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    Greetings Heroes,


    In Short
    Release 141 is a small patch with the main focus on resolving a number of bugs reported by community and our testers.​


    Premium benefit: Wrong Badges of Honor reward
    Premium account holders are meant to get a bonus on top of the total amount of earned Badges of Honor. However, due to a malfunction in its design the Premium bonus was not added after the character received the total sum of Badges of Honor but already before other boni (i.e. Mentor Bonus) had been applied to the total sum, which led to a wrong result. This has been fixed and both calculations now are based on the same formula, applying the premium bonus to Badges of Honor after all other bonuses have been applied.
    Character Customization cannot be completed
    A bug has been fixed that hindered you to complete a character customization successfully due to a flaw in the selection of beards when changing your character from female to male gender. An error would appear as soon as you tried to process the customization and browsed through the selection of beard styles.
    Steam Mechanicus Banner cannot be upgraded & Cloak selling prices adjusted
    The banner Touch of Heaven for the Steam Mechanicus was bugged and therefore could not be upgraded. The item has been fixed and can now be pgraded. Furthermore the selling prices of the Touch of Heaven cloaks and banners have been increased as their original selling prices were too low.
    Accelerating Jewel boni not shown in Jeweler’s desk
    When inserting the Accelerating Jewel into the slots of footwear the added boni were not displayed at the gemstone desk of the Jeweler. This bug has been fixed and the information is displayed correctly now.
    Customized Key Configuration fixed
    If a player attempts to assign one of the number-pad keys that doubles as an arrow key (2, 4, 6, 8) they received a notification that this hotkey is already assigned and cannot be used. We have fixed this bug and the keypad keys can now be assigned freely.
    Item: Vargulf Absorber cannot be dyed
    While it was possible to apply dyes on the item Vargulf Absorber for the Steam Mechanicus, the color of the dye was not displayed on the item once applied. We have fixed this issue and now dyes on the item are displayed correctly.
    Skill Animation fixed
    The animations of the skills Teleport, Rocket Pack, Rage Jump and Dive have been corrected; whenever a character used these skills to evade only short distances, the animations of these skills seemed crooked. All character classes now land correctly on their feet.
    Parallel World had a wrong character level barrier
    The dungeons of the Parallel World were only accessible for characters with a level of 35 and above. We have fixed this and now the dungeons are accessible again from character level 30 and above. In patch 140 we fixed Quest 6 = Parallel World 6 (Ocean of Bones, Halls of the Dead, Mortis' Courtroom)

    Now we have fixed the following maps:
    • Quest 1 = Parallel World 1 (Grimmagstone)
    • Quest 2 = Parallel World 2 (Hagastove Grotto)
    • Quest 3 = Parallel World 3 (Catacombs, Crypt of Kings)
    • Quest 4 = Parallel World 4 (Wildherz Caverns)
    • Quest 5 = Parallel World 5 (Prison of Souls, Liar's Lair, Khalys' Elysium)
    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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