Remembering the Bad Ol' Days

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Darwarren, Feb 18, 2016.

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What changed since you first started playing DSO?

  1. There was no lag or rubberbanding.

  2. You could always log in.

  3. You could always stay connected.

  4. All browsers worked for DSO.

  5. Drops seemed reasonable.

  6. PvP was always busy.

  7. There was only 1 Jullov in 1 Map.

  8. Events started on time.

  9. There were no daily hotfixes.

  10. You could always find a group; some guildies were always online

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    My, my, my, how some things have changed! DSO is not the same, as when we signed up.

    Some of us go back farther than others.
    Please feel free to make additions and comments.
  2. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Coming from Tegan, most of those are not applicable.
  3. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    When I first started playing it took me a few days to get the swing of things, then they went and got rid of COTs and changed a bunch of other stuff. I was like, what the heck?
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  4. -SirMadMan-

    -SirMadMan- Someday Author

    I liked how chat used to be broken for months on end so we all had to develop telepathic skills to know what the hell others wanted.
    I liked how our friends were "always online all the time" because they were actually just bots farming for peeps who didn't really give a rat's butt about the game and were happy for a plugin script to play it for them
    I liked how the gems that you spent ages gathering were permanently destroyed if you sold/dropped an item with them in because you couldn't extract them
    I liked how egotistical control freaks with more money than sense could puff up their egos by equipping red ess in the arena and do 300% base dmg to everyone else so that they could dominate
    I liked how only the really big spenders (or botters) could survive in PW maps past the first mob
    I liked how it took 12 days to complete a 7-day event unless you spent 16+ hrs per day for those 7 days or you spent masses of anders to buy the finish.

    Yeah... good memories.
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  5. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    When I started about 2 years ago and having never played a game of this nature I thought "Wow this is a pretty decent game" It took me awhile to build up several characters and then promptly delete them when discovering that they were too weak. Again I built up another toon, joined a guild, made friends and soon thought I was the shizz but again I was so wrong so on to iteration 3.0 vowing to be better.

    It wasn't until I discovered this very forum and posed the question on how to get better did I actually become decent. With a lot of farming of Heredur (50-100K GOP's daily) I soon found my self smack in the middle of pvp with a twink like toon. Little did I know that some of the low level toons I was competing against had visited the PW's with level 45 friends and soon found out about level 12 DK's with Rings of Life, 40 fame, level 45 gear and 8-10K in HP. PVP was broken and it remains broken. After listening to the people DSO shut the door to PW's but here we are 2 years later opening the door to the PW's for the level 10 and up toons. Predator Bows for the lucky level 10 Ranger if it drops because of a bug.

    Chat seemed to be always broken for days and then weeks at times and today there are still times it's like sitting in a storm waiting for the lights to go off and or flicker. COT's were used to identify gear which which was almost always sub par. Crafting seemed to way more predictable then it is now. There were no daily hotfixes required and the game although flawed was enjoyable to me anyway. The anticipated expansion brought us new maps and enemies but also a new Lor'Crap gear set. The vendor troll Gnob here forward shall be forever known as "Kayne West" or his other alias "Knob".

    It seems now they are trying to maximize revenues by placing unrealistic timeframes for the completion of events compelling some to spend as if under a Jedi mind trick. I know this is a business but it's as though they are driving every free and or fun aspect out the game for the sake of the dollar. Look at the latest and not so greatest edition of winged toons. They can make wings for toons but can't fix my fuggin' "Attack" emote which has no sound for over a year. Did I mention PVP is still broken?

