Feedback Returning player from 2015 quitting after 3 weeks in DSO post 220

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by yeomanry, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    edit: Bye DSO. For good this time.

    Let me emphasize the topic sentence:
    Drakensang Online is the worst MMORPG I ever played; and it's developer, Bigpoint are trying their best to shove my wallet back into my pocket.

    I registered back in 2011. My last serious playthrough was during Lor'tac expansion, leveling towards level 50, an expansion which made most of my mates drop out of the game.


    4 years later, I returned post-220 and missed out the infamous Materi Fragment traders. I grinded for a week, give-or-take to reach maximum level and a few days to finish all parallel world quests. For the next two weeks, I've been constantly and consistently farming PW Herald literally over a hundred times ranging from any difficulty, mostly leaning towards Infernal 3 trying to obtain T6 Herald's bow. And it wasn't an easy ride.

    During my early runs, many players refused to take me to the highest difficulty due to 220 but did help me ran through lower difficulties. And when I did find a guild, I found myself facing another problem: Latency. Of all the games I ever played, DSO has the worst servers. It has the worst and possibly highest ms spikes I've ever encountered in any game. With a Maximum of 1.5k ms (Im gonna post a screenshot if I ever get cursed again) that causes an atrocious lag where you can't see anything. No enemies, no team mates, nothing; leaving you an outcast, often getting accused of leeching.

    DSO is quite possibly the most depressing game I've ever played. Bigpoint refuses to reward the players, if not returning players for the persistence to make it back to the big game. All the ridiculous amount of time spent grinding, clearing and defeating pw bosses sll accumulated to nothing. Literally over a hundred times and still not a single satisfying reward. And no, your system constantly dropping me Dragonslayer set is not satisfying.

    Which leads me to a conclusion: Do you want my money?

    I'm testing DSO since I'm running trial runs on all the good MMO games I've played back in high school and early years in college. Now that I have a stable income, I now have the financial capability to drop a buttload of money into games worthy of my time. Somehow, you keep treating me unfairly with your ridiculous system, if so then I'm happy to take my money elsewhere. I've already dumped hundreds of dollars on games that satisfied and rewarded me for my efforts in-game: EDIT after I gear up my high-end PC.

    (edited by moderators, I'm not allowed to mention non-Bigpoint games)

    Bigpoint, if you want DSO to remain in my desktop, make me feel rewarded. Make me feel this game wants me back. Make me feel it's worth my time and I'll be happy to give you my hard-earned money. Grinding PW Herald back-and-forth, before and after work over a hundred times and still nothing? Those are rookie numbers yes, but do you seriously think I'll be willing to grind for another month over something that's almost impossible to obtain?

    Would you rather have me here as your veteran Ranger? Or do you want me to return killing grunts as a ninja in space?

    You can keep your whales. Returning veterans and willing-to-be-whales like me are too frustrated on your decisions on making the game impossible to love. And I'm still pissed over your "Surprise Mechanics" under the name, "Lucky Spheres" back in the day and how you butchered PVP for good.

    You have until next week. If your system refuses to drop me my coveted pw Herald Bow, then I'm never going back to this godawful game. My money is reserved for developers who love and reward their players....

    But not you, Bigpoint. Not you.


    How to make DSO rig the game for you? Caution, tinfoil hat needed. Literally two herald runs after making the complaint post.


    No, I need the bow to make me love the game. The Herald's Burning Thunder to be exact. Tier 6 if not T7-T8.

    Rig your stupid game for me and I'll shower you with money. Isn't this what your game is designed to be? An avaricious predatory game, designed to squeeze banknotes. I'll give you what you want if you'll give me what I want.
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  2. -VIVERO-

    -VIVERO- Forum Apprentice

    Man this game is so hard so i cant play anymore i have 25k dmg and i dont nothing in inf1.... one shot and iam dead rly nice ..

    I farm in q9 3 days to get the boots in 1% dmg...
    I have to farm 12 hours to collect 250+ cores... rly? (materi)
  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    they want to kick out non big spenders out the game

    They hope to survive on whales and those who spends 1000s of €
    And what they plan for the future clearly show that
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  4. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Lag spikes skyrocket whenever a party is full. Of all the money they acquired from big time whales, they still haven't fixed their servers?

