run & mixture tables for riot event

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by gbit, Dec 26, 2019.

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  1. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    hello to everyone, I've made some tables to understand how much we have to grind for the riot event :p
    the link to the official event guide:

    number of run 1,2,3 bars and total progress

    DifficultyPilecratesprog 1 barprog 2 barprog 3 bartotal progrun 1 barrun 2 barrun 3 bartotal runmixture x 1 barmixture x 2 barmixture x 3 barmixture x eventinf fragminf fragminf fragminf fragm
    Infernal 1150381000750015000500004255016696600120039840000
    Infernal 220050100075001500050000319381257245691230000000
    Infernal 325063100075001500050000215301004836072024000000
    Infernal 4500125100075001500050000181550241923601200140112021007000
    number of run in scaling dungeons for mixtures

    run per map drop for 1 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 12416129,686,44,83,843,22,41,92
    Infernal 2181297,264,83,62,882,41,81,44
    Infernal 312864,843,22,41,921,61,20,96
    Infernal 46432,421,61,20,960,80,60,48
    run per map drop for 2 bars

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1150100756050403024201512
    Infernal 2114765745,63830,422,818,2415,211,49,12
    Infernal 39060453630241814,41297,2
    Infernal 448322419,21612,89,67,686,44,83,84
    run per map drop for 3 bars

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1300200150120100806048403024
    Infernal 222815211491,27660,845,636,4830,422,818,24
    Infernal 3180120907260483628,8241814,4
    Infernal 49060453630241814,41297,2
    run per map drop for total progress

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1996664498398,4332265,6199,2159,36132,899,679,68
    Infernal 27505003753002502001501201007560
    Infernal 360040030024020016012096806048
    Infernal 4300200150120100806048403024
    in the first row there are the hypothetical drops of mixtures per map, and for each difficulty the tables say how many runs must be done to collect the number of mixtures needed (posted in tab. 1).
    N.B.: where there are decimals, the numbers must be rounded to the next integer.
    so everyone can see the number of runs needed and decide what to do in this event.

    number of run 1,2,3 bars and total progress with attire (+50% drop stack size progress)

    DifficultyPilecratesprog 1 barprog 2 barprog 3 bartotal progrun 1 barrun 2 barrun 3 bartotal runmixture x 1 barmixture x 2 barmixture x 3 barmixture x eventinf fragminf fragminf fragminf fragm
    Infernal 122557100075001500050000317341117240881626640000
    Infernal 23007510007500150005000021325844831260020160000
    Infernal 33759510007500150005000021020674824048016080000
    Infernal 47501881000750015000500001510342412024081614070014004760
    number of run in scaling dungeons for mixtures

    run per map drop for 1 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1181297,264,83,62,882,41,81,44
    Infernal 212864,843,22,41,921,61,20,96
    Infernal 312864,843,22,41,921,61,20,96
    Infernal 46432,421,61,20,960,80,60,48
    run per map drop for 2 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1102685140,83427,220,416,3213,610,28,16
    Infernal 278523931,22620,815,612,4810,47,86,24
    Infernal 3604030242016129,6864,8
    Infernal 43020151210864,8432,4
    run per map drop for 3 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 120413610281,66854,440,832,6427,220,416,32
    Infernal 2150100756050403024201512
    Infernal 312080604840322419,216129,6
    Infernal 4604030242016129,6864,8
    run per map drop for total progress

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1666444333266,4222177,6133,2106,5688,866,653,28
    Infernal 2504336252201,6168134,4100,880,6467,250,440,32
    Infernal 3402268201160,8134107,280,464,3253,640,232,16
    Infernal 420413610281,66854,440,832,6427,220,416,32
    in the first row there are the hypothetical drops of mixtures per map, and for each difficulty the tables say how many runs must be done to collect the number of mixtures needed (posted in tab. 2), taking into account that, with the attire, the number of runs decreases by 1/3.
    as always numbers round to the next integer.
    p.s. if there are mistakes, please report it and I will try to correct it.
    thanks for your attention.

    from what I see in TS, I would like to see this changes in the event:
    1) the rocketmen must spawn immediatly in the scaling dungeons, and not with a delay.
    2) if one player is not able to do inf4, the number of runs will be very high, so it will be better to increase the mixture drop in the map, or lower the number of mixtures needed for the entrance, or both (better).
    3) the rocketmen killed in the scaling dungeons must be counted for the repeateble quest (1000 progress).
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  2. Γκοριον

