Removal of Steam Mechanicus access barriers

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  1. teddy.bear

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    Heroes of Duria,

    Here’s another big jaw dropper you need to know about. The Steam Mechanicus currently has 3 barriers that hinder players from accessing the 4th archetype of DSO easily.​
    • the need of an existing character class with level 35
    • be a premium member
    • single payment of 5 € to unlock the class
    All of these barriers will be taken out of the game with release 136.

    With release 134 we will implement a notification window for the Steam Mechanicus.​

    For 30 days, the notification window will inform the player in advance about the removal of these barriers. As soon as release 134 will be on the live servers players will be able to see the following notification:

    Notification window text (translated from German):​

    In order to be able to play as the Steam Mechanicus, you have the following options:​
    • reach level 35 with one of your existing characters
    • unlock the character class directly through purchase
    • become a premium member
    As of 9th of October this class will be unlocked and available for all players without the need of additional costs.

    Why are we doing this?

    We are aiming to have a balanced mix of classes in the game and currently the number of steam mechanicus players is not naturally equal to the other classes. Of course we know that the class needs a boost in health and defense (will happen soon as well). However, for now we wanted to make the class easier accessible.​

    Compensation plans

    Any players paying for the Steam Mechanicus class during the 30-day window after the announcement is made will not be reimbursed.

    As per discussion with the CMs, an announcement will be made to the following effect: Every player that has unlocked the Steam Mechanicus by paying 5€ will receive a compensation of 7 days premium. We want to thank the player for buying the early access to the Steam Mechanicus.

    The compensation will automatically be booked onto the players’ account via a script.​

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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