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  1. albertus10

    albertus10 Forum Greenhorn

    at what level can I craft runes? level 20 and just haven't even seen one yet, was hoping to make one.


    whats the point of having rune slots in the gear, if there is no sighn of runes anywhere?......this is a useless use of coding by the programers
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Other than Runes of the Wisdom Seeker, which drop from Sentinel chests in Scaling Normal Dungeons (SND), runes are available for purchase from a special vendor (Zumpe) using Gilded Clovers (which you mainly get from Secret Lair chests & boss drops), or from event progress bar rewards, or from some event boss drops.

    Most of these aren't sources a level 20 toon can access.

    Grow your toon, start playing events (it takes a couple of cycles to get fully into the Full Moon events which run every month; start those as soon as you have some Realm Fragments saved up … the Runes of Celerity from New and Full Moon events improve your attack speed). Dabble a bit with SNDs even now … you'll need to have completed an area, for example all the main quests for Slifmoor, before you can enter a dungeon at a higher difficulty level than Normal, but you'll find Painful gradually easier to survive, will gain experience, consumable crafting ingredients, coins, gear, glyphs (to level up your equipment), ancient wisdom, and, yes, Wisdom Seeker runes (if you're lucky; drop rate from the sentinel chests aren't high).

    At level 20, you're just beginning. Hopefully you'll have the patience to get to max level, then test yourself in Parallel Worlds, get farther in more events, and start to really see the benefit from the wisdom tree, more powerful gems, eventually more powerful gear sets, etc.
  3. albertus10

    albertus10 Forum Greenhorn

    thank you for explaining this to me, it s a much more complicated game than I was aware of..... that's a good thing.
    just need to find a group to enter the dungeons because alone I an do it on normal only it seems..... just wondering if anyone has ever survived alone on anything other than normal, my guess would be no
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Your tactics will change as your toon gets stronger … among other things, as you level up and gain access to new skills from the experience tree, you may find certain early-accessed skills aren't as relevant and shift your experience points to other skills. Depending on your character type, you may allocate more or less wisdom points to defensive abilities, which will also influence your play style.

    Test various configurations of allocated experience and wisdom points: You may find that your toon will very shortly be able to survive painful in some SNDs. Have you received that first crafting quest from the craftsmaster in Kingshill? Look for the green exclamation mark above his head. I don't recall when that first becomes available, but should be popping very soon for you. The first SNDs you'll open up are again in that Slifmoor area … you will be able to solo Painful in Prison of Souls soon, although you may have to proceed cautiously at first. I've only soloed dungeons, at all levels, and I'm not a great gamer; don't despair, you'll get past this initial feeling of weakness.

    Grouping is fine, but beware that when you are in a group, the mob strength increases for every group member in the dungeon. So, you may be able to manage Painful mobs when you enter by yourself, but when you go into that same dungeon on Painful with a partner, the individual mobs will be more dangerous, so you may need to develop group strategies in order to focus your combined effort on each monster you encounter. And I believe the mobs level up to the level of the strongest member of your group; if you're a level 22 toon and enter an SND with a level 25 toon, the mobs will be at level 25 and you'll personally feel even weaker.

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