    Γκοριον Forum Greenhorn

    Because i cant understand anything from info post about the much progress i will get per run, solo on inf1?
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  3. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    you get progress from the pile and the four crates (if not destroyed by the bombs) at the center of prof. Jullov's laboratory.
    pile: 150 progress
    crates: 38 progress x 4 crates = 152 progress
    total progress per run = 302
    n.b. in group or in solo the progress is always the same (at the moment, I don't know if something will change on live server).
  4. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Apprentice

    Hi @gbit i don't know if you remeber there's a mission where you are rewarded with 1000 of progres killing 20 machines oppening 20 crates and killing like 4500 enemies if i'm not wrong? did you take it in your tables too?

    About the tables i don't understand that on the first row "number of run for mixtures" then i don't understand the whole table. it suppose this mixtures only appear in some maps, don't they? then what does the first row mean with "4, 6.."

    Thanks for your time with those tables
  5. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    The repeatable quest need 2500 kill, if I remember well, and no, I haven't taken the quest reward in consideration, because the rocketman stop spawning when you killed the last machine... So you will finish the quest and take the 1000 progress, but I think not so many times.
    The run will be effectively less than the number in the tables, but the order will be the same ( eg. Instead of 200, you make 180 run).
    You find the mixtures in scaling dungeons: In the tables you find how many runs you have to do to collect enough mixtures to finish 1,2,3 bars and the entire event IF in the map the mixture drop is 4, 6, 8, 10...ecc..(for all difficulty).
    I hope now it is more clear what I have done...:)
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Veteran

    It looks like, as always, the Art Department did an at-least-ok (in this case, quite decent) job and the grind is crazy anyways.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but... it feels like grindier than sewers.
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  7. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    The mechanics are the same but with riot event we have less time then sewers...I hope they increase the mixture drop, or only players that can do inf4 will be able to finish the event.
  8. rcch

    rcch Junior Expert

    brilliant stuff as always. One thing that I wonder. Those mixtures drop in scaling dungeons... I was in believe that you cannot do those on inf4 level(non pw dungeons only).
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  9. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    obviously....but the inf4 label refers to the mod you enter in the lab to make progress :).
    an example, to be more clear: you want to do the event in inf4.
    from tab. 1 you can see that you need 50 run (repeatable quest not counted).
    and now how many run you have to do in scaling dungeons collecting mixtures?
    other tables are for this; given the mixture drop in the map (4,6,8,10...) and the difficulty you want to perform, the table gives you the number of runs needed to collect enough mixtures for the entrance in the lab (at every difficulty you want, also inf4).
    let's say the mixture drop is 12 and you want to go in inf4 for the progress, so from the table you can see that you need 100 run in scaling dungeons to collect the mixtures that allow you to enter in the prof. Jullov's Lab enough times to make progress and finish the event.
    I hope is more clear now; I'm sorry, perhaps I would have explained better how to read the table. I apologize :oops:
  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    So, let's say I want to do the event by entering Jullov's lab in fatal only and let's say I'm going to ignore the last progress bar since it's utterly insane.
    I need 72 runs in scaling dungeons on average, provided that the average mixture drop is 25 (I'm being optimistic), and 75 runs in the lab?

    Idk, I've just done about 40 runs in the winter challenge #3 and I'm already so fed up with it :/ And it seems like nothing compared to this.
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  11. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    exactly :)
    so you can made your consideration and decide what to do.
    if it was 25 mixture drop in map it will be good...i fear the worst; in the TS, if I remember well, drop was 7/8 per run.
    I've suggested a major increase in drop not because I want to finish the event, but because at the end of the last bar you have, as reward, not a resource, but the scroll, that permit the access to new CONTENT.
    this don't seem right to me: if you are strong then is normal that you collect more and better resources than me, a weak player (eg. DTU), but isn't normal that a lot of players will be taken away from new map, new quests, a new few words, new content.
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  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yeah, that's right :( If the scroll has to be a reward in this event, it should not be at the very end. The end of bar 2 could be ok.

    Btw. Bood job making all those charts :) (It's great but the numbers are depressing.)
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  13. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    In this event I think that we will touch new records of grinding, (not me, I haven't so much time to play); I'll try for the jewel but I'm not sure at all...I tried to find a way to play smarter (cit. Trakilaki), but I didn't succeed.
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Veteran

    It would be ok that some content is available in the first place only to those who grind a lot or something like that... it would be ok, as long as we had a lot of playable content anyways... but it is not ok because we lack content.

