Skills Not Working 100% of The Time

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Talbor, Nov 18, 2022.

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  1. Talbor

    Talbor Junior Expert

    I'm wondering if anyone else has issues with skills not working sometimes and if so, do they know how to fix it?
    The main one for me is the Tree of Life. I'll activate it, but no tree appears, yet I'll still have to wait for the 30 second cool down before being able to try again. It happens randomly from what I can tell, so I can't figure out what causes it to happen. Thanks!
  2. G-Rico

    G-Rico Forum Greenhorn

    I have the same problem, it happens from time to time. I play mage and it happens that my guardian or my singularity does not appear. I think it's when there are too many players in the game at the same time
  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    Or ... you tried to cast it on a spot on the map that is "out of bounds" ... the cast it consumed, cool down begins, but the companion can't spawn at that specific spot.

    If I'm correct, this would be considered "user error." even though it might be difficult to know exactly which pixels are incompatible with spawning.
  4. cogix

    cogix Padavan

    it happens with my DK and charge skill... sometimes it takes me back, rage is used, cooldown starts and... I am just reverted back. I think I sent support long time ago (and not only me), but the skill has not been fixed... each class seems to have some bugs from long time
  5. ldso

    ldso Forum Apprentice

    As touched on above, it may possibly be due to clicking at an area where it is not possible to cast skills, i.e. a rock, wall, over a ledge, etc. :)

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