    Oh yeah I think I'm on iteration 6.0 right now but there will NOT be another if BugPoint continues down their path of self destruction.
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  6. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    from 3 years till now all i can say each release less and less drop harder and harder the matter what is your gear or gems u have ..even royals wont provide u the easy farming...i feel that the developers is treating the players like a 5 years old child..sooner or later all players will leave this game because of the new policy to play events..look at the new event(peril of EDIT)..its just the beggening
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  7. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Coming from Tegan. From almost 2 years till now , I am happy: I slowly become strong (I don't expect to become very strong)
    But there is one thing I don't like: full moon. its a waste (fragments) . I still don't understand why mini boss so strong ^^" .
    I suggest: short time event(like new moon , full moon --> easy to finish) , because I didn't have long time to play game.
    I work AM 8:00~PM 17:00. At home,I am a father with 2 kids. New moon I fell OK, but full moon took me long time to finish. ><"
    What changed since I first started playing DSO? I could always log in. I could always stay connected.
    I log into the game by google account via firefox. I wish I can log in by client . I want to experience many benefits when using the download client.
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  8. Дарки

    Дарки Junior Expert

    What changed?
    We are not the same anymore.
    At first I did not now that there is a chat or a guild options in here, so I play single.
    Than I found a small group of exited players as me and we found “Бандата на шаро”guild.
    That arena, greediness, betrayal and all other stuff connected to the Human relations arise… and nothing was the same anymore.
    So… we are changed. From our foundation to the top. Nothing remained unchanged. And we can never look with the same exalted eyes for the first time the maps, the bosses, the other players.
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  9. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    I miss having the chat taking up the entire left side of the screen with no structure.
  10. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    I am missing the purpose of the game...Yes,before was also bugs,lags,red ess in arena,potions,crazy buffs,bot users,etc...
    But...near all that we had a purpose to play:
    - events,they bring all time something new,not repeatable (pets,mounts,emotions,items,costumes)
    - you could hunt a low lvl items,up them and can have a "unique" set up
    - we all waited the gnob,because only there you could buy something "special",new,rare
    - we could farm anders, that time when you had 10k anders you were pretty "reach" :)
    - your melt and max lvl items make you really more stronger,they made a differences
    - you couldnt die only from 1 hit even if someone used red ess
    - pvp was more balanced and we had more fun
    - we didnt wait 1-2h for a single pvp much
    - you could made your hero if you want with a hard farm and it was not so much depended on a luck(jesters-gems,anders,gold)
    - missing the friends who are gone (usually older generations went out first and left mostly the new chars 1y-2y, and younger players)
    etc etc etc...could write till tomorrow
    Now I dont have for what to farm,its not make a difference,pvp is ruined,dont have reason to play events (rewards are just a joke,and drakens are useless),they can just drop out a Gnob,its worth nothing,etc etc etc....:(
  11. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    seems like when I first started I never won pvp I was level 21 and always seem 25 to 29 on the other team. Also I never could complete quests all I ever did was complain I could not get a quest drop. My armor was always broken due to the fact you have to sell stuff or kill stuff. Guilds of only 5 people was a joke. To get a copper key and to have a silver chest what a joke. To figure out what class of the three to use.... Sorry I am happier now and yes there are some things we all miss some good some bad.
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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Pvp was pretty good right before r155/level 50. Or maybe it was just good for me, since I was using a flag running dwarf and an 1h high attack speed/damage DK.
  13. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Ufff, long story. If I start to write it will be atleast 2 page long... and Im shure that I will skip great number of things.

    Main thing is that this game is based on sirious farming to get good items and BP just made that impossible. We're going into an infinite loop. Every time players invest more time and effort into farming BP raised the bar for a few centimeters, and that repait over and over. Slowly but surely, BP raised the necessary time for farming good items so we arrived at the ludicrous position that it is necessary to play every day a huge number of hours to achieve something. I play this game for several years but regardless of all the effort and time I spend playing I know that I will not achieve anything.

    The latest move is the introduction tiers of unique items. One would think that it is now easier to get a unique items... but that is not corect. Now it's even more difficult to obtain the good items because you need to get 16 items in order to get a good unique. It seems that BP raise a drop chance but in effect BP lower that chance protect thay income. Dont get me wrong, I know this is bussines, but to promote game "free to play" while you doing everything to force players to pay is wrong.

