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    In Short

    Release 128 introduces two new buttons to the main menu: Forum and Support. If you play the game via the client you can access the official Drakensang Online forum directly via a simple click and you can contact our support immediately for any questions or concerns. Next to that, we have implemented an option to turn off blood effects (introduced with release 124) as you, the fans, have requested. Finally, various bugs have been fixed i.e: health potions are not being consumed if your character dies right after having activated a potion.

    New Features

    Disabling & Enabling Blood Effects
    You can now disable and enable blood effects in-game. Go to the game’s Settings, then Graphic Settings and under Show blood effects you will be able to enable and disable the feature.

    New buttons in in-game main menu: forum & support
    Two buttons have been added to the main menu: a button to the official forum and one button that allows you to contact the support of Drakensang Online. Only If you are playing the game via the client you will be able to see these extra buttons, those of you who are playing the game via a browser have already direct links to forum and support.


    Duels for characters in groups
    Your character can now queue up for a Duel (1 versus 1 ) even if your character is currently part of a group.

    Balancing of Quests
    A number of quests have been adjusted, since they were very tedious to solve. In most cases we decreased the amount of items to collect. Important Note: If you already have collected enough or more quest items than the newly adjusted amount demands, please kill one more of the quest monsters. This will update the quest and check it as done in your questlog. You can complete the quest immediately and all surplus quest items of the according quest will be removed, too. Here are some examples of quests that have been balanced:

    Hunter and Prey (2/4)
    Friend and Foe (1/1)
    Tit for Tat (1/1) Root and Branch (2/2)
    Plan B (2/2)
    The last shirt (1/1)
    A Foul Mission (3/4)
    Anatomy of the Enemy (1/2)
    Tools of Resistance (2/2)
    Weaponry needed (1/1)
    Hand of the Empire
    Bound for Eternity

    Along with this change we also adjusted the amount and distribution of monsters in the following maps:


    Burning Coast

    Eternal Watch

    Mount Suvius

    Iron Forest

    Selected Bugfixes

    Set Items increased stats too excessive
    The exploit used to increase all kind of character stats too excessive when using set items, has been fixed.

    Skill: “Hunting Trap” animation was disappearing
    The animation of the skill “Hunting Trap” does not vanish anymore right after activation.

    Incorrect placeholder in keyboard configuration setting
    Whenever a short key was unassigned in the keyboard configuration setting, a false default text appeared as placeholder.

    Wrong buyback prices in merchants’ shops
    Stacks of items that had been sold to merchants were displayed with a much higher buyback price in the tooltip. The correct price was charged and shown in all other places. The tooltip values have been fixed and are displayed consistently now.

    Minimap does not update
    The minimap (Hotkey: M) did not get updated whenever a character had collected all necessary components of a quest, question marks remained displayed on the minimap, even though the character was finished with the quest’s task.

    Health potions consumed without restoring health points
    Health potions are not being consumed anymore if they have not successfully healed a character before the character dies. Only if the health points of a character have been restored successfully the potion will be used up.

    Fairy-summoning Wand causing crash
    The items Fairy-summoning Wand has been fixed as it was causing the game to crash.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
  2. Sync Date: Thursday, 19.06.2014

    Sync Time (planned):

    09:00 am (cet) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (cet) start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)

    Sync Time (done): approx.11:00 am CET

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