    Of all the games I've played, DSO has the worst ping rate. It's like they're trying their best to make people quit.
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  5. Αtsalak0t0s

    Αtsalak0t0s Forum Inhabitant

    Seriously ... the game at 40-50 lvl its was very good you quit the best time for improve something
    55 lvl until R220 we have friendly R for newbies ...Easy farm , easy equips(uniques) , what ever runes exist with Euro you find them at farm and ofcource moba pvp ...
    That means all this time exist one theory , how we make EDIT the payers and the old players
    I dont understand what you plz ..its almost you start cry ...
    If you want to show yoourself something and have better farm , then work ... think abou it ... and if you say you want to pay hmmm pay = make our life better in one game = gems = ess=fast forward at event
    Now if you want to make your life better in this game do it ...
    For me R220 have 2 sides = 1 side is the farm is borring but for the other the give us back the meaning of party farm and almost finish the solo game play (if this is good)
    Maybe hard farm is a start for guilds have life in this game ...cuase now its just a name of our heads.Maybe!
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  6. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    I like the in game friend list. Last time I played with Lilminx was when Mortis was introduced. Do you happen to have any old Kingshill pics of Ladoria and Fultre yelling at each other. I miss the massively multiplayer drama.

    As far as DEV goes, they just do what they are paid to do. I think everyone give them too much credit for being in control of a roadmap. These are business decisions. So slight correction, yes, the company and not the developers hate our guts.
  7. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    DSO has the worst ping on a server that you are trying to play on. I live in the EU, play on Grimmag, and I have 40-50 ping.
    I think BP doesn't care about the US servers much, because - and this is my guess - Americans don't play DSO much.

    As for your complaint about rewards (= loot), yes, desirable unique items drop super rarely. Bosses are hard, drop is bad. The reward for your effort is next to 0 in the endgame. And when you get your desired item after 200 runs, you get it only to find out it has crappy base values, which matters mainly on weapons (that btw. seem to be the rarest drop).

    With random base values, PW boss specific uniques need to drop every 3 runs or so, because you need to get like 20+ pieces on average until you get a decent piece.
    Or there should be fixed base values, so each dropped specific unique of a specific tier is the same.

    Now, I know DSO is an A"RPG", so loot is everything. But this is also an MMO, which in DSO only means you can play with other people online. But MMOs are usually about more than just killing monsters with other people online. DSO doesn't need to be exclusively about loot. Right now the only criteria people have in DSO to judge if the game is good or not, is drop rate of desired items or quality of rewards in events. And that is lame. Many players tend to rate an event well saying: "Well it's a lot of boring repetitive farm, but there's a nice HP rune at the end of the progress bar".
    What the heck? Those folks should wake up. Why do we play the game? To suffer through a boring farm in order to obtain something that allows us suffer through some other boring farm? Because if anyone hasn't noticed yet, the goal here is the path, so whatever reward you get, is an item that you use later in the same manner when you farm for something else. You don't progress from boring farm to something cool. It's not a linear progression. You're in a circle, especially as we get random nerfs every now and then, or new difficulties, so every time you get better, soon you are thrown back, because that's what these endless RPGs are - they put obstacles in your way and they give you some tools to deal with the obstacles. And once you upgrade your tools so that the obstacles don't pose a problem for you anymore, there's a chance you get really bored and leave the cycle. So the devs make the obstacles bigger or weaken your tools, so you always have some more farm to do to upgrade your tools again.
    And this is how it is. But the whole overcoming-the-obstacles thing, the path - the thing you do 99% of your time in-game, can be fun and diverse and something you never get tired of. In that case, your concern whether unique items drop frequently or not, would be moved aside, because the whole game would not be defined by drop rates only.
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  8. -VIVERO-

    -VIVERO- Forum Apprentice

    i just delete the game ... Waste of time
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  9. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    All I hear from you is a worthless treasure twist cliche.


    There are a ton of MMORPGs out there that managed to circumvent around this abhorrent game design. However, DSO remains consistent on its predatory schemes and unhealthy grinding system; and yes, the entire game is defined by drop rates. Saying so otherwise means you're not there yet.

  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    yeomanry, maybe I wrote my "essay" too long and as I tried to look at it from different points of view, the message may have gotten lost.

    What I meant was:

    The problem of DSO as an ARPG is that it's 100% loot focused.

