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  1. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    It's time to update your game and get rid of all your outdated and plain things. The game can be so much more epic if you guys keep it updated instead of reusing every old image and making copies of stuff in different colors. There's new good things coming and they will be surrounded by more things that are years old.

    NPC'S: You would think after all the events the npc's would have better equipment like the unique's or blue items that have been in each urban area for years and that includes the guard npc's. The guards closest to the king need to be melee warriors and the others at the top or are further away need to be archer warriors. All of the hero-class npc's like the four near kings exit need those unique's or something greater than the guards armor.


    Pets: A lot of your pets have the same image or effect and a hand-full are unique or use to be before you added new pets with the same power. All of the pets that originally had the effect are fine but the others need changing.

    Here are some better pet effects.

    1. regenerate 2 resource every second

    2. End-boss health lowered by 5%

    3. 100 health points restore every second against damage type monsters

    4. Every buff activated or is already active will have double it's current time

    5. The number of essence that is equip to you is added to your max health

    6. Restore 50 essence every second if it's 100 or less

    7. Your mount has % more travel speed

    8. 20 extra knowledge for finished daily quest but only if you gain knowledge

    9. 1 extra knowledge for each drop

    10. Regenerate 5 resource every kill

    11. 3% more health, regenerate 10 health points every second

    12. 20% more critical-hit-rate against end-boss

    13. 5% more health and 5% more fire resistance

    14. 4% more health and 5% more ice resistance

    15. 3% more health and 5% more lightning resistance

    16. 2% more health and 5% more poison resistance

    17. 1% more health and 5% more andermagic resistance

    18. 5% more block-rate/strength

    19. 50% more block-strength

    20. Once an hour restore 100% of your health and resource

    21. Gives 3000 resistance, armor and block to shield

    22. 5% more health plus 10% more resistance to that type of damage monster

    23. 5% less damage from enemy player in open arena

    24. 3% less damage from enemies

    25. 40% more block-rate/strength against end-boss

    26. 300 block (level depended)

    27. Each enemy-player defeated gives you 20 honor points

    28. Critical-hit-rate is increased by 50 for each hit you make with first skill and will stack up to 8 times last 1 minute

    29. 2% more damage plus 5% more critical-hit-rate against leader and champion monsters

    30. 5% more critical-damage and attack-speed against leaders, champions and sentinels
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  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hello @rance_1983 ,
    players can search internet themselves, there is not need of linking huge amount of images in a forum thread, especially if they are coming from other gaming companies or are copyright protected.
    I have not deleted your previously started threads but this has to stop.
    Linking a bunch of images from other games without well thought background, will not make us forward any of the suggestions on to DSO dev team.
    Every similar future thread will be deleted immediately.

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