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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    We are very proud to announce the following updates in
    Release 187:

    1. Community Request – Quickbar overhaul

    Your feedback is what made this one possible, Heroes! We are very pleased to announce that your most requested quickbar features are included in this release:

    • Locking Quickbars: Heroes rejoice; never again will your skills and items be mistakenly dragged off the quickbar in the heat of battle!
    • Quickly switch Skill Tree configurations via the quickbar. There is a new 2-button element on the right side of the skill bar which allows premium members to rapidly switch between configurations. This is very handy in conjunction with the next bullet point…
    • Customizable hotkeys for switching between quickbars. If using the default up and down arrows just doesn’t feel right, assign that action to any free keyboard key of your choice!
    • Each Quickbar will be able to hold a different mount.

    2. New Event - Kingshill Sewers
    • Unprecedented earthquakes and disappearing citizens will lead you on an investigation deep into the sewers of Kingshill.
    • Exclusive rewards include the Rune of Resilience (resistance bonus), an upgradable Sewer Rat mount, and the creepy Plague Mask.

    3. Minor changes, additions, and bug fixes

    1. Players who received free premium trial memberships for reaching level 15 and 20 for the first time will get the membership item restored to their inventory.
    2. "Herald gloves" offered by the Materi Trader in PW 7 will now be the same price for all classes.
    3. New Moon unique items now display their tier level, including items earned in the last event.
    4. Peridot gems now display the correct mana cost reduction.
    5. The Bone Coin Trader has a new offering - a “Sandwhirl” decorative effect!
    6. The Sandpit achievement’s counter is now working properly for each kill you make.
    7. Removed the crafting cost for the “Staff of Materi Manipulation.”
    8. The Wolf-Hunter achievement has been moved to the correct category.

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

    Your Drakensang Online Team

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