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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by LongShlong., Jan 30, 2019.

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  1. LongShlong.

    LongShlong. Forum Greenhorn

    gonna give to you all straight- I am clearly tired of playing inf 3-4 with people who have no clue what crafting even is.On the other hand there are some miser.ble players , who wait for me to kill the boss and immediately after this press the 120 andermant revive.

    Yes, the removal of this function has its pros but mainly it is abused on daily basis by the new players who cant understand that we r not there to waste resource and mainly time. Back then no one really paid attention to such a thing, people used to become group liders for 1-2 runs if they are able to spawn karabossa,vargulf etc.

    Yesterday i wanted to lvl-up my other character, so i went with a group to great desert and guess what- "a player" waited on the spawn throughtout the whole time and on top of that he gained xp and was able to collect key and item drops.

    Another aspect of this thread- Went to heredur inf 4. It was clear to me that the tank wasnt even strong for inf 1-2 but i said to myself that at least he is gonna use some spirit stones.
    And SURPRISE the other 4 members were just laying down and waiting for me to kill the boss. This whole time i was under pressure because 1 click could fully heal the boss. However they were that stubborn and waiting for me to go through this whole process and guiltlessly revived for 120 -ALL OF THEM.

    To summ up, I would say that the removal of "kick a group member" option has a negative effect on the majority of players. Dont waste your time by with pointless comment. I want this post to be se sent to the support and to the community manager. I am not here to "shoot andermants"by wasting my red ess in order to kill the boss faster because my dead "teammates" have the opportunity to troll me with a simple click of their mouse.
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  2. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    Put them to your ignore list.
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  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Which boss is that?

    Honestly, the old version was worse. I remember horror stories of event where the strong members of the group would wait for the weak one to summon the boss and then kick them from the group. There is a very good reason they changed this. Exploitation of weaker players was rampant.

    So, here is the solution. Play with people you trust, or play in a difficulty low enough that it isn't going to be stressful if they all end up being useless. Then, as HellenicMacedonian pointed out, block them.

    Another solution, if they seem useless in the maps leading up to the boss, cut your losses, port back to town and drop out of the group.

    Don't waste your time hoping that the community manager will see it. They haven't been useful since Haruki, and to paraphrase something the CMs said back in that time, Don't post something on the forums unless you are prepared for the community to reply. Welcome to the replies section.
  4. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Padavan

    Join a guild, make friends with some people you trust. I generally don't let randos into my group. I feel your pain dude, but it appears to be rather self inflicted. You are pretty much just feeding the trolls and then crying about it when your horn of plenty is empty. Be selective and you will enjoy yourself much more.
  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I've had similar experience.

    I thought a solution would be if the game could tell that the player is actually fighting, and if he/she is, they'd get exp points and drop; and if they are not, no exp and no drop for them.

    This does not mean that they would have to deal x% of damage to the monsters, because that would defeat the point of helping weaker players. It would be sufficient if the game could tell whether they are actually running, using skills, attacking monsters, ..., no matter how effectively.

    Because I'm ready to help weaker players and lower levels, but I despise abusers who just stand around and don't even try. If I see that the other player is super weak, but he's genuinely trying to help, even if he can't do much, I'm more likely to revive them, and I'm fine with helping them.

    Similarly, if someone dies in a boss fight, and maybe is offered a revival, but they still lie down and wait till the boss is dead, well, no drop for them.
    If they are not offered the revival, wait till boss is dead or nearly dead, and then go for 120, well - don't tell me the game is not able to recognize that - they should get no drop either.

    As for aforementioned solutions:

    These are all ok ways to avoid being taken advantage of, but this way it's You who is avoiding abusers by having to learn that they are abusers first. Then you have to leave the party and you have the take the action of blocking them, and you have to search for the right people to play with, while they just keep taking advantage of random people.

    So if they are the bad guys, they should be punished, and not be able to just find another good player who's decided to go the helping hand path. If the game code allows that, the players who just don't play and stand around should be punished by having no drop.

    I think a helping player should not get burned constantly and have other people telling them it's their own fault.

    Yes, the things the old system allowed were awful. That's why I don't support the OP's suggestion to bring back the easy kick.

