Rebalancing the DK after R209

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Apolon80, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    Im making this topic because Im very much dissapoited of the new balance system. It seems to me that the disbalance is even bigger than before.
    I am a long time player. I am playing DSo almost from its very beginning. My character is a tank. I dont have another one. I choose to play with a tank because it is a malee unit. The tank used to have pretty high DMG with a 2H weapon on 40-45 lvl. I remember the times when the tank was the only one who was able to kill mortis. It was a really good character - both in PVE and PVP.
    With the upcoming changes the tank got only nerfs. On 50lvl all the classes got DMG skills - explosive arrow for the archers, frozen sphere for the mages, etc. Only the tank got a skill to taunt the monsters.
    Now the situation with the new balance system is even worse. All the classes got DMG buffs. Only the tanks got cool down reduction with the wings- a skill that nobody uses. I cant emagine a tank holding the end boss and using the wings at the same time. And the tank now is nerfed even more because there is no more speed in the flag and no regeneration in PVP.
    With this patch the tank is no more needed. There is no need of tanking any more because the end-bosses are down for seconds. With a 2H weapon the tank is too slow in farming which makes he tank the most unwanted unit in the group.
    I will show you to movies and you will see what is the difference between the tank and the dwarf for example.

    In the first video you can see a dwarf killing all the end bosses after the new patch. Lets compare the killing of Heredur. The dwarf starts to kill Heredur exactly 3.05 min of the video and ends the kill exactly in 3.40 min. Which makes exactly 35 seconds to kill Heredur with red essence. If you watch carefully you can see that the dwarf makes over 600k DMG!!!

    In the second video you can see my character killing the same boss. My kill starts exavtly in 0.40 min and ends in 1.53 min. In other words it took me 1 min and 10 sec to kill the same boss with red essence.
    Can you see the difference now? The dwarf can kill Heredur 2 times faster than me, although i have 5k higher DMG and almost twice more HP points than the dwarf.
    With the new skill the dwarf can attack with 410% DMG. The archer makes 350/125+225/% dmg with the explosive arrow as the DMG is doubled when the enemy is marked. This makes almost the amazing 700% DMG with the explosive arrow of the archers.
    Only the tanks has a skill of 240% which is 2 and even 3 times lower than the DMG dealt by the other classes.
    Now I am asking - is this the great balance sysytem we were waiting for almost 1 year? Im really shocked. Everyone was complaining that the dwarfs were too strong. Everyone wanted them nerfed. Finally they got nerfed and suddenly with the new patch they became super strong, even overpowered.
    I think the new patch will put an end to the tanks as a class. It is just unacceptable one class to have twice faster farm than another one. Now the dwarfs will develop themselves 2 times faster than the tanks. Im not saying that they should be nerfed, but if BP decided to give DMG buffs, they have to give it to all the classes, not only to the god-blessed classes.
    But this is the great balance system of BP. All the four classes have the same amount of HP, armor, resistance and DMG. The mage, the archer, the dwarf and the tank have 75% armor, appr 90k+- HP points, 65% resistance and 26-27k DMG. Nothing different. All the same here. The difference between the tanks and the other 3 classes is that the tank must chase them and kill them in close combat while the other 3 classes shoot from a distance. Really I havent seen a tank to be one-shotted in a game. The tank always have some skills for protection - for DMG reduction, passives, etc. The dragon hyde protects the DK from stuns and nothing more, EDIT
    From a desired class BP turned the DK into a scrap that nobody needs!
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  2. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    Why dont u argue when before 209 a tank could solo everything within 20 sec etc..
    And faster almost than any class in the game in boss, map farm.
    This comment that noone need DK-s anymore its just nonsense and more likely just asking for drama.

    What do you mean u need more time, u were running 3/4 of the bossfight. Sry but this is such a bad example..
    Might nobody told u RNG is a factor in this game.
    Rangers were much more powerfull than dwarfs before 209, and still better..
    U cant say a single example when a regular people would say no to a 2 hand tank in group.. Even now!
    This topic is pretty much not about DK-s rebalancing more likely about nerfing the dwarfs :D.
    Attach a ranger or mage how fast they kill..

    + Just to notice ,if an other class is faster than me in bossfight thats not ballanced? but if im better in something thats cool?..
    Making topic cause dwarf/ranger/mage faster with 5-10 sec..
    There will be never ballance in this game ,and in other games too.. soo many examples u can find in the history of playing games.. i wont say a single one cause i think im not allowed to say other companys product..

    Yeah ,hell yeah every class shoud be the same...
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  3. kolelo101bg

    kolelo101bg Forum Greenhorn

    Do you make difference between 10-15 sec faster and 2 times faster? Apolon is right, the DK has too low DPS compared to the other 3 classes. Furthurmoe the darf the mage and the ranger doesnt have to think of armor resistance and HP point while the DK is a malee unit and the situation is different.
  4. Veηom

    Veηom Forum Apprentice

    The Banner still increases the attack speed (group talents).Rage Jump can also increase it.The 33% wisdom healing made the tanks immortal.Now we might have a chance to kill them.You still have Battle Frenzy for unstoppable regeneration,and now that healing skill, can also cause damage.The fury of the dragon got a nice buff in it's 3rd talent too.

    There will always be a need for tanking.In bosses,its a little less than before,in maps its a little more than before.That change doesn't destroy your class.

