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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Slabutul9, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Ok, after the jokes i've made is time for a serious post about the release.

    This release doesn't do anything else that repeating once again the same mistake that put the game into this situation from begin.
    I dont know with what to start exactly cause there are so many points and i'm sure i'll miss some.

    Let's start with the PVP. As you probably saw, the pvp became more empty with any big update DSO did. Want an example for that? compare how many players were always in open arenas in lv 40/45, then at lv 50 already weren't that many...once lv 55 came every open arena became empty and in PVP you start meating the same people over and over again because there aren't that many players (from low to top ones) playing pvp. In order to play pvp during the day, at this moment you have to make 2 teams, and you will just fight against each other till one of the teams stop. If you dont do that pvp during the day wont start, only 1v1 from time to time and you wil only meet 1 or 2 players. Ok now how it came to this? Over the time, with every big update BP didn't anything esle than make us work once again for everything and never finish that work in order to enjoy what we worked for. Examples for that? When LV 55 came to the game BP's work was done like 25%, why i say that? They added the update when only a few items were reworked, until they reworked all the items it took over 6 months. They should have first reworked every item and only then put lv 55 into the game. This way the players who started making a pvp build just wasted time.Some of them finished the build and enjoyed it for a few weeks until they reworked other better sets.. so those who finished had to start over again, while those players who didnt finished their pvp build but started to craft a few items which became useless lost motivatin. For example i finished 3 1h pvp build until now, first one i enjoyed for a single week until they added the cube set and i had to remake all again, My locked have arround 20 full gold items crafted into uniques that i wont ever use again. Another example for the endless work come with every new infernal mode. Idk why they keep adding new infernal modes and what they think is so interesting with them. Every new infernal mode is same as the previous one, addidn a new tier for items every 3 months is pretty stupid . With every new infernal mode added you have to change some items in order to stay on the top, with higher base on items, the values you need on them change, and also some of the uniques you use will change. While having to rework items so often new players with no experience wont be able to get make a decend build in time. Now about *gearless arena*... in my opinion this is not an option for an RPG, is like describing a MOBA style game. Is just a solution came from lazyness, from BP's ignorance about players opinion until now. PVP will everyone beeing completly equal with no diferent skils/sets and so on ruing all the fun of this RPG and make it boring. There are other ways to help the new players make a decent character in a shorter way and to motivate the players to play pvp. Now just describing the problems without solutions is not that helpfully, so here are some solutions that i think will solve those pvp problems while keeping it uniques and also repopulate it while helping the new players.

    First, as i said they way to get a top char is too long bcs you have to changed your equipment too often. In my opinion they should stop adding new poinless infernal modes and stop with the items at tier6. The way infernal modes work should be changed in the way that on every mode you get tier 6 items but the amount of drop should be different in order to make the high modes worth to farm. This way the new player will be able to get good items way faster and nobody will need to rework items so often and they could enjoy what they worked for. With this never ending work type game event not that many players play pvp, and from here the ''1 hit arena'' problem, with not many ppl playing pvp.. low players meet top players.
    By making they way to the top easier/shorter for everyone players will wanna farm to get good fast and pvp will be slowly repopulated. Another thing is that the rewards from pvp are pretty worthless, for example what i get after winning a 15 min 3v3 fight (on the first palce) i can get in 1 minute of killing players in swerfield. They should chage the amount of points you get for a fight and add a PVP leaderboard similar to the PVE one to motivate people play pvp (all the pvp modes).

    With the new platinum lines, new prices for everything BP doesn't to anything esle than repeating once again the same problem that put the game into this situation from the first place. With the new lines and prices we have to rework every single item we made until now, this way people and expecially new players wont ever be able to enjoy their work and they will just need to work work and work again forever. From the new realese i could count 4 good things and those are:
    1) you dont have to repair your items anymore, the durability is removed
    2) Pets upgrade doesnt really affect the game and is pretty interesting
    3) more inventory space
    4) New new runes that substitute the actual 1h/2h runes. This as idea is good bcs for example we have block power runes for 2h which are useless. The is pretty big problem into this in my opinion and that is they way they are converting the speed runes, bases on the speed they give and not on the tiers. For example a tier 3 rune for 1 ahnd is converted into a tier 1 new speed rune while a tier 3 rune for 2h is converted into a tier 2 new speed rune, just because the new ruynes give a little more speed. In my opinion this is not really fair, the runes should be converted based on their tiers...but i prefere some like: 1 tier 3 runes for 1 hand should be changed to a tier 2 of the new speed runes while a tier 3 rune for 2h should be changed to a tier 3 of the new speed runes. If this is not possible then they should add some kind of refiners to convert the old runes into the new ones and keep the tier of the runes while converting them, same as we have gems. You can convert an old royal into a new royal... the tier of the gemm stay.
    All other changes like gearless pvp, platinum lines, new prices for everything and so on, doesn't do anything esle than ruining the game.