    This means that nobody cares about anything but loot and items as reward.
    This makes people blind. They are happy to do boring grinding if they get something nice at the end.

    But such mindset is weird to me. To be happy doing 200 boring runs to get a bow... I still do think the path is more important. BUT, and this is where you probably got me wrong, I'm not saying we should be happy with the boring path and shut up about rewards. Oh no, that's not what I meant.

    Games are not supposed to be like that. The gameplay itself has to be fun (= not boring, tedious, overly grindy).
    So you should not only demand your Burning Thunder, but you should also demand fun and diverse gameplay.

    I'm on your side, sir.​
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  11. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Don't blame the community and don't blame the players. DSO isn't designed to be fun, blame the developers instead. Its prevalent predatory schemes and radical blind grinding overwhelms the non-existing fun. The only thing worth denoting as fun is PVP; and it's butchered, hanged and left for flies to come and sing kumbayah.

    This game was at its best when it was handled by the germans. It got two awards in its first two years. Afterwards, it's just went downhill to predatory-consumerism. Nobody mentions Drakensang Online outside of Drakensang Online, you know why? Cuz it sucks.
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  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    You don't understand what I'm trying to say :[

    Of course it's a bad design.
    I repeat, we - the players - are not supposed to be happy with boring grind and nice reward. We should demand both, good content and gameplay AND good rewards.
    (Mainly people who pay have the right to demand anything though. F2P like I should maybe just shut up and play whatever I get. Though I purchased some andermant a few times in the past, so I feel like I payed for the game... or?)

    Once we get awesome content, we may as well slowly forget about the reward, because we would be enjoying the gameplay itself. Which IS NOT HAPPENING in DSO. The game makes you grind endlessly for a reward that is btw. not even that good in the first place.
    And some players got used to this ^ so much that they just take it as a normal thing. They think "Boring grind.. but quite nice reward. Well, nothing is for free, let's grind!". It's the game that has twisted their mind and made them believe this is how it's supposed to be.

    Yes. The strategy is to bore you to death and once it's unbearable, you are more likely to purchase e.g. event progress for real money.
    What do we expect from a freemium game, though? This is finding its way even into AAA games that you pay full price for :[ so why so angry it's in a f2p game, right? :/ :/
    (I'm not saying the freemium model should be an excuse to make the game boring and extortionate, though.)
  13. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Of course I don't understand what you're trying to say. You're trying to argue on something we agreed on - the game sucks. Go ahead and demand a good content without the predatory modus. You ain't gonna change their business model.

  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    Unless one took over the whole company... which I doubt any of people here are capable of.
  15. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Not even Tencent would bother to takeover. DSO is unpopular. Nobody talks about DSO outside of DSO.
  16. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Advanced

    This game started going downhill when pvp started becoming unfair in 2014 due to bad elo, however the adventuring part of the game was pretty fun as grinding didnt seem as boring and hellish as it seems now, imo there is no reward even if you get the q7 set, why? Because every single person uses the same set ^^, in other MMORPG's EVERYONE has different items and equips however on DSO it feels like everyone is a clone. Bigpoint is money hungry and i have a feeling a moderator will come here and close this thread because they cant handle the truth of their beloved game lol. I wish the whales could see that wasting their money on this game isnt worth it or rewarding so then they can stop spending their money here.
  17. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    PVP was great and ELO wasn't the problem. Heck, twinks weren't even the problem. 2013-2014 was just about perfect in my mind. 5v5 was so freaking fun. The problem was all the unwarranted belly aching and complaining about unfairness in PVP. I loved the chaos. I loved the infuriating tactics, pots, and goofiness of PVP back then. You had no idea what was coming up next and it was generally lots of fun. Again, 5v5 - give me that back. Nope, that's gone forever.

    Back to topic

    Yeo, you're looking for the wrong equipment. If you want to do meta, great. But did you know that there is another bow out there that others dont generally talk about which fits your particular play style. It's out there and it doesnt require all the moronic PW and Event core types and grinds. Anyways, you're probably on a personal mission at this point to get your meta Bow.
  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    Damn, you fooled us all. I've really thought you're a new player!
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well said... nope, perfectly said.
  20. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Couldn't have said it any better. Mind sharing the name of the bow? And I swear if you say Dragonslayer set, I'm gonna flip you like a cheese omelette.
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