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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by cigarbennett, May 15, 2022.

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  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    Just read your patch notes for r255 thank you for once for at least providing information.

    quote: We fixed bug with resource regeneration runes, which were restoring abnormal big amout of resource points per second. This made skill resource cost feature useless, what was never intended. But don´t worry, there are a lot of items, pets, potions and buffs that give some bonus resource points!

    REALLY!!!!! Dark Legacy was December 2021. Seventeen months ago,, repeat seventeen months ago the standard for those runes was set. Seventeen months later now you say this was not intended. SEVENTEEN months later. Is BP blind can they not see why so many players have left this game. How many more players are you going to piss off now waiting seventeen months to address a problem. That YOU say is a problem. Players are fine with the runes.

    Do you really think players are going to believe that your developers are so incompetent that it took them a year and half to figure out something isn't working as intended.

    Dark Legacy was an outrageous nerf. Players are sick and tired of striving to build a toon and have it nerfed. How many more players are you going to drive away this time to your competition. You know the competition that started up February 11, 2022. Your developers are out of control they have no conscious.
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  2. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    Just a reminder - current developers were not in charge 17 months ago, it's a different team with apparently different philosophy on what has to be changed. Gotta take that in account before blaming "them" for a lack of vision or something similar.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is one big pile of horse manure :D
    There WAS NO BUG ... it was by design.
    ATM these changes are being applied on live server ... but I have recorded all skills both on TS and live server.
    I have also made these screens which prove they are lying.

    This is the Rune of Recharging as we know it from live server (R254)


    These are the stats without equipped rune


    Now ... here are the stats with only one rune equipped


    And now lets see the game version from TS (R255).
    This is the NEW EFFECT from the rune ... which they never mentioned


    These are the stats without equipped rune


    And these are the stats with one equipped rune


    THAT is a proof that nothing was bugged and everything was working as intended, by design.
    Bug is when something is not working as intended ... in this case there is no bug. The rune effect is displayed as intended , the bonus is working as intended and the effect is not having unexpected outcomes.
    This is a nerf that they want to present in the public as a "bug" and blame it on someone else who is not working in BP anymore.
    We are slowly witnessing Dark Legacy taking a new advanced stage and form and turning to version "Dark Legacy - Pinocchio Edition".
    Not just they lie ... they are even keeping all the changes secret so the people would be easily manipulated.
    This announcement is Announcement of the Year.
    They announced :
    " We fixed an old ancient bug which was affecting resource regeneration and we also fixed something else. We changed almost all skills and talents both in PvP and PvE, we changed something with the damage and other things ... but why bother explaining to you when you would probably notice this and that when the new release goes live sometime in the near future.
    The new PvP buff "secures more interesting and balanced fights". What? We know you don't care, so why bother telling you anyway. "

    This is supposed to be an announcement :)
    Did they mention they changed the rune? No, they are hoping you would unconditionally believe them.

    These "changes" are not new they were being prepared for a long time.
    "Developers" is a broad term, Game Designers are coming and going all the time but they are not the one who are calling the shots. Those who you don't see are pulling the strings.
    So, as I said these changes are not from this one man show team, they have been prepared long time ago and in fact they are just reverting them to the old state. The entire Dark Legacy screw up was an old idea sitting on some old PC ... search this forum it has already been discussed, these reverts are nothing new as well.
    But you know what is the funniest thing ever? Those shills who are always preaching how wonderful and well balanced the game is (according to them the game is always at any given time the most balanced game ever made in the history of gaming) ... and after each change or nerf or "rebalancing" ... which is almost every year XD ... the game is again perfect and most balanced of all the games in our universe.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Intended or not, i dont care to be honest, but i played 30minutes and im constantly running out of steam. Specially if a turret is destroyed and need to redeploy...i need to wait too long to be able to.

    I do not like this change at all. Guess theyre hoping we all going to buy potions with ander or something :)
  5. Maciejuszek00

    Maciejuszek00 Forum Greenhorn

    Good that I can use my skills on Khaly xdxd
  6. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    I agree, but I play Spellweaver with Bloodmage passive, so I couldn't care less. Almost everyone in forums keep complaining that any change only benefits mages anyway, so play mage or suffer! /s
  7. gintarszb

    gintarszb Forum Apprentice

    Developers change nerf of runes from 10 to only twice. White rune regenerating resource 0.65%, legendary 3.25% per second (before 6.50%).
    But...this still a nerf and i don't like this and especially lying about this " old bug ".:mad:

    Dark Legacy have too much problems from the start. But nerf runes is a good idea? :eek:
    Ranger players at low level don't have runes or only low quality/ gold for potions, for them no fun at all play the game if compare gameplay before DL.

    And mages with blood mage talent still have advantage vs rangers ,who use 10 runes for regenerating resource instead having more choices for use other runes.

    I have mage and others twinks, but ranger No.1 in my DSO gameplay...
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  8. doctormaz

    doctormaz Forum Apprentice

    Thank you for your comments and I am sorry that you are saddened by a game that has always been like this. The excuse has always been that the game was expanding. The few expansions in fact are really poor in content. The events have always been repetitive with peaks of boredom and associated arthropathies that are too or moderately intense.
    The expansion has always been the excuse to excuse all the progress obtained in order to be able to redo the same game, the same maps, the same events but with new more or less convenient rules.

    The basic idea is, according to my view, the one that underlies all human activities: profit (gain).

