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  1. If your DSO Client crashes with the following exact Nebula Assertion error message:

    Contact Support and let them know exactly what you were doing in the game just preceding the crash. Please also include your latest client log file as an attachment.

    To locate the latest client log file on your computer:
    1. Press Start button
    2. Select Run/Search
    3. Write
      If you are using Windows XP, the path above should be %temp%\DSOClient\dlcache\logfiles
    4. Press OK button or hit Enter from your keyboard
    5. In this folder, you should see a file named DSOClient.log.
    6. You can open it in a notepad or any other text editor. Only the last ~100 lines are important.

    Your co-operation in this matter will help with a speedy resolution of the issue.
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