    You can find all about this into this vido i've made yesterday (skip to 18:00 for this part). I think i've explained better and maybe more things too there than i did here because i had more time.

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  2. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Personally i think that the pve changes ( new gems runes platinum lines ) are a part of a greater plan --> lvl 60 cap may/june 2019. They are implementing it now so u have time to make new items / gems etc etc. Think about it why do you need platinum lines / higher gems / higher pet bonuses now ? Even if inf4 will be introduced the mobs/bosses arent very challenging ( for end game players of course ). As for pvp i dont belive it will be implemented in the way it has been shown but even if thats the "now" version you dont know what theyre planning to do with it. As for speed runes i agree the exchange system is not very fair ( i also have full runes ) but if theyll create converters for andermants ppl will cry its not fair because theyll have to pay for it ( theres no solution like the gem refiniers right now that you can get from dailys etc tec ) and if theyll just exchange 16% rune to 20% rune well thats just contradicts their plan for giving you smth to do doesnt it ? As for the argument that the game is dying because u have to craft new things again and again plz tell me 1 game that doesent require re-equiping yourself after a big update ? oh and it has to be mmorpg and to be honest nobody makes you craft new items you can play with the items youve already made but if theres a new better option you have to work for it.

    BTW as it goes for crafted items you had 20 4x gold line items in your storage ? What am i supposed to say when i had 2x pvp gear 2h gear full bonuses crafted + backups to all items all almost full gold lines ( 73% rings neck 305 wepon 39.78 gloves 39,5 belt 2x 39.4/39.6 armors and items like 4x dmg boots gloves block strenght neck / hp gloves / hp shoes ect ect if smth changes and theyll be required and after i saw new platinum lines ive sold everything for more invetory space :D
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  3. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    I didnt said they should add new stuff to work for from time to time, but not that often. For many new players is hard to make a build when they are never able to finish it and for this reasons many complain that the game is paw to win or so (whish i dont agree with bceause you can farm everything easy) And for this we have now the gearless arena idea which for me is the worse possible idea for an RPG, so in this case helping those new players in the ways i've mentioned is way better than adding the gearless arena on an RPG. There any many ways to make the game evolve, not only new lv or new gear with every patch. I agree that this should be impemented too but not that often, as example when lv 55 came where were only a few items, ifn you crafted them most of the them became uselss cause with every update some of the sets were reworked, thing that shoul've been done from beign. Also the new infernal modes where you just have to change a few items once in 2 or 3 months and buy. just upgrade the uniques you have is not interesting in any way...just pointless.

    About how many items crafted you have idk, i got arround 20 full gold items crfated to uniques which i wont ever use, + arround 30 full gold items in inventory which i use for 1h/2 with some different options for build + many other uncrafted 4x items in the locker which were made for the future items.moeds 61% block 39% life 0,46 block powr shield, 30% speed boots, 305.5% dmg 2h and many many others.
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    PvP is indeed broken as hell and it has been that way since Qaizah expansion.
    It was unbalanced before Qaizah expansion but not that much ... and that was the time (before Qaizah) when buffs and tiers on unique items were introduced.
    What you are suggesting is not even option to balance the PvP. That is the major reason why the PvP is unbalanced.

