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    Riot of the Rocketman
    ~ Event Guide ~



    Professor Jullov wants to improve his reputation after his collaboration with Dragan and was tasked with providing an extraordinary firework for New Year in Kingshill.​

    Unfortunately, little Jullov is also fascinated with fireworks and wants to show that he can do it better. He barricades himself in Prof. Jullov's laboratory and activated the machines.

    Of course, things aren't going smoothly and soon all his creations getting their own mind and stand up against Jullov, while also trying to invade the country.​

    It is time for the hero to save the people of Dracania from harm and to even save Jullov from his misery.

    Event start – Introduction quest
    Professor Jullov is located at the fairground in Kingshill. He sends the player to collect 400x gun powder from Rocketmen in the following dungeons:

    • Eternal Grove
    • Fortress Teganswall
    • Eternal Watch
    • Temple Sector
    • Gleaming Mountains
    • Frog River Delta
    • Spiky Valley


    Their spawn points are displayed on the minimap.​

    Event monsters that spawn in the dungeons listed above will also have a high chance to drop Professor Jullov’s Oiltastic Mixture, which are needed to enter Professor Jullov’s Laboratory and to interact with the Trap Levers.

    To enter any difficulty the player needs 24x Mixtures.​

    Professor Jullov's Laboratory

    After gathering enough Mixtures and completing the second quest the player can enter Professor Jullov's Laboratory and stop the Machine Babies from producing more harmful firework and monsters.​

    The goal of the player is to destroy all four bomb producing machines. The machines will become active after a certain time depending on how many players are on the map.​

    If a machine has been destroyed the next one will be activated immediately.
    The bombs spawned by these machines will move along a predefined path to the center of the map, where the last four crates with Queen Antonia's fireworks are located.

    The bombs from the different machines will only target Fireworks Crate at the end of their path. When the bombs reach a crate they will explode and deal damage to it.​

    If the player manages to protect the crates, they can be clicked to receive additional progress and loot after the fight. In this example the player managed to protect two crates.​

    The bombs have a very high amount of health points. To be able to destroy them easily the player can activate levers located near the different paths. These levers will activate one of three traps on each path or, if the player is unlucky, will cause firework raining down on him / her. The traps will apply a burn effect to the bombs which deals a high amount of damage to them. To activate the traps the player needs to use Mixtures.​

    Locations of Machine Babies and Trap Levers





    Infernal 115038
    Infernal 220050
    Infernal 325063
    Infernal 4500125
    The Pile of Royal Fireworks also drops general boss loot, Draken cores that scale with the difficulty and Mystic Cubes for Premium and Deluxe members.​

    The Crates drop the loot of normal monsters and have a 50% chance to drop additional Draken cores or the loot of champion monsters.​

    Progress bars

    r014.png r015.png r016.png r017.png

    Special items and rewards

    Dracanian Rocket (Mount)
    Obtainable for 4050x Royal Fireworks (Event progress) from the 3rd progress bar​



    Riot of the Rocketmen Attire


    Can be bought in the shop -> cash offers tab.
    Bonus: 50 % increased Royal Firework drop stack size​

    Mysterious Scroll

    This scroll will unlock a secret quest during the upcoming Dragan Event and is the final progress reward for this Event.​

    Hotkey Bar

    Unlock an additional hotkey bar. Obtainable from the 3rd progress bar for 6750x Royal Fireworks.​

    Inventory Expansion

    Contains an inventory expansion with a total of 7 new spots. Obtainable from the 3rd progress bar for 5550x Royal Fireworks.​

    Jewels of Amplified Healing


    Obtainable for 7500x Royal Fireworks from the 3rd progress bar. Can be crafted to uncommon and magic rarity.​



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