    A 2h tank is slow in farming?If a tank reaches high speeds with the q7 set you can get the buff all the time!You can also get dragon skin, banner and every other skill extremely fast.A DK can now offer a respectable increase of damage by using smash(group talents) to all the teammates.You can also use charge's,that useless skill's,group talent: -100% resource costs for all group members for 5 seconds.Basically a second banner which works for everyone.The SM throwing turrets unceasingly,RA-EAs,SW-frozen sphere etc.That's probably the most OP talent of all.Oh wait there's another one:Battle Frenzy heals 100% HP.The group talents work in PVP as well for some reason,so the wisdom 33% healing looks like a scrap compared to this.

    The dwarf beat you mainly because of oil slick.You can't give a skill with 0 cooldown such a huge buff.Furthermore he was using the q8 set which means 0 cooldowns=constant q7 buff for the SM's class and is clearly overpowered.

    The other classes main skills might deal more damage,but they 've got a way bigger cost.The skill that is close to Smash in terms of resource-cost is Fireball, and I'm not even going to comment on how much damage that skill deals.Unlike the others the SW class doesn't have a high-damage skill to "spam" in PVE as Fireball is low and Frozen sphere doesn't get any mana-cost decrease.Basically half the q7 bonus (-25 mana for Fireball)is completely useless.Have you seen anyone complaining?No,ofcourse not.Theres a difference between being "slow" and being "unplayable".You don't belong to any of these categories,your video proves it.You might have been slowed down a bit,but there's a lot of potential for your class,especially if you get to higher group levels and equip the group momentum abilities.I get that feeling of injustice too,but what you 're saying about the DK being useless is completely irrational.The DK has always been the most viable member of the team,unlike the rest of us.Before it didn't matter if you were a RA,a SM or a SW.We were all plain damage dealers.Now that all classes are unique we are all needed in the team,as our contributes differ.The DK is still very strong.Comparing it to a class that has been buffed lately and that no one can keep up with isn't a good idea.Try comparing it with a RA or a SW.I think you 'll be getting about the same results.
  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The whole combpaining you make equals= " why arent tanks faster than dwarfs anymore" why everybody compares DK to a DWARF and say that tank is the weakes when in fasct there are 2 other calsses who are weaker than you ?

    All classes DONT have the same hp Mages got 30% dmg boost cuz we have the lowest base hp and hp from stones and items.

    Tanks lv 40-45 killed mortis because DK was the only class who was blessed with high defenced while having the same dmg as otgher calsses , now after 209 only the base dmg is different the dmg from the stones is the same but you still get more hp from stones and base stats from items.

    Your math is off too. A Dk can make atleast 5 smash with full rage 5x240=1200 dmg while rangers can hardly make 2 unless thy have concentaration stones from winter event. Now lets add the baner in the math a skill that makes you use the smash without a cost, So if you make 10x240=2400% dmg , no ther calass besied dwarf can make such dps while maintaining his q7 buff permanent.
    And again you dont even maention mages who make max 3 frozen spheres for 3x350=1150- still weaker than the tank.....

    I didnt get in the first place why the word KNIGHT was in the class"s name if the class will be pure dmg. For me DKs should be tankier with a little less dmg , like paladins from other dmg where even in 2h they are really tank but can deal respectable amount of dmg. If you all wanted pure dmg class there were other 3 options.

    Since you stated it yourself that you dont have any character then you know really low amount of things fro the other classes , so stop saying DK is unplayable. Before he was the top , now he is equal to others( besied dwarfs).

    And ill say this again : Cant you DK players play if you arent number 1 for once ?
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Your technique with Q7 is way off.
    Firstly you dont use rage attack often enough which means you do not use skill cooldown boost properly.
    Someone like @Slabutul9 can now do dragan in 6 seconds (note that is in a group)
    But still you have been using Q7 forever, you should utilize your set better.
    Me however am a Q4 user and am waaaaay behind you so I cant even talk for myself but I know this game pretty darn good.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  7. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    I would like to extend my comment with this.

  8. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Don't worry they'll modify the Q7 set so that no one, indifferent of their class, can kill any boss in less than 5 minutes. :rolleyes:
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  9. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Why do you compare the classes ? The leaderboards are separated, per class. You only compete there with other DKs. So why is important if another class kills faster ? To get first place in leaderboards you only need to be the best in your class, not over all classes (and of course to play a lot, a.k.a. have no life).
  10. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Actually, I have three of the four classes, and my friend has the fourth class. The 'downdate' appeared to negatively affect the mechanic/dwarf more than the other classes.

    I've had a few clovers since the update, and therefore have been forced into PVP a few times. DK's are still pretty well impervious to damage and able to one hit kill, IF they carry enough runes and gems.

    So explain to me again what is bothering you? PVE sucks for everyone right now-- we are pretty well all trying to build up enough wisdom to make ANY of the buffs worth something. Same is true of group buff levels. The people who play more/buy more will get there sooner, and be tougher in the game. It's pay to play, so that's how it will be, right? For every DK you point to who is downgraded by the change, I can point to one who is still pretty well dominating PVP and PVE. For every Mecha I point to as being totally destroyed by the change, you can point to one who is doing great.

    It's almost like the runes and gems and amount of wisdom make a difference in this game!!! Shocking, right?
  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    you have some flaws in your comment. Yes tanks are still dominant but not vs Mechs., i mean if if a 1h mech uses the oil slick to slow the dk or manage to survive his dragon hide ( 8 sec ) i mean the dwarf makes any other class likea monkey.
    Sorry but why the turrets have block ? with 2 h i need 4 hits to kill 1 of the 2 turrets with 24k dmg ( without the wisdom dmg) so ye i feel like you are doingsmt wrong vs the tanks
  12. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

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