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    In Short

    Release 125 introduces new animations for characters: alternative stances in city areas. We took further measures to improve the matchmaking system in the player versus player (PvP) modes, and last but certainly not least, we increased the capacity of stacks for all kind of essences from 999 to 9999 pieces. Many entries in the forums requested this feature and we hope that from now on you won’t have to reload manually when battling against final bosses!

    New Features

    Minimap Markers & Numbered Quest Sequences for the Region of Norselands
    All quests offered in the region of Norselands have been numbered according to their position in quest rows to provide a better overview of your progress in a quest row. Now we are only missing the regions of Helios and Atlantis! In addition to that, markers (symbolized by blue banderoles) have been added to the in-game minimap (keyboard shortcut: M). Markers indicate where your character needs to go in order to progress with a quest. What is more, we have improved the text of around 80 quests that are offered in the Norselands to raise the text quality and make it easier for the reader to understand the story of Drakensang Online. For starters we have implemented the minimap tags and the numbering of the quest sequences for the German version of the game. All languages will receive these aids in upcoming releases. Alternative

    Character Stances in Cities
    Characters will now have a different stance and body posture whenever they enter a city. All four archetypes have been given different animations. Stances of female and male characters with the same class differ in their body posture as well. In general, characters will have a more relaxed stance whenever they are in the cities and will assume a stance that is more suitable for battle as soon as they leave the cities. Although maps such as Varholm, Mount Blackborg and Shagri-La have urban areas, characters will not assume alternative stances when they are located in these maps. Since this is a brand new feature, we would appreciate your feedback about it!


    Increased Capacity of Stacks (Essences) 999 → 9999
    Essences of all kind can now be stacked up to a limit of 9999. This change does not only affect the stacks in your inventory but also the slot in your graphical user interface. Let’s face it, one requires more than one stack of 999 essences when battling against the bosses and what is more annoying than having to reload manually during a battle? Well, no worrying about this anymore!

    Selected Bugfixes

    Matchmaking: False requirement fixed
    When registering for a PvP match the system would constantly ask the player to add exactly one additional player to the match, otherwise the match would not start. This requirement was false and was present in all PvP modes.

    Matchmaking Improved for “Storm the Fortress” (6 players versus 6 players)
    Whenever two groups of players register for the PvP match Storm the Fortress (6 players versus 6 players), the group with the highest number of group members is now assigned to a random team side and not always the attacking one (red).

    Steam Mechanicus: Player versus Player Talent Fiery Vengeance Fixed
    The talent Fiery Vengeance has been fixed; bombs that spawn from this talent disappear correctly once they have reached the enemy player. The bombs will also disappear after a round in the PvP modes Team Death Match and Duel is finished.

    Premium Purchase Now Takes Immediate Effect
    Whenever a player upgrades from regular account to premium account, the extra features of the premium upgrade take effect immediately in-game. The player is not required to change the map.

    Final Boss Gorga’s Flood Effect Fixed
    Atlantis final boss Gorga’s attack Flood would affect players even after the skill had already been executed and its effects had worn off.

    Known Issues & Last Minute Fixes

    ● …

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
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