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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by RensatGM, Aug 1, 2019.

Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE

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  1. RensatGM

    RensatGM Forum Greenhorn

    To Drakensang Online Developer Big Team

    Can you add a server time clock? although on the 221 release schedule part 2 or next 222, I hope my suggestions are well received. Can it take place on UI in game or website Drakensang Online. Thanks :)
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    server clock and we should be able to overclock it and get events faster and delay new releases
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  3. RensatGM

    RensatGM Forum Greenhorn

    So is there no possibility of adding server time?

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