    My opinion of all that I wrote in a post which is, suprise, deleted in less than one minute. I openly said it is not right that players who use all possible means to block exp to make a strong character considered for fraudsters and on the other hand BP has even, in one revision, in tree of knowledge put how much does it cost to immediately obtain 45th level. Their business policy led them in a position that is slowly but surely destroying this game. I think that thay must decide is this game is F2P or P2P. Just as their main salling point is "the best browser game" but it is difficult to find a browser from which you can play. In any case the best indicator of the correctness of BP moves is a reaction of players... and reaction is not even close to good.
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  14. @.Baraba. Actually, the post you are referring to was deleted because it was mostly inane gibberish that even Google Translate Gibberish-English couldn't decipher. And your next post was deleted because you called the mod who deleted said previous post "N.a.z.i SS admin".

    This thread of Darwarren's was a light-hearted poke at BP. Lets keeps it that way rather than turn it into a poop-flinging rant-a-thon, eh?
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  15. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I remember the bad rubber banding we suffered through. The mindless grind to level up. The super long grind to finish the cloak quests. Not all the days were so great, but I get it that sometimes it does seem like the older days were better.

    With all the error messages this week it does make me long for the older days, but then I remember all the times we used to get kicked out entering or exiting maps. Some things simply don't change.
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  16. jcdenton007

    jcdenton007 Forum Apprentice

    --The Old--

    I remember the old/early skill system with per-skill elemental choices. I miss that system :(
    Fire Nova, Ice Nova, Lightning Nova, or Shadow/Dark Nova. It brought some really nice choice/strategy to the game (even if it was a bit complex at times).

    But for the 'browser game' market I get why they simplified it. Also those elemental essences cost only andermant and that resulted in everyone using the non-elemental versions that hit like a wet noodle (or just rolling a DK).

    I remember Crystal of Truth farming to get enough to ID that awesome orange item I got from Heredur on my DK (the mace) after like 200+ runs and I'd long since outleveled it but I didn't care. And then the game crashed and it was gone and support didn't help so I was SOL. :(

    I remember the one-shotting PvP jerks in arena with 300% essences. I remember laughing my ass off at them when I did stunlock them and run around to waste time to beat them. Teleport, Frost Nova, Lightning, repeat when off cooldown. Never got old :)
    I remember when free players were thrown into the arena meat-grinder by the promise of 600 andermand and 1200 andermant rewards for 'winning' 10 and 100 battles respectively.

    I remember when a sorc had mana potions they could buy for coin and just spam to keep up the damage/spellspam. I miss that and wish they'd just kept in the health/mana potions and put in dedicated potion slots instead of throwing them in the cash shop (and less than 1% monster drops) and going 'up yours' to the players. Potions are not well-integrated into the game and it is a shame. Having a consumables market would encourage more player activity if nothing else. Being able to gather materials (or farm them from mobs) and combine those materials in the workbench to craft potions would've gone a long way towards making things a bit better.

    --The New; Positives in Bold--

    Of course now the andermant rewards are like they chopped off a digit instead of 20 andermant from a quest it is 2. Instead of 60 it is 6. Leads to odd situations where newer/higher level quests give LESS andermant than lower level ones did.

    Droprates on money have drastically improved. I am guaranteed at least coins (if nothing else) from Shabby Treasure Chests. No more empty ones YAY! But the paid/locked ones have doubled in quantity and obnoxiousness. I wonder why they even bother with them since low level stuff is a trap to spend real money on like that.

    UI is still far too large and unscaleable in any respect. Would love to be able to make certain things smaller, especially since some players play on larger monitors with widescreen aspect ratios.

    Obnoxious full-screen adverts (two of them) when opening the store for the first time. Not a pleasant experience.

    Holy cow identifying is free!? WHAT!? O_O
    BP must really be desperate to retain players if they made a huge change like this.

    Health orbs like crazy in the newbie zone; I might as well be immortal. The tutorial NPC is annoying enough to steal my xp/kills/drops. I went on a whole bit about the revamped tutorial. It is worse than the previous revamped tutorial (the 2nd iteration with dragons and active battles going on). It is so yawn-worthy that only near the end does it get slightly exciting and then only for one boss (no minions spawning, no interesting mechanics, just dodge the spells every once in a while IF you want or stand on the health orb for infinite health).

    Locker/Bank is free and available without having to farm talents, very nice.

    No essences in PvP? About 6+ years late but I guess that's cool for those who still PvP (all 10 of you).

    Cloaks are available without having to farm wisdom stuff, very nice; even a starter cloak at low levels!

