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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Oxdan, Dec 14, 2022.

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  1. Oxdan

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    I have recently returned to the game after a few-years-long gap, and noticed that the tooltips on the respawn screens have not advanced with the game. They have often became misleading, for example there is no way to upgrade gear at the backsmith, even though there is a tooltip stating that there is.
    What I propose seems like an easy fix -please update the tooltips in a way that they become helpful for new and returning players. A twisted woods guide, new craft system tips, new gem crafting manual, something useful and new would be awesome.
    I admit this wouldn't be life changing but it's a short and probably easy quality of life fix.
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  3. ldso

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    Hello, welcome back to the game. :) As far as gear goes, now, higher lvl items are obtained by dropping them in the corresponding higher lvl maps, instead of manually upgrading them like before. For example, the highest lvl items (145) can be dropped in pw blood level maps. You can also craft uniques at the lvls you would prefer (usually lvl 145, as it is the highest and offers the best possible stats) using a lvl 145 item of the same type that you get from those maps.

    In regards to the some of the recipes you will need for crafting, etc., feel free to check the crafting section in the achievements tab. ^^ There, you may see some achievements you will need to complete to get recipes for crafting. With that said, there are various guides and tips available online here at the forums, in the discord, other online sources like videos or the aforementioned link, etc. Feel free to peruse around and absorb whatever nifty bits of information you may be able to see from the past few years. :)
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