    I have made a suggestion some time ago and I am brainstorming and working on additional points that I believe will be most suitable as a whole idea on PvP balancing.
    Once I am done I will re-make the original proposal with all additions.
    That way, I believe, all players would be in win-win situation.
    I hope I will finish it as soon as possible.
  5. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Yep i agree 100% with that and ive made my argument about it everywhere i can :D My solution was if they want to change pvp for any price then leave base stats/ gems runes and remove set bonuses/enchantments because there should be a diffrence between old player and a new one period. Thats the reason ppl played hard through all these years or paid hard so a new player cant touch them in pvp its simple as that.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There is something that the players who are liking the new changes don't realize. With these new changes not just PvP but PvE is affected too. PvE would be even more demanding, and in same time players would get weaker than before because no one is going to introduce powerful buffs and new platinum lines without boosting all monsters up.
    The prices went up more than 700% ... the drop is not rewarding to make up for the changes.
    That will lead to more and more painful grind ... that casual players and weak ones can't afford.
  7. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Ok, i am curious to read your ideas, once you finish.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    you haven't already?
    Shame on you :p
  9. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Dont you said you will re-make the original proposal with all additions? xD
  10. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Sad but true and to be honest im expecting this to happen but not as a monster buff etc etc but implementing 60 lvl cap
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    On my way ...
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  12. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    I look forward to this release. Why? Because I was a hardcore farmer by lvl 55 and made my dk very op. Was in top 5 dks on heredur 5 months ago before I chose to stop. Why? Because this game requires way too much time to get good gear or gems etc. To make 4x gold items maybe for some is a easy stuff do to luck , but for others this is just sick farming like I did and it takes way too much time.

    If you chose to be a casual player do to real life, work, family , friends etc and you want to have some fun in this game the answer is you can't.
    The fun you have for example is just a little since you farm to make your 4x gold items for months, by the time you make them they introduce new stuffs like uniqs, infernal modes etc and you won't even have time to enjoy that stats you make....And even for new players they have fun for a while, but this fun is like the new maps, its just for the moment...after a while it gets boring seeing the big gap between the old players or between those who farm for hours day and night...

    Those who says you can make a strong char in few months or call others lazy are either people with too much money and don't need to worry about other stuffs or they are still in school and have the time of their life... I had this time too, but I grow up and time became less and less...

    And again this guys who make a op char in few months although is not possible, only if you have big luck at craft and pay much $$, but anyway those who make a strong player in less time are the ones who have usually strong friends.

    Me too I manage to get my self stronger in faster way do to having strong friends around me, helping each other.

    But not everyone has strong friends to help them farm infernals easily and again even like this is just not possible..

    So the thing is, to be able to do arena in this game you need to farm a lot and pay also if you want to make your char strong in a year.

    And I hope that they will add this patch so I can come back to play this game again since from the beginning I loved it for its pvp.
    And if they don't, I hope they add some better stuffs to make me come back or else I'll just play other games when I feel to pass time.
    Many needs this change, what's good for you may not be good for others, but I want to say my opinion since I'm free to do so.

    Edit: The fact that everyone can get 80% on all stats is one of the things that ruined the pvp.

    And when you call someone a noob keep in mind that usually is just do to not having the time necessary or $$$ to pay their way to the game, and you may be surprised if they add this patch, but I can bet some are way better in playing with their char than you perhaps.
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    What did they do? Did they increase the prices of things, while also reducing the drop of equipment?

    Because from the screenshot i am seeing, everything seems to have gotten cheaper, clover got devaluated,ecc.

    You're telling us that there is a catch in all of this, in typical BP fashion
  14. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    Have you seen screenshot(s) of crafting costs? Even gem crafting is much more expensive. Not even talking about travel items to PW bosses....
  15. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I couldn’t not post this...
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    so that's what he's talking about
    I heard that crafting a royal gem costs 700 gold in test server now and crafting costs 200 gold

    And drops haven't and selling prices of good haven't kept up with that

    i haven't seen screenshots though
    Did they do something else?
  17. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    Any infos about the day they will patch this "wonderfull" r213-4? or they just put all forums in fire just to see the reactions?
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There it is -> Link
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  19. DavidBosss98

    DavidBosss98 Forum Greenhorn

    Guys.. i found a solution for the new pvp rebalancing, i am a old player and i have some experiences. As you know, some players are upset about it cause they lose all the work and time spend on crafing gems enchantments runes and find the sets they like to use, and i feel bad about it too.. but i found a solution. Why cant be 2 modes on pvp ?..
    The first one only with your base value from items.
    And the second one like it was till now, with gems runes enchantments and bonus sets.
    And what mode u select, u fight against players how selected the same mode as u do..
    I think is not so bad ideea, if u wana do some pvp to improve your skills, select the mode with only the base value on item and go on.. [​IMG] And if u wana see more action explosion drama...[​IMG] select the mode where u fight with all u have farm and craft, gems bonus sets etc... What do u think guys ?
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not sustainable.
    The PvP needs more players in same time ... with different arenas the player base will be even more scattered which will lead to inability to get fights.

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