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Discussion in 'Rangers' started by sdknightno1, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. joe6699

    joe6699 Junior Expert

    That's very balanced stats for PVP and PVE (SOLO), i also use Dragan set because it gives extra concentration and good defense.
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    Concentration is power ;)
  3. Sekalan

    Sekalan Forum Apprentice




    PW + Bosses fatal farm Setup. 10 Points into "Symbol of nature", the extra conc makes farming a lot more comfortable (and more efficient) than hp or speed would.
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No man magotina's boots have higher armor's_Dusky_Boots

    Because it is "overkill". I have 80% crit with both of them ...

    With magotina's boots little less but still 80% ... and i am getting slightly more armor.
    The real reason i switched them because of the set bonus 200 crit.
    I am planning to upgrade my belt with one crit damage line instead of the current crit hit line.
    If I do that and wear Trace of Darkness I get 15% crit hit from the bonus ... and 15% of 0 is 0.
    While with magotina's boots i am getting 7.5% crit hit + 200 crit hit from the bonus ... those 200 will replace my belt's crit line. (+ i am counting on the new concentrated solstice crystal from the upcoming winter event)
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  6. ROOK

    ROOK Someday Author

    Boss farming cannon built (with karabossa bonus):

  7. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    This is my character. I started DSO with this guy 3 years ago. He's had the worst luck in finding good gear, though. I don't play as often as others, so that's why he's the level he is. I've tried to build him as a Ranger-Tank that can wield a fast-shooting longbow, but feel like I failed in that regard. Recently I have been playing around with glyph upgrades on different pieces of armor, trying to give him an update. With the gear below, he feels sluggish and underpowered, even though he does fine most of the time.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    There is only one option to play a tank char: when your toon is a dk and you are needed in a group.
    For solo play it is not efficient to focus on tank stats. Better try going for more crit, crit dmg and dmg. Use a quiver and another bow and mobs will die much faster. and most importantly: reach lvl 50 and start farming q1 on easy mode for glyphs/item progression. Seeing your char getting stronger and killing mobs faster will give the most fun and satisfaction ;) tank builds however will end in frustration.
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  9. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    3 years ago a tank ranger was a viable option. That all ended when the cap was raised to lvl 50. The best you can hope for these days requires Black Warlord set. Even then I still use quiver with it most of the time. Still it is fun sometimes, with the right group mix, to switch to buckler and get down and dirty with the mobs :D

    Luck be with ye,
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  10. Sayen85

    Sayen85 Forum Greenhorn

    My 9 months old character ;) Setup for PvE. There is still place to improve both defence and offence.
    Now if I need more hp I wear Blood Rune Amulet or change boots for speed ones.
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  11. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Very nice work for 9 months! It looks like you have some pretty nicely crafted items.


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  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Very nice. This shows a level of skill and thought that many rangers would do well to emulate.

    Too often RAs are upset that they can't just spam 2-3 skills and expect to be a beast in PvE, but you show that playing with your full skill set allows you to do things that many RAs couldn't.

    In particular, the Blade Dance/Wolves/Adrenalin combo reminds me a little of a DK's Swing/Charge/Spin combo. It keeps you moving, does nice damage, and keeps the HP up.

    Again, nicely done.
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  14. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

    Hi all, this is my noob RA and equipment:




    Is it possible to build a decent toon around the red essence set (I hope so, because i dont have the patience to farm for the darkness or dragan sets...)? If yes, what are your recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    In a word, "No."

    The 15% damage from the essence set is totally insignificant now that you can get/craft % damage on a torso. With two OK lines (8%+) you can easily get 16%-18% damage from just the torso alone. If you can't work on the Darkness set, then your best bet is a selection of good legendaries. Right now, your only ok legendary item is the arrows. The rest have significant room for improvement.

    If I'm right, you haven't played in a while. You've missed some significant opportunities for improvement and it will take some time to get there. Keep an eye out on future events and look for good gear to augment what you have, and start collecting items for crafting so that you can make a good long bow.
  16. JabaRune

    JabaRune Forum Apprentice

    My ranger's gear and stats:
    I'm hoping that sharing here will help keep me on track towards my goals... Currently I'm splitting my time between farming green/blue presents and the first map of Stonekeep... I go to bosses with my guild some too.

