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    FAQ for Sands of Malice
    *Release 185 Content Expansion*

    Why does my weapon now display less damage than before (tooltip changes)?
    Rest assured that no values have actually changed on your weapons. We only adjusted the old tooltip that used to calculate a number of different stats to come up with weapon damage value. This is why you now see static stats for your weapons right now. We’ve been listening to your feedback on this change, and have also taken to heart what you said about the confusing nature of the Combat Values. We’d like to combine those two features to provide a good replacement calculation that reflects your feedback and makes much more sense for everybody.

    So why did we make this change? The old tooltip was misleading and caused game issues with the new gem system. It was misleading because it computed an incomplete set of values and variables and
    failed to consider some stats and buffs altogether.

    What happened to sapphires (speed gems)?
    All players who currently own the sapphires can keep them. However, we have phased them out of the shop for balancing reasons and we will offer ways to convert sapphires to the speed runes in the future.

    Balor used to be strong, but now he has been weakened – now people can get tons of mystic cubs! Is this intended or is it an exploit?
    We rebalanced him to be more in line with the balancing of the other “normal” world bosses (we did the same with the Destructor when we released the Rise of Balor update). The mystic cubes will have their drop rate reduced soon, and we’ll let players keep all of the cubes they already farmed.

    Why did my Full Moon special gems (Bloodstones) get automatically swapped out for amethysts?
    The reason for this swap was due to the Bloodstones being incompatible with crafting and the new Gem Refiners of Qaizah, and the fact that they were incompatible with the gem system improvement. Now that we give players designated slots to house their runes and special gems separately, the Bloodstone, having both percentage and flat bonuses, created game issues large enough to warrant its removal on their own.

    The Full Moon event now allows you to obtain runes as reward, effectively phasing out the Bloodstones from the game. As a goodwill gesture for the confusing change, we exchanged your Bloodstones with amethysts of greater value than the Bloodstones you previously had.

    Type of bloodgem that was removedCompensation via script
    1x Small bloodgem1x Polished amethyst, 1x moonstone
    1x Large bloodgem1x Radiant amethyst, 1x festive fluorite crystal
    1x Huge bloodgem1x Flawless amethyst, 1x festive fluorite crystal
    Why are some Sands of Malice maps that were already visited are not unlocked for fast travel?
    We noticed this bug affects players who enter the new maps on higher than normal difficulty levels. The current workaround is to first enter the map on the lowest difficulty mode, which will then unlock that section of the map for fast travel. You can then re-enter the map at any difficulty you choose, but please note that fast traveling to these locations will set the difficulty level to normal.

    Will we wipe the XP from characters who gained large amount of XP points from the Dragan Event bug?
    The extra XP caused undesirable character issues with the new level expansion, and we needed to fix that to make sure those issues wouldn’t affect your ability to play. That is why we leveled everyone exceeding a certain XP range down to the maximum XP amount for level 50.
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