Discussion in 'Test Server' started by jelbeat, Jan 7, 2021.

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  1. jelbeat

    jelbeat Active Author

    Many players were asking when Sargon would return, finally he is back!
    I wasn't on the test server for some time but today this one was active:


    Couldn't test it because sometime later there was maintenance.

    The rewards from the progress bars are as expected: amphora keyss, spirit stones, spirit guards, radiant gem bags and so on. There were also chests with different Sargon equipment, don't know if it's anything good.

    Could be nice having Sargon back or it could be a total disaster, especially for "
    older" players who played the older Sargon events (was this one of the first events ever on dso?).

    For who is interested the 2nd progress bar:
    And the third:
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  2. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Junior Expert

    Uhuuuu! More Essences!!!

    It is pointless to make more comments for pathetic progress bars rewards...
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  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Does this mean that they are actually changing the White Light Essence so that it can be distinguished from the White Essence of Vigor???

    And are the White Light Essence, White Antidotial Essence, White <any other type> Essence, etc going to be sold for gold like the White Essense of Vigor (which we are now burning thru by the 10s of thousands every day)???
  4. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Junior Expert

    But it's supose that we need it to continue with chapter2, any idea why? Do we need to finish it to go on with the main quest of chapter2? I ask cos i have no count in test server...

  5. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    Distinguish these :D
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  6. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Someday Author

    The awards now I do not look at them anymore are indecent, more and more. is it possible to have the values of the set? thank you all!
  7. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    Yeaah, about that...




    Let's hope it's not finished yet...
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  8. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    nice set OMEGALUL, devs were really creative right there .. it should be renamed to "Shadow crack-smoking set" since that's the thing that most players need now - there are only players which smoke crack since all other players already quit this dead game
  9. AVCI_77

    AVCI_77 Forum Greenhorn

    Dso Yeter ! Nereye kadar :deli: bu böyle devam edecek ....Eski sürümleri geri istiyorum 45 level...
  10. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    Little update on test server:

    Sargon's set:








    Black knight's uniques:





    and also the new costume:

  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    If I didn't know who is running the bleeding shitshow I would have thought it is a joke :D
    I wonder if these people have passed even elementary school?
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    What happened to the two old sargon sets?
  13. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    All I can show is the bow
  14. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Baron

    With regards to the Sargon set, here's a few considerations to take into mind:
    • Each usage of a movement skill gives 1 stack (even if you hit thin air)
    • Each stack lasts for 2 minutes and is refreshed with a new stack
    • If you die you lose the stacks
    • Cooldown is 120 seconds, during which you cannot collect any stacks
    • The andermagic explosion is a nice AOE centered around the player...
      • ...except players do not have skills that break andermagic resist, so you're better off spamming your other skills for damage
      • ...and if you're a ranged character trying to escape a killing blow, you cannot redirect the damage onto a targeted zone, so it's pretty useless
    In short, I've basically concluded from playing around with this set for a day or two that it's mostly intended for melee characters, particularly tanky types. I do have to give them credit on the SW appearance though. I really love the cute hat. :oops:

    If peeps want to see the set in action, you can do so on my most recent live stream (just jump to 25:25, where I start showing how the set bonus works).
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