    These are my current goals that I hope to meet within a month and a half. Suggestions/criticisms are welcome.
    1. Finish crafting 3/4 critical hit/critical damage necklace. I already have two 2/3 necklaces for this... I've run out of gold though.
    2. Get the Karabossa set. I've essentially never done the new moon event so I have no idea how long this is going to take. I will buy the tier 3 cloak before anything else, I think.
    3. Upgrade bow to 55 (need 5mil more glyphs)
    4. Craft a % damage torso... currently only have one line for this (9.5)
    5. Craft a good 2/3 or a 3/4 critical hit rate quiver... I have four 1/2 for this but am struggling to get them to 2/3.
    6. Buy a lucky sphere of dragonsilver and hopefully get a Bloodtooth ring... I'll have enough draken for it after the new moon event.
    7. Get my Duel W/L ratio to 75%... currently at 66% I'm not hugely into the pvp. I just do it for daily challenges, but I do want to get better at it... It would be nice to have a 1.0 w/l ratio eventually.

    I'm also working on a cd/critical hit rate weapon adornment in case I can't get the Karabossa set... I may also use the witch chaser set if I can get it, at least until I craft my torso.
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Have you considered the Darkness armor? It has a lot of potential to help your crit rate.
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  18. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Patience is one of factors for improving character.
    If you do just like JabaRune does, making big plan & breakdown the plan into pieces to avoid random farm without objective. I believe you will get improvement by improvement thus making easier for you to get what you want.

    It is your choice to bet 1:3 odd when you got enough draken.
    But Bloodtooth is item you can live without.. always can find any ring for filler. Who knows you can craft 2nd exo chr or cd ring.
    After all that is why you collect green & blue present isn't it.. trying to get craft ingredients.
    Specifically crafting non gold lines item with 200+ chr & 14%+ cd.. also a way to go. These lines appear more, but we sell/melt it anyway. Imagine if we kept it, we might get better improvement by crafting it.
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  19. JabaRune

    JabaRune Forum Apprentice

    Is this the set you are talking about?
    I haven't looked at it before, but I would use all the pieces but the gloves if I could get my hands on them... The lucky spheres of darkness are 1500 each though so I could only buy two. With only two pieces of the set, I wouldn't want them to be the gloves or the torso... I would have to get pretty lucky to get two pieces that aren't either duplicate items or the gloves/torso... I could always luck out and get the helmet, but I think I'd be better off trying to get the bloodtooth ring...

    Getting Bloodtooth would be huge for me because of the health too... I think I compensate well for how squishy I am by dodging and paying attention in general, but a ring that gives me 750hp and is great for my damage would be amazing...

    I'm a little bitter that I didn't start playing a week earlier, because then I would have had 4000 Draken to purchase the ring a few days ago when it was up for sale... I easily could have farmed another 1500 realm fragments to use in the Defeat the Undefeatables event...

    I'm honestly torn here. I don't want to waste Draken, but I really want the ring... I will want the Black Warlord Regalia set in the future so I don't want to end up spending ~10,000 Draken trying to get the ring... If I ended up not being able to get the Black Warlord Regalia set when it is on sale because I gambled my Draken for the ring I'd be quite upset...

    Yup, that is why... I actually got the idea from your post in the crafting 2.0 thread... I never liked your post there because at first I didn't realize how good of an idea it was, but if you hadn't planted that thought in my head I doubt I'd have half the useful crafted items that I currently do... I think I've gone through ~3000 green presents at this point...
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  20. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Unfortunately, you just missed the items being on sale themselves from Gnob.... maybe next time.

    I hear you... there is no better ring for a DK. I have it at LVL 51 and I get 1033 HP and 1198 crit from each of my Bloodtooth rings. No legendary could come close.

    Last year Crafting 2.0 was still in the planning phases, and we had no clue what it would look like, but in anticipation, I saved cubes and presents. When Crafting 2.0 was released, I opened over 1k cubes and over 1k presents. That is one of the reasons I was able to make as many good items as I did in such a short time.

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