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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by ABARTEM, Sep 13, 2019.

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    ABARTEM Forum Greenhorn

    I see an big problem in the fact that all players use/have pretty much the same set/bonuses so my suggestion is additionaly to set bonuses everyone can have 1-2 skill bonuses which can be related to an rune/gem/skill configuration or whatever item.
    I play dk so my suggestion are for this class, sorry i don`t now other classes so well so be free to make suggestions if you feel this is an good ideea.

    for RAGE JUMP i suggest the ability (or named rune) POINT BLANK, which do 5x your total damage to target in pointblank range of landing.
    for IRON BROW - HEADS BREAKER 1x damage to all enemies (in range) with shred armor debuff (can be same hit)
    for RAGE ATTACK - INRAGED 5% more damage/hit stacked up 5 times
    for SMASH - set bonus (need to be buffed since dk are masively underpowered in pve)
    for CHARGE - DISCHARGE enemies hit by charge inflict to themselvs every potential attack in the time they get stunned
    for BANNER OF WAR - NO MAN`S LAND enemies inside banner of war effect get disoriented for 5 sec and attacks are random
    for GROUND BREAKER - ALL TO ME! all enemies hit by ground breaker are pulled in range of the attacker
    for RAGEFUL SWING - HITFULLNESS every 4-th hit get double damage and player bonuses.
    for FURY OF THE DRAGON - REPLICA if an enemy is killed by fury of the dragon he create another crack after 5 sec, (20 sec cooldown)

    Sorry for my bad english ppl.
    THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS i`m not say is perfect so be gentile with me lol
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello ABARTEM and welcome to DSO EN Forum. There have been many suggestions and posts about class re-balancing, equipment and sets but I suppose it's always nice to see that people get involved in discussions and share their thoughts. Let's now allow our Community to look at your ideas and see what people think about them:)

  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    that is 150% base very nice indeed xD
    I would refer you to this thread and the set on the thread
    This will not do much, it is a nice buff for rage jump, but giving it that much damage will only work on map farming. <- on bosses nope
    yes maybe 250% base without a skill advancement this would basically give 290% smash damage to q7 dks
    and 352% smash damage to q4 wielding dks
    will do the same to "frenzied rage" dks xD
    maybe add a 5 meter radius to that line.
    This would kind of work quite well in sync with the q4 set. I would change it just a bit.
    maybe Rageful swing: "bloodied rage" per hit stacks the bloodied rage buff, bloodied rage buff stacks 33.3% rageful swing damage once you have hit 3 times the 4th hit will deal 200% base damage.
    Your ideas are fresh and nice xD

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