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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Gebbus, Jun 18, 2018.

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  1. Gebbus

    Gebbus Forum Apprentice

    i was playing the dragan event and killed the sargon boss, and i was thinking at the terrifying shadows event, i know many people say is dead, and probably it is , but i was remembering the days back then when i was playing it, and generally all the dso changes in last 5 years, they don't look so....friendly, in the past events where a bit easier, funnier, you didn't had to get the logic of an event because he didn't had a specific logic...just enter and farm and make progress and have fun, easy, but now, complicated tasks for objectives for different bosses...oh hell.... i think the new players have many headaches, so, let's not go too far away from the general ideea, the old Terrifying shadows, i don't get it why it was stopped, actually a cool event, cool songs, besides the usless work of people that created those maps and these themes, and many players sad, what was the gain in stoping it?, i know that BP is doing changes often ,for theyr money gain, i don't have to correct this....after all is a company, al comapnies work like this, but a fair and good company is collaborating between the persons inside it, in this context Developers-Players, they do listen to players wishes, but not allways, and sometimes preety rare, think that are old players , like me and like other old people that had the wish not to stop playing dso that don't like or accept some changes in the game, like allways playing 2 handed, besides the fact that players are often rude about this subject, man....i play with what i want, you can't tell me with what to play, even if 2h weapons have more dmg, 1h is practical, faster, i rather cause 1.5k dmg in every half second than 3-4k in 1 second. I readed on forum that they stopped the sargon event because the game values didn't matched and the event was too old, first of all is a pleasure to play an old event, expecially when is rare, and second, i am sure that developers can simply change the dmg, hp and other things at the event, and making it with current values.
    I gotta admit that i like the BP imagination about the dragan, in sargon event was just a simple mob, now is an entire event about it :) , besides, the players where a bit.....friendly, i admit, there are a lot of ok players in dso, but some of them...just make you want to stop, because....woah you don't have 30 milion dmg and you don't have the right to farm ( and yes, i meeted a person exactly like this), it's true that people mentality generally speaking changed, but still, it was fun, engaging, and, even if sometimes it was hard, but the difference between that hard and nowdays hard is that the old hard was mean to make you wish to finish the map, or beat the boss, to make you try,'s hard?, i have a paysafe, 100 dollars, is no longer no fun in that....for some players it is, but for others is not, there are players that like to be weak and farm to be strong, is that feeling of proudness when you know that all the things you achieved are by your own hands not my money hands, the newest update maked the bosses harder, for some players is good, for some not, especially for warriors.
    what i wish to say in all that i writed is that i want to understand the exact reason for the fact that they no longer give us that event( man even once a year,,,but it is) and why they do the balance of the game, like it my opinion after a change, especially balance in the game i should test it, my own, with good stuff and bad stuff, an know what to improve, and especially not throw away content...just because is is old...big deal..renew it, people worked to do it, if u throw it....just usless work.
    I have many memories in Drakensang, i played it 5 years, 5 years in my life where filled with all the feelings i had in dso, fun, anger, happyness, sadness, enthusiasm , i played with old old players, that now no longer play, players like An0nymy0us, Mate80 ,Lordodemons, players that now no longer play or if they play...they log to take the daily bonus..... many experences with them, the old dso was fun, the new one is fun too, but,,,i have a feeling of, overcompetition, and hatred between players, is cold, is no joy, the only joy is that you beated the Herold on Q7 on inf III or you are the first in pvp sevral years joy was when you took an uniq weapon, an weapon that you wanted and spent hundred of runds or hundred of hours, now is easier....but...not the same mood.
    That feeling of happyness when an uniq item dropped and almost cired out the happyness inside you, that was the old dso joy.

    Before i finish i have some simple questions that are in my mind

    -does the Starlight or predator, or old Khalys weapons still drop somewhere?
    -and i head about a specific Q10 in the future, Q10- with sargon or somtheing( i admit i heard from a player so, can't be a valid source, that is why i ask here)
    - The items from premium cubes( these cubes that drop only if u are prem) , the items in them, drop at the level you are or at the level the cube dropped, for now in what i sawthe item level is same as yours no matter at what level you took the cube

    Thx for the time for reading this and hope you will answer with honesty i had and still have a great time playing dso, i think this game was the game of my childhood. ;)
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  2. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Hello Gebbus,

    The developers have stated over the years that the "Sargon events" are over, however, Sargon remains available to kill in the Dragan event. There has not been any announcement of the return of Sargon events. In fact, the developers have maintained over the years that they will not be returning.

    As for your other questions...
    1. Yes, these weapons still drop. Any Parallel World boss on any difficulty can drop them.
    2. That is just a rumour.
    3. The items will be your level at the time you open the cube.


    P.S. Please remember to breathe while writing that essay of yours. :D
  3. Gebbus

    Gebbus Forum Apprentice

    Thx for answering to these questions, but why did they stop the event?
  4. Anyki

    Anyki User

    No official reason has been provided. Any other reasons offered are purely speculation of players.
  5. Gebbus

    Gebbus Forum Apprentice

    Ok, thx a lot you can close the post
  6. Anyki

    Anyki User

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