    The regulation end user who accepts when deciding to play this old game is that of simple passive acceptance. So if I decide that what you paid 10 euros is now worth zero, you player must be silent and you cannot complain.

    Such a rule cannot be imposed in a game and a game based on these dynamics and vexatious clauses towards end users is not acceptable and I do not think that in the jurisprudence of every European country it is acceptable.

    Finally I conclude that the money they pocket pays us the expenses and earns us but given the very slow developments of this game and the paucity of the contents or the repetitiveness of the same makes me think of two things:
    1) that you earn "too much" and invest little
    2) that you are scraping the bottom of the barrel or squeezing a lemon already at the end so you continue to earn but you have little money left to invest.
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  9. marixownzzz

    marixownzzz Forum Greenhorn

  10. marixownzzz

    marixownzzz Forum Greenhorn

    Made the runes back!
  11. Rozbad1337

    Rozbad1337 Forum Greenhorn

    I have new ranger level 100 one week and i cant kill nothing, i have always low concentration.. i have only few green runes and it was better before update, if they dont bring it back as it was I will need to stop playing, its not fun anymore :(
  12. PolloolloP

    PolloolloP Forum Apprentice

    the way I see it the simple fact that there aren't many complaints says a lot about how many players are still active. R.i.p DSO i haven't logged in for months
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  13. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    So true the lack of players complaing about this only shows how bad it is for the future of the game.
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  14. joe989

    joe989 Forum Greenhorn

    With Monday’s update, I lost 20 talent points all to fix the problem caused by the developers, that’s just one.
    The medusa cloak can also go into the soup because since Monday, npcs have just thrown the blocking off as if it were a must.
    I've been actively playing a ranger for 2 years now, I don't feel like it at the moment.
    Obviously, the developers are aiming to ruin this game because they haven’t made such a blunder as they do now.
    And that's next to the lie that it's a very old mistake .... Outrageous !!!
    The time I have spent on the game for the last two years is not necessary for bigpoint so I don't see the money I spend on andermant and premium membership!
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  15. FONZI1994

    FONZI1994 Forum Greenhorn

    I've been a Ranger for as long as the game has been around. After a break I started playing again and I find myself Dark Legacy, I was in really bad shape but slowly I managed to make myself a more than decent character, capable of doing anything by myself. And I realized that after all the Ranger in my opinion was the most balanced class of all: fast enough to do damage and resistant enough, but obviously not immortal and with many disadvantages compared to other classes, but overall very much playable. Now I wonder, what is the use of nerfing in this way a class that works so well when instead it would have been enough to solve the few things that were wrong with the others? !!! I can't understand it honestly.
    You have introduced the mythical set. Good. Nice. Result: only Rangers in possession of 5 cooldown jewels can use it fully, for the others, after having a square seat to craft they have had no benefit other than a handful of unnecessary life points. Instead you see War, Wizards and Dwarves smash everything without too many requirements. OK that's okay, for once we unlucky will stay that way which is still okay.
    20 days pass and you apply a release to me where practically those poor wretches who had already received nothing find themselves having to remove 20 points even on the skills tree because it seems to be back to basics, to when after firing 2 shots you were without concentration , although we have committed 10 places in the trinkets to solve this nasty problem.
    So today those who are without those jewels cannot use either the coup de grace or the normal physical setting in certain situations.
    Not to mention the pvp where the Rangers have become the laughing stock of all Dracania. We are reduced to having to use hunting arrow as Wizards, War and Dwarves completely asphalt you in an instant and you are there to shoot useless arrows and make turns.
    You know, this was the right time where I was aiming to complete my character 100%, I've been playing for months now at a fast enough pace to do it, but given the circumstances I don't know if I'll still want to.
    This time you messed up badly, I really don't have the words to express my deep regret.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Feels like they nerved allot more. Ever since this update i dont see decent gem drops, rune drops, enchantments. On bloodshed mostly seeing simple gems drop, blue gears and zero gold lines over 100s of items. Or maybe thats just my luck...
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  17. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    I will subscribe to every word.. but only devs do not care about players and the game as a whole.. they don't even make contact with the players.. cannot explain simple things.. it seems that they do not play this game, sculpt it in their own way, "and so it will come down." they entrenched into the DS, possibly communicate with each other.. and on the forum they clean up uncomfortable comments/questions for them..
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  18. Chinney

    Chinney Forum Greenhorn

    I think this is due to the Ranger Dragan Mysthic Set effectiveness issue.
    They nerf the resources regeneration runes to appreciate Ranger Dragan Mythic Set and incomming Mythic set related to resources.
    Solving a problem by creating more problems. I think Professionals do this now a days.. xD
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  19. Talbor

    Talbor Someday Author

    I wondered why I seemed to be running out of concentration a lot more lately, so this explains it.
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not related to sets it is just pure incompetence. Resource related sets and items have been always present in the game but these runes are new, released with the Dark Joke game version.
    BTW the ranger's set is a joke ... and no I don't need videos from the same people who were playing and recording videos in "god mode" earlier. The internet culture call them "Influencers" for a reason ;)
    And the new Dragan Set is bugged :D
    On top if it ... these new devs need to go back to school and learn math ... especially functions. They made new "mythical" game math rules that are not related to mainstream math. No wonder nothing is working in the game.
    Solving problems ... yeah right :D
    The only thing they did is rebranding Unique Items. Now the game has "Mythical Items" ... "Biblical Items" are next.
    All that new PR crap ... and yet still the old (dis)functionality.
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