    An alternative to my amazing "no work - no drop" solution (which btw, I have no idea if it can be achieved from a programmer perspective) could be:

    The game can tell if you are a donor of key items, and there is a "vote on kick a specific player" option.

    It could all function together, actually. So for example:

    • Player A uses a cursed pearl. Until the party goes to town, he cannot be kicked even if the entire party cast their kick votes. Player A dies at the start of the boss fight. When offered a revival he either accepts and dies again, or doesn't accept and waits. He's revived at the end of the battle. He gets drop and unlocks the merchant despite being of no use in the battle, because he provided the key item.
    • Player B does not use the cursed pearl. So he can be kicked if the entire party votes to kick him. Nonetheless, they do not kick him. Player B dies at the start of the boss fight. When offered a revival he either accepts and dies again, or doesn't accept and waits. He's revived at the end of the battle. He gets no drop and merchant refuses to sell their goodies to them, because he both didn't provide his pearl AND he was useless in the boss fight.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    The new system is aweful

    But how do you deal with the abuse weaker players were getting, as explained by Baragain?I would bring the easy kick feature as long as such abuses aren't able to be carried

    As for i now, i refuse to group up with randoms, unless i know they are strong
    And even then, you can simply meet complete retards who don't know what they EDIT they are doing
    Going group with randoms is a risky business
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  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    Nope. What if they had were not weak, or were weak and still willing to help as you put it, but had just spent almost all andermants, having not enough for more than one revive, and so they were waiting for the stone... but their group mates didn't use one, finished killing the boss and left the map? I have been in such a situation a couple of times when I was already strong, and even more times when I was weak. Recently it hasn't happened to me though, but that's only because I'm avoiding groups.
    Any. He means that if one person revives out to the city for any reason the boss gets healed.
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  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Exactly, that's right. I knew this would be a problem when I wrote it...
    However, if one goes with a group and wants to take on a hard boss, having just a handful of andermant is quite irresponsible :/

    It's of course impossible to measure objectively what one's intentions are, if they want to help or just want to be carried without even trying...

    In the end, we'll have to stick to the simplest solutions that others have listed.

    Nonetheless, I still think a solution of 0 drop would be pretty good. I just don't know how exactly to achieve it, so it's fair = so it does not punish someone who does not deserve punishing :/
  9. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Yeah, kick no good, if you are in a bad team best solution is to leave that team.
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It was never about the players ... it was always about not being able to reset the instance.
    That is why the kick option on maps has been disabled.
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  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Hummm, does that only happen if they pick the free revive to the city? I've had plenty of people nebula and come back in town and the boss didn't heal.

    Also shows how often I play with the kind of leach that I'd have to even worry about that sort of thing happening with.
  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    Nebula is probably a different thing, it happens for sure when somebody chooses an option of leaving the map. So, if it's a SND or event boss and there is an entrance leading out, it heals the boss. Same for the universal world map and any other teleportation items.
  13. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Commissioner

    I understand it's frustrating to be unable to kick a player immediately, and I have to say my solution is rather ruthless: I have been guilty of home teleporting mid-run and leaving group when I have one or more group members who are not living up to my standards. I'm playing the game to have fun, not put up stupid shenanigans. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with helping newer/weaker players, but there's a fine line between helping someone, and just straight up carrying a freeloader.
  14. BatLyubo

    BatLyubo Junior Expert

    It used to be hella fun kicking someone who didnt use ess right before they collect the drop, ahh these good old days <3
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  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    And crap like that is why we the developers had to make the change.
  16. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    I belive that you are right and i totally agree! Besides, if we are able to kick players again whenever we want, other problems are going to appear and also an other thread!
    What u say is true but by the time u are strong u could help the weaker ones so they become strong too! I think that we all have been helped at the game even from our stronger friends(if we have ofc)! If the other char though, is not helping at all or u dont like his play is easy to understand and leave the team at the first 2min.
  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    just like when they removed the possibility to enter and exist bosses without having to complete the maps
    when i was weaker i tried to do my best, i used strong essences, i revived, ecc.
    I wasn't a cancerous parasite on the group, like many are now
    And i have encountered enough of that lot to stop random grouping
  18. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    Well thats your choice and i can not blame you ofc cause i have seen players like those too!Although I try to help people often and on my server most of them are not like that! They try to help,they use essences and i have seen them become much better overtime and I really like seeing that!

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