REL 209 ?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by papandreu, May 22, 2018.

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  1. papandreu

    papandreu Forum Greenhorn

    Big point i think players deserves some kind of your explanation why rel 209 still not implemendted on servers. when u says its gonna be today 22.5.18.
  2. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    No the annoucement says its planned on 22.05 doesnt say what year :D
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  3. Vnaris

    Vnaris Forum Apprentice

    Respect man :p
  4. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    New bonuscode: WORTHJEBAITING
  5. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    I won't be the one whining (despite the fact i can't wait for it) because usually i am the one whining about the bugs of a rushy rel, i am sure there must be a reason behind the delayed rel.
    And definitely there will be many "hotfixes".
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Yes they are waiting for us all to buy wisdom before the new release so please spend you ander already xD
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  7. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Release times still haven't been announced. If it's not out by midnight, we can complain. Hurry up BP :rolleyes:
  8. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    actually on my native language board the mods said it's not happening today according to the info they got from their superiors this morning
  9. Tuso123

    Tuso123 Forum Greenhorn

    i cant waiting more :( :(
  10. ChristopherPapakaliatis

    ChristopherPapakaliatis Forum Apprentice

    I'll be quick with this. I know I'm spamming, and I know that this thread is useless, but what are we doing? The release is constantly re-scheduled, and this is not the first time. Frankly, we spend almost three months without a release and what are we getting in return? A bonus code?
    The only thing I can compare the situation with is the Greek Public Services(If you are Greek you know what I'm talking about:p) Actually all of the game's current state is like Greece. Those high in the ladder do whatever they please while we, ordinary players, suffer by their injustice. At least notify as if the release is not coming. Is it so much to ask for? For more than a week we've been sitting on our toes for this. ANd I can understand technical difficulties that may have occurred as the time goes by, but the release is re-scheduled once already. We can't wait forever. ANd we cant live this situation again in the future. It's too much and quite frankly, if this keeps happening the game itself ain't worth it.

    Edit: Close the thread if you find it necessary, but every player now more or less feels the way I feel. And I think that you, DSO Forum Admins, too feel the same way.
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  11. iownedbymei

    iownedbymei Forum Apprentice

    Isnt it sad that you guys have delayed the r209 so many time now? finally you guys say it will be out 22 may and the time will be announced when its set. no time is announced and then suddenly its not happening today? no info is given on either DRAKENSANGS official Twitter OR Facebook??
  12. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    to all the whingers complainers free loaders on this forum
    Would you rather wait for an update that works and is not full of bugs and issues and crashes ?
    Or if they released that would that make you complain further ? Ask for more Free Codes ?
    I would rather wait for something that works and does not need multiple hotfixes during Dragan event
    It is because of the whingers that PVP is being changed or toons need nerfing
    What you should do is play the game enjoy yourself
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  13. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    Those who know me, either in game, or just through my forum/FB posts know I am no "yes man" for BP, The DSO DEVS, or even the forum MODS. I have been an outspoken adversary against all 3 of those listed groups, on BEHALF of all players.
    One of my biggest pet peeves with BP in the past (Distant and near) was the rush to live servers the next release ... even when they knew that release had nasty bugs.
    Now, If all you that are crying about the delay of the release still want it that bad, by all means... please petition BP to release the faulty update to live servers so you same said criers can cry about that too.

    I personally see the delay as a MASSIVE step forward in quality control doing the RIGHT thing and waving the release off until they can say that there are no issues with it.

    So to answer your question, NO.. It isnt sad...its a good thing they rolled it back, again, to fix any issues... Issues that could plague us for weeks ... or longer... (Anyone remember the Position bug???)

    As for the MODS, they only know what BP tells them, so it isnt their fault that no info has been forth coming, So please dont berate them... its like kicking your dog because the cat didnt catch the mouse....

    So please, calm yourselves .... check back every so often to see if any new info has been released yet.

    Thanks, Doc.
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  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    What most of the players here ,who are trying to defend the devs for this whole mess, dont understand is the simplest thing. We dont care if it was delayed. It took a very long time to even decide when to announce its sync. What really pissed most players is that there was no announcement of the delay. These people are supposed to be professionals and this is their job. Their job is also to respect the players who are playing this game, payers or not, and announce that for this or that reason it has to be delayed. Do you really think the players got upset because it was not coming? Big deal. But, when we are waiting for it along with a surprise event and we wanna see what happens, it really is a letdown to see that it actually hasnt been synced and we dont even get informed about it.

    P.S: There wouldnt have been such a fuss about it, if this had been the first time this happens. Its not the first time we are waiting for a release that in the end is not coming on the announced day and we are also not informed about it.
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
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  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Actually I really want to know how I will be compensated
    DSO has admitted that cube drops has been nerfed as a bug in R207 and I can attest to not getting drops as good as I can with my deluxe running out and dragan coming closer
    I have 99 days prem and 14 days deluxe left and still no dragan or update incoming
    Luckily the cube mace dropped on Sunday with gold base t6
    But I still need to farm dragan on t6 I need 1150 draken core minimum
  16. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    they have to carry out what they announce, not delay it by 2 weeks and then delay it again
  17. Darkmae

    Darkmae Forum Apprentice

    hi.i was playing on open sea server dro..we play there 5,6 months i dont remember and release was delayed every time..and no one was tell us anything about this delay.and some day we hear server it will be closed..i moved on korea server..some think after a few months.i know differrent storys but same company..i was paying deluxe on BP so dont tell me the most dso forums are closed...release delay..big changes to keep it alive..but i dont think this game has 1.2 years life any opinion...enjoy game.
  18. DimTh

    DimTh Forum Greenhorn

    Indeed, this game just ending... Arena it's a mess for 2 years now, tiers again and again to keep us in the game
    and we play always the same maps, just to collect again and again cores... this is not a game, this is a mess...

    I'm just waiting to see what they will do before i will stop it forever... The forums closing cause they say that no
    users on them, of course no users, cause all of us we don't find the reason to stay more in this game, to write in the forums
    cause the BP don't listen us, they wanted to have a better communication with us..omg hahahaha.... where is this?

    I haven't see before other company in this mess... They will lose all the players very soon with this tactical!
  19. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    I agree. I've always been taking huge [EDIT] on BP for releasing buggy content without proper testing, so this is a welcome change. However for some reason impatient children can't see this, and they just vomit the boards full of their [EDIT] screeching.. I just hope bp won't take this vocal minority as the majority and go back to rushing out half complete releases.

    There is a problem though.. The lack of communication is unaccaptable. If you have to delay a deadline it's alright, but you don't just leave everyone in the dark about it until after the announced date passed.
    Last edited by moderator: May 23, 2018
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  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    is it too much to inform the players about what's happening?
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