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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by scmn, Jan 2, 2021.

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Fellow players, what do you feel needs the most attention?

  1. The PVP Arena

  2. The T shop, Urban shop

  3. Premium Content

  4. The Crafting System

  5. The Grey Areas, the areas where a player must grind for hours to progress.

  6. The Introduction and the following initial game

  7. Game Bugs and Missing Content

  8. New Content and Events

  9. The Skill and Wisdom Trees

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. scmn

    scmn Forum Apprentice

    Alright guys, as a long time player of Drakensang (since Beta) I feel the need to say something about the NerfApocalypse on players this year. I can see a lot of other threads from angry players getting attention too, I know i'm not alone in this mentality. BigPoint, what are you doing?!

    You guys have done a lot of weird things over the years, I've seen you entirely build a new series of maps for the beginning regions, build a new introduction to the game, and then turn around and recycle the old maps into event maps.

    I've seen equipment go from needing crystals of truth, to being free to find and expensive to upgrade on the work bench, to now being, you cant even buy basic gear in shops, you can't use the work bench for upgrades unless you want to do an absolutely TEDIOUS quest line, but now in the gem shop you can craft new gear? why? AND you cant level up gear at the blacksmith? absolutely ridiculous, I'm a rare equips collector type of player and i now have a full set of splendid durian gear, and robust norseland gear, that i've outgrown and have no way of keeping the gear remotely useful.

    In gameplay, I've been noticing quests have gone missing, ones that previously had issues in the past now have reoccurring issues, I just returned the the map of Mystra and you guys entirely removed the cyclops from the map, along with the related quest, and now you have a map with only one opponent and a couple quests to fill it. not to mention it seems that you have all but eliminated your system that kept players from getting into areas they're obviously too weak for, in fact you have almost reversed it and made the monsters scale up to meet player level, up to a certain level cap. Is that how you guys tried to handle the grey zones of the game where players had to stop and grind for 4 hours before they could move on and get new quests?

    Next on the list of complaints, the wisdom tree. How many times do you guys intend to restructure that? Now you have it entirely blocked off to players until level 30, a huge beneficial and interesting part of gameplay, which would attract and keep more new players, just off limits until they've been playing for a couple of weeks already. Then you look at the skill trees for characters. What an absolute atrocity, you guys butchered that pig with a spoon. Introduce new skills? Okay, much needed and pretty interesting. but you guys added new skills, SHORTENED the hotbar and monetized additional hotbars, and the best part is that with the new skill tree structure, you guys decided not to award any extra skill points to accomodate not only the handful of new skills but also that complete mess of stat boosting options. There was nothing wrong with your old structure of offering 3 upgrades per skill, it was probably the best thing you got right. Oh by the way, making flaming guardian a separate skill from regular guardian? Someone was lazy right before a deadline there.

    Whoever was in charge of the new gem workbench? Brilliant work, you actually did a great thing there. Previously finding the different varieties in high enough quantity to be utilized was a painful and time draining activity. Working the system so that any gems can be used to improve the one you really wanted was a smart move. 10 Star recommendation to that developer.

    Moving on, the arena is as bland and lifeless as it has always been. Certainly a large portion of that problem is the lack of players on some servers. You took away Capture the Flag, most of the merch in the honor badges shop is gone, and what's left is impossibly overpriced. WHO is gonna spend the hours of their life it would take to get the two Honor shop unique mounts which are 15 mil and 20 mil each? i've never seen a single player accomplish that feat. And while I mention the lack of players, why would you guys take the invitation tab/rewards out of the social menu? It's as if you're attempting to sabotage the less active servers until you can force them into failure.

    Then in the T shop, who's brilliant plan was it to eliminate so much of the merch? a lot of mounts, pets, costumes and other items are gone. What's left costs thousands of andermant, and it's a bit bland. There are a lot of ways to monetize a game like the Drakensang world but nerfing the players into oblivion and heavily monetizing not just cosmetics, but portions of game play, that's entirely unacceptable.

    Make up an entire shop devoted to only Premium access players, make Premium access events, bring back common items in shops and fix the godawful questline you turned the crafting table into. Do something about the decayed corpse you call a pvp arena and honor shop. Do something about the almost non existent social interaction, bring back the invitation tab and rewards and make events based on group work. WHY would you build a lengthy, tedious introduction for a game AND immediately isolate players from the community for the first 20 minutes of gameplay? It's not fun or interesting, the presentation is terrible. If it does attract any new players they must think white walls are fun and decorative.

    Last but not least, personal request from the Devs, I would LOVE to get that phoenix pet that previously was the final reward for inviting 25 players who reached level 15, i remember it, it offered a single revive per hour. I only ever saw one player who had it in the game but it looked cool. I know it looks stupid to make that request after I just posted a lengthy roasting session on the poor state of the game, but at this point I'm just sad to see it, and hope this game makes a turn for the better. I've literally been playing this game almost half as long as I've been alive on earth. If this message doesnt mean anything to you people coming from someone who has played that long, not just myself but many others, then I know that you guys have turned toward making money and calling that good enough.
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  2. Marginal013

