimensional community which boils down to "pleb" and "elitist" players. One group is trying to catch up and the other one thinks the former one should never be able to.


    PS: Boosting is not a valid argument. Progression should be properly balanced without even thinking about or mentioning it. If the only way for newbies to properly catch up without spending months or years to catch up is endgame players boosting them then its unacceptable. Its a bad game design. Go ahead and create a new character from the scratch and show us how far you can get while playing with region / lfg similar to your's char strength. Prove that you can join the endgame in a reasonable time and not months. Surprise - you cant. Why? Because grinding royals alone will take few months even while grinding q5 inf3 which, btw, you CANT as newbie. Gems rarity scales with difficulty so you have to grind much longer on lower difficulties than you do on higher ones for the same results and higher ones are meant to be endgame so whats the point of giving endgame players gems that they shouldnt need? Add once-in-a-year / unobtainable jewels / pets / items to the collection. If you're denying that new player experience (like farming RFs, gems, items or sets, etc. you name it) isnt fine its because you're detached from the reality of the newbie experience or you have no idea about game design and how it should work.
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  15. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    I think you just missed my point in your first reply.

    Saying that I think that someone should spend as much time as I have in order to reach my level does not mean I don't want people to be able to reach my level in any way.

    All in all, yes I also do not think that RF drops are not as good as they should be in any way and I do agree with you saying that it's impossible for new players to get the necessary amount of RFs to complete major events like DtU. As I said I got 2 of them in 2 q1 inf1 runs which is actually a joke.
  16. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Advanced

    Good argument for a noob player
    Player X played 5 years in order to reach end game character.
    Now player Y played 3 months and got the same stats as player X, because of your logic. Atm most of the players in this game are players that played this game for atleast 4 years + (Me 6). Now imagine if they do that, how many people will quit
    You are playing MMORPG game not Moba or other bs that require using your braincells.MMORPG-s force you to grind if you want to be somewhere. Also most of the new players have no idea where to farm and what to farm and big % of them get wrong info where to farm
  17. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Yes. Let's force everybody to grind 4 years because all people playing left in the game did. Let's make it a marketing point of the game while we're at it.

    Do you want this game dead that bad? I think you dont realize that in MMOs things you get (excluding some very unique, limited stuff [best example is mortis mount atm]) lose value over time. Whoever thinks that others must farm for years just because you had to is clueless and just want to keep their "precious elite status" which is why this game is in current state (aka game's pop dying steadily). Its because of people who think like you.

    You will keep your elite status, dont worry but with your unobtainable elite status blocked by years of grinding required to catch up the inevitable death of the game's population will come as well. With nobody to replace people like you when YOU are finally sick and tired of the stillness and imbalance - you know what will happen.

    But its none of my business. I left and now I understand clearly why this game's toxic design and decisions like nerfing RFs drop (or any other currency / items) should never be tolerated in the first place.
    There are other games that are MMOs (and RPGs, drakensang is hardly an RPG btw) that arent a brainless number grinder/simulator but you go ahead and shill for BP as much as you want! :cool: (sadly boner drake is reserved only for Jesse's entourage and lucky winners not shills)

    Like I said - you (as in you and people sharing your view) lack perception.
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    FAALHAAS Advanced

    This was about RF, but just to put in my 2cents about the off-topic; This game has been made allot easier than it was for older players. Being able to buy hp/mp potions with coins instead of ander now is just 1 example. Also you can spam potions now, instead of 10 second cooldown. Tonics/elixers etc. to boost HP and a fresh lvl55 is able to do higher modes allot easier than it was couple years ago.

    The only thing i can think of odler players had and newer dont; JESTERS to get easy acces to essence.

    EDIT: I also cant remember being able to buy portals straight to PW-bosses when i became lvl55, but maybe i just ignored those.
  19. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    How about bosses having probalby x200 of their original "old" hp values?
    "back in my days ..." you didnt even need them, you couldve farm boss at any given time without a neccesity of paying for it in either RFs or materi. Old players had it much easier and simpler and Im one of them.

    Some people will say "but you had to farm crystals of truth!". Yeah, and? I'd take crystals of truth any day than what we have now with platinum lines clown fiesta, with bosses having 2 billions hp, with people having close to 4 attack speed and 100k damage.
    Now you have to farm materi, infernal fragments, realm fragments, each event has separate keys required, keys of prowess for old world bosses, entire M1 and M2 of each Q to get to the boss and much much more.

    Old DSO wasnt HARD. Progression was based on RNG (dropping roshana / keen / yachak, khalys weapon / offhand, mortis mask, getting good / perfect legendary for CoT) but it wasnt HARD. It was RANDOM. Game was much easier back then in fact. Much less time consuming and the dfference between newbie and min-maxer were ABSOLUTELY MINOR. (10-15% stats difference because of legendary items RNG).
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Back in the day, you could just go to the boss chamber in the PWs and then get in and get out as many times as you wanted, because there were no such thing as teleports.

    The only problem with the old model is that the random was broken as hell, like it is today.
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