    Guaranteed blue+ drops for newbies so they aren't in white gear when trying to do a dungeon
    . Fantastic (if unbalanced; Ranger gets a blue awesome 1h weapon while other classes only get a 2h weapon; favorite dev class is obvious).

    Where did Grimmagstone dungeon go!? Oh it was rolled (poorly) into the new tutorial. Less content I guess but it shouldn't matter.

    Tutorial popups are terribly done and too large.

    Leveling up in the middle of combat is a detriment cause the level up overlay blocks your ability to click in certain spots and blocks your view of some enemies south of you. The wierd 'rectangle' viewpoint is still in place.

    Well I can zoom out about 10% more than I could 3+ years ago. That's something, right? Progress?

    DSO is in the TEMP directory, aka the directory cleaned out automatically by Windows Disk Cleanup utility every now and then (as well as other types of maintenance utilities). Really terrible and no clue why they didn't just keep it outside of the TEMP folder. Even player settings/keybinds are there!

    I'm not being insta-kicked and temp-banned from chat for saying the word 'homosexual' in Guild/Whisper chat anymore. Yay? Progress? Chat filter is still a garbage idea and no in-game way to disable it. Still overly aggressive at censoring stuff like gay but not censoring the f-word equivalent. When I'm playing on USA servers; I am bound by USA law. German law doesn't apply to me unless I'm on a German server. On the internet, we are bound by the jurisdiction of the server location we are playing on. But apparently BP doesn't get that or doesn't care.

    PvP seems less of a focus now. No more 'meat grinder' quests with offers of andermant to get newbies to rage-quit in the arena. Must be a good thing.

    The downside has to be that PvP is what kept a ton of players playing the game. The lack of meat-grinder quests means less players playing and means less PvP activity. The PvP activity was never ideal to participate in due to the heavy pay-to-win aspect of monetization that BP has leaned towards since day one. It is slightly less pay to win now with the lack of essences, but the use of potions (soon to be removed?) and most importantly the buyable artifact gear + best possible gems will still dissuade many people from participating.

    When the 'whales' leave, the game will die. The 'whales' will leave if the game does not provide enough new/returning player acquisition to populate the gameplay modes they desire (PvP). Of course that's always the danger of this 'whales first' mentality in monetization and treating customers as wallets instead of people. Numbers instead of human beings. But that's how BP seems to want to do things so meh. What should I know? :p

    EDIT: Curious. I can write 'gay' here but I can't do so in-game. Curious indeed.
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  17. Scythe

    Scythe Someday Author

    Hmm honestly, I'd prefer the game significantly more as a new player now than when I started playing. Now, HoD isn't the only map worth farming, SWs can have an equal chance of survivability when soloing maps (due to our wonderful aggro skills, though I still look forward to proper HP regen), DKs aren't invincible in PvP, and even legendaries can rival good sets so I wouldn't have to wait to accrue tens of thousands of drakens to purchase the Dragonache set (though the sets still can enhance different builds very well).

    But as end-game players, it can be exponentially more difficult to find satisfaction with elements of the game we've been exposed to for such a long time -- which certainly isn't a problem solely inherent to DSO, but one I imagine every game faces. We can only wish the DSO team all the best in making sure this game doesn't just stay the same, but rather, gets more new content over time. (no easy feat...)
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  18. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    As far as I know the word 'gay' describes a lighthearted, cheerful, careless, jolly person.
  19. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    The cloak quests are still super long and grinding. Lol. Not to mention dull. The cloaks aren't even worth it until the last one.
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  20. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Now these quests take a few days of casual farming on regular maps. They used to require months of hard farming in the parallel worlds. And if this weren't bad enough, the cloaks now are better now than they used to be.

    Players who complain about the Atlantis drops have no idea what it was like when we had to fight through Ocean and HOD. Read the old cloak threads and you'll see why all of us that went through them laugh at what it takes now.

    On top of all that, now you can start cloak quests at lvl 12 (or something) and do them as you do quests. You used to have to wait until you got the wisdom points to open up those quests.

    The cloak thing is one of the best changes they made in the game, no doubt about it.
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