    Marginal013 Forum Greenhorn

    I totally agree with what you said, I also play since the beta and what I witnessed in these 8 years was the degrading deconstruction of a popular and fun game in a boring and tedious game. they totally reformulated the game so that at some levels only players in very strong groups can farm but they forgot that most of their servers don't have enough players even to form groups (except heredur), the drop in hell passages is very low, for farma only 15 the player would need about 10 hours, the maps of between worlds are impossible to be made, the events became boring and extremely slow, with ridiculous expenses, I could talk a lot more but I could understand, I really want to play it, putting money in, but it’s not worth it anymore, the audience for this game is not children but young people and adults, we have responsibility, we can’t spend 8 hours a day playing for days, this is completely crazy, if you want to induce us to buy the new suits for going the wrong way, turning the game into another boring p2w. After 8 years I stopped, I'm praying that they realize what they did, some good features were implemented but if we put it on the scale it doesn't pay any more, unfortunately we are waiting for a miracle because I can only see someone having fun playing it.
  3. Kernelly

    Kernelly Someday Author

    I'm a veteran DSO player who started in 2011, I've done most events, had a pretty good gear for PVE, and I was never interested much in PvP. I've had a break from the game for 3 years, I didn't play at all because I was busy living. Now I'm coming back and I see these topics. I'm not ignorant and I'm trying to be rational so I read everything I could to get knowledge. From what I see and remember, this is a really complicated problem with the game, although when it comes to the Skill Trees, in my opinion, they aren't the biggest problem. The problem is they really did change them a lot, I realise that. But they have been worse. The real problems are the bugs, no balance, nerfing veteran players who farmed for YEARS, PvP is slightly unbalanced, Dwarves are from what I've heard really WEAK now because they got nerfed, I've heard people complaining about the premium and booster packs in the shop and I add to this opinion. Bigpoint first in my times, as I've said early 2010s, maybe around 2012 added Experience potions, anybody remember them? Then some time ago they added to the shop Ancient Wisdom to buy for ANDERMANT. I didn't mind much, but then they removed BOTH, for a long while you couldn't buy wisdom and couldn't buy LEVELS, you could only buy Experience boosters for killing monsters as you know. But recently Bigpoint brought up HERO BOOSTER PACKS FOR 200 EURO which give you 137k ancient wisdom and instant level 55. Wow... That's kinda weird? As I've said I started playing the game again 2 weeks ago and I already leveled my character to 55 level without buying anything, I just quested. So it's possible and quite fast to lvl up to 55. It's just so weird Bigpoint changes EVERYTHING so much, balance, skills, hotbar, offers, premium, balance, purchasable content, it's annoying and weird. Also the 200 EURO hero booster pack to 55 lvl is over priced, nothing in it is worth so much as 200 euro. Maybe ancient wisdom because 137k ancient wisdom for new players is A LOT. This game has gotten weird that's all I have to say
  4. scmn

    scmn Forum Apprentice

    hey kernelly, thanks for the input! admittedly not everything that's changed is necessarily bad but overall i see that it's an unpopular change, dwarves did get nerfed a bit, they can only have 1 of each turret but they can have all the turrets at once, and there's a new one, the tesla. but the machinegun turret got nerfed to level 33 i think. buying levels is ridiculous i didn't even know about that, but i've always said while there's no paywalls for DSO, they've always *highly encouraged* buyers one way or another. my biggest peeve is the hotbar being shrunk by two slots and then for them to introduce multiple new skills, and not award additional skill points to make use of their weird new talent points system. if you spend time studying it then people understand it but for new players if it's not immediately clear what makes a good strat to upgrade it's not gonna be appealing, right?


    thanks for your comment too, you're right, from the perspective of the players, if they hit a dead zone and have to spend hours farming to progress, will they bother to play if they have limited free time in a week? or people who want to get one of the better prizes in the event, they have to spend a considerable amount of time to earn that prize, a lot of us dont want to spend the time much less have the time to spend


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  5. -Alexx-destroyer-

    -Alexx-destroyer- Forum Apprentice

    much text seems interesting but you are wasting your time here. Are u really that naive? They don´t give a EDIT about players , they jus wanna get as much money as they can before close the game
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  6. JadielS

    JadielS Forum Greenhorn

    I am also an old player, what I saw in all this playing time was that gradually with each update the game was losing more popularity and players, but this new CE is standing out for everyone, in all aspects we can find errors and mechanics bad, imbalances, deficient skills, boring and tedious events ...). In my opinion, the new EC only showed what we had been perceiving for years, the game is being run by incompetent and unprepared people, I hope they do not depend on the dso to survive, as I cannot see anyone with a healthy mind putting money here ..
  7. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hey @scmn ,

    Please, if you wish to add more to your post, use "Edit" function. Consecutive posting is not allowed.

    Good luck:)
  8. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    are there any mods that can help other players on this forum - answer their questions? or even communicate with players on this forum? because it looks like you don't care about players on this forum since you only punish ppl for breaking rules .... is it really much more important than a real communication with other players?
  9. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    What exactly would you like us to tell you?

    Our job is to keep the forum neat, pleasant place for you to share your thoughts.
    Our job is to keep you updated, posting all the informations we have - in announcements.
    Our job is to collect your feedback and share it with the higher-ups.
    And this is exactly what we do.

    Rest assured, we, EN forum mods, are doing our job diligently. We hear, we read, we report.
    But that's where our power stops - it's not up to us to decide the direction of the game. Unfortunately, I guess. :p

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Good luck:)
  10. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    i just feel like there aren't any mods since in there aren't any replies from them in many big threads .. it just feels really really weird .. and if this is all of the official info that they are giving to us then it's just as bad as the game overall is
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