    Well... probably the event is too mindlessly simple to find any smart way to play it... at least you can't find anything smarter than trying to farm some resources you'd need anyways in the SND while you're farming for the mixtures.
  15. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Oh yeah, it's a price for not having difficulty restrictions that caused quite a backlash recently.
    I'm not sure if we can play this game smart. You can experiment with difficulties, but that's it. I guess it's more about the decision what you really need or want, and what you are ok with not getting. In this case, I'm already almost fine with not getting the jewel, and the scroll - well the scroll is out of reach for me.

    Maybe this is the point. The scroll is at the end of the bar that most people will have to pay for by purchasing the Rocket attire. If the scroll is like a door to some kind of new content, then paying for the attire is, in a way, paying for the new content.
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  16. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    I agree with you...but purchase the attire don't reduce the grinding for mixtures...and yes, more than someone will pay for the new content.
    More I see another problem: a lot of people will miss the new content, so they will complain...and probably we will find in dragan event another chance to reach the scroll, perhaps in a less hard way; then we'll see those who have paid to take the scroll in riot event what have to say about...
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    This "event" is so simple it hurts intelligence.
    That is why I haven't touched the Wiki article at all (apart from farming coins and progress with winter event and challenges).
    What is there to be explained other than "click click click until you mouse breaks down"?
    That is why they made the progress available for purchasing at the shop. I already purchased it entirely on TS ... and I will do it again since it has been reset ... and I will get another Jewel :D
    I found one way :) at least in the farming part.
    I will share it on Wiki.
    BTW ... since I have no intention to waste my time too much with this "event" and do calculations, could I use your tables on Wiki?
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  18. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    I made the tables for sharing with everyone, of course you can use them :)
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Add progress from the RE quest every 5th run + Attires are working with quests too.
    That is 1500 progress every 5th run from the RE quest only.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
  20. gbit

    gbit Old Hand

    number of run 3 bars and total progress + RE quest (1000 progress) every 5th run

    DifficultyPilecratesprog 1 barprog 2 barprog 3 bartotal progrun 3 bartotal runmixture x 3 barmixture x eventinf fragminf fragm
    Infernal 11503810007500150005000030166720398400
    Infernal 22005010007500150005000025100600240000
    Infernal 3250631000750015000500002372552172800
    Infernal 45001251000750015000500001242288100816805880

    run per map drop for 3 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1180120907260483628,8241814,4
    Infernal 2150100756050403024201512
    Infernal 3138926955,24636,827,622,0818,413,811,04
    Infernal 472483628,82419,214,411,529,67,25,76

    run per map drop for total progress

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1996664498398,4332265,6199,2159,36132,899,679,68
    Infernal 260040030024020016012096806048
    Infernal 3432288216172,8144115,286,469,1257,643,234,56
    Infernal 4252168126100,88467,250,440,3233,625,220,16

    number of run 3 bars and total progress with attire + RE quest (1500 progress) every 5th run

    DifficultyPilecratesprog 1 barprog 2 barprog 3 bartotal progrun 3 bartotal runmixture x 3 barmixture x eventinf fragminf fragm
    Infernal 1225571000750015000500002068480163200
    Infernal 2300751000750015000500001856432134400
    Infernal 3375951000750015000500001549360117600
    Infernal 475018810007500150005000092921669612604060

    run per map drop for 3 bar

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 112080604840322419,216129,6
    Infernal 2108725443,23628,821,617,2814,410,88,64
    Infernal 39060453630241814,41297,2
    Infernal 454362721,61814,410,88,647,25,44,32

    run per map drop for total progress

    map drop4681012152025304050
    Infernal 1408272204163,2136108,881,665,2854,440,832,64
    Infernal 2336224168134,411289,667,253,7644,833,626,88
    Infernal 3294196147117,69878,458,847,0439,229,423,52
    Infernal 41741168769,65846,434,827,8423,217,413,92

    N.B. for lower difficulties is always better to finish the RE quest, for higher difficulties sometimes you need only a couple of runs to reach the target, so the number of run isn't always a multiple of five.
    please someone check this calcs because I did it quickly (I think they are right